(G)I-DLE – I trust [Mini Album]



Nick AM – Thief

“The past 12 months have seen protests across the globe, some peaceful, some violent. Though separated geographically, they’re united in spirit. ‘Thief’ celebrates those fighting to take back their rights.”

Nick AM

Rosenfeld – I Don’t Need Your Name

“I have always wanted to be a rockstar, but when I started writing songs, I found out about the whole producing step and kind of lost myself in it. For probably five years, all I did was produce without caring about writing. I’ve been listening to British Rock forever, I’m a performer, I play the guitar, I play the piano, I sing, this song is just a way to finally make young Rosenfeld’s dream come true. It’s time to be a rockstar.”

Taken from the EP, ‘The Red Room’.


Alfie Templeman – Happiness In Liquid Form

“”Happiness…” is the most colourful sugary disco-pop song I’ve put out so far. It came about so easily one day in the studio with Justin from the Vaccines and his right hand man Will and by the end of the day we knew we had something special on our hands. It’s a tough time for everyone right now so hope this brings a little happiness into people’s lives!”

Alfie Templeman


“Have you ever had a long-time friend that ended up wanting more than a friendship, but you didn’t feel the same way? That’s what this song is about.” 

Grant Knoche

Ella Vos – Burning Bridges

“When I became a mom, had postpartum depression, got diagnosed with lymphoma and went through a divorce, it was clear that if I was going to survive, I needed to make some changes. I learned that taking care of myself first was the best way I could take care of the people around me.”

Ella Vos