Gabrielle Current – Plenty

Los Angeles born-and-bred talent Gabrielle Current delivers a beautifully mellow and dreamy piece of soul-pop that not only sounds gorgeous, but also showcases her refreshingly raw lyricism.

“‘Plenty’ is a question mark. Some ties sever without a warning. It’s about the unanswered questions I’ve had to internalise and a false sense of ‘confidence’ that often follows the experience. ‘Plenty’ is ironic, too, because what is plenty for the one that gets away sometimes leaves the other feeling empty. This is a song about that unevenness.”

Gabrielle Current

bloody white – lies we tell

Photo Credit: Brighton Galvan

Consistently delivering one stunning piece of lo-fi pop after another, bloody white returns with a song that reflects upon the heartbreak resulting from a former toxic relationship.

Taken from the upcoming EP, ‘some reflections’ which is released on 2nd December.

bloody white

JÁNA + VanJess – Green

Stockholm based pop talent JÁNA joins forces with Nigerian-American RnB duo VanJess to create one of the smoothest, most luxurious slices of soulful jazz you will experience this week.

“It’s reflecting on jealousy within a relationship. I’ve been giving jealousy a lot of thought – how we are so willing to give a person everything, except the romantic love of someone else – and how that feeling can eat you up. Like showing love in the form of jealousy.” – JÁNA

JÁNA | VanJess

NYNE – Vice City

A self-assured, confident and captivating dark-pop release from one of Australia’s most promising exports.

There really does need to be more noise made around this talent, and considering the strong year she’s had, I think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world realises how awesome NYNE is.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Season One’ which is out on 23rd October.


Joel Culpepper – Return

Joel Culpepper consistently delivers flawless RnB gems. This release fuses old-school soul into a sound that immediately captivates.

Joel Culpepper

Serena Isioma – King

“’King’ is about remembering your worth. I used to have a lot of rich friends. I would do anything to please them so they would let me live their lifestyles. After cutting those friends off then going through a period of isolation, I saw history repeating itself when I got in a new entanglement.” 

Serena Isioma

Tayo Sound – Someone New

Tayo Sound has yet to release something that I haven’t fallen in love with. I think it’s the blend of indie, funk and pop that does it… Just too damn charming.

“The track is about coming out of a relationship and how you might not actually be ready to find “someone new”, something I think most of us would have experiences at a point in our lives.”

Tayo Sound

King Princess – Only Time Makes It Human

Some infectiously feel-good disco pop from King Princess with a fantastic visual accompaniment. She really is one of pop’s most precious starlets.

King Princess

NOISY – I Wish I Was A…

In a way, it’s quite cruel to play this song because it’s the kind of track that makes you wish you were in a dark, packed venue somewhere in London losing your shit dancing around to it. Soon, let’s hope!

“It’s a song about being caught up in wishing you were someone or something else and not living in the moment. It starts off from a youthful perspective, listing innocent dreams but as the track develops we’re also touching on the fact that as we grow older we are influenced by the internet and social media. Who and what we’re wanting to be is often warped by what we see on our screens. Are we wishing our lives away?”.

Taken from the debut EP ‘I Wish I Was A…’ which is out now.


Luke Royalty – I Could Get Used To This (feat. SWEETS)

For fans of Tom Misch and Rex Orange County, you may fall head over heels in love with this collaboration between Luke Royalty and SWEETS (as I have).

The track flirts between soul, jazz and indie in a very British style, and is an optimistic take on new beginnings.

Luke Royalty | SWEETS

Olivera – Lot to Live

One of Finland’s newest pop starlets returns with a slice of pulsating synth goodness.


Duvchi – Impatient

An experimental yet beautiful blend of dream pop and downtempo from Swedish mega-talent Duvchi.


Kwamie Liv – 17

I’m a sucker for nostalgic tracks, and I am probably one of the world’s biggest Kwamie Liv fans, so this song is the highlight of my weekend. Hope you like it too!

‘17 is about nostalgia. It’s about looking back and remembering what was, with bittersweet appreciation. We can never return to that time but the memories live on.

Kwamie Liv

Elli Ingram – Heavy

A benchmark for quality British soul-pop, Elli Ingram releases a new track that tackles suicidal thoughts which have come about from the way the world is currently going.

It’s a beautiful yet sombre piece, and a reminder that you are never alone no matter how you feel.

“This world has been a really ugly place recently and I’m ready to move somewhere far far away. When I was writing heavy I wasn’t thinking about moving to a new city, I was quite honestly thinking about dying. Packing my bags and heading up to the sky. Trying to stay positive everyday in such a negative time became too much for me. I guess I just want people to hear heavy and not feel alone. Let’s hold each other’s hands and sing our little hearts out and wait for this pain to pass.”

Elli Ingram

Anna Clendening – Love Song

It’s almost impossible not to fall for this new release by Anna Clendening; it’s just a very delicately emotive piece of pop with refreshingly honest lyricism.

“After many attempts at failed relationships, I have finally come to realise I need to love myself first before anyone else.”

Taken from the EP ‘Evolve’ which is out now.

Anna Clendening

Claire Rosinkranz – Backyard Boy (feat. Jeremy Zucker)

The original version of ‘Backyard Boy’ went viral very fast, and to this day it’s still an incredibly infectious slice of pop. Now it’s got some vocals from Jeremy Zucker and it’s just too damn good not to have on loop.

Check out the EP ‘BeVerly Hills BoYfRiEnd’ which is out now.

Claire Rosinkranz | Jeremy Zucker

Astrid S – Hits Different

Undoubtedly one of Norway’s biggest pop exports in recent years (she’s amassed over 2 billion streams to date), Astrid S has released new album ‘Leave It Beautiful‘ today, and each song is a shimmering slice of perfected synth pop (just like ‘Hits Different’, which is one of my personal favourites).

Astrid S