Amanda Fondell – Pt. 1 Let Me Introduce You To My Thoughts

A personal favourite, I have always felt that Amanda Fondell has consistently brought us a high level of Swedish pop through the years.

She returns today with a new EP and I legit can’t tell you one song that I dislike. Give the whole thing a spin; each song has so much character that I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

“I wanted to release an EP where every song got a different episode. The songs highlights reflections and opinions that I’ve been thinking a little bit too much on lately. From my deepest thoughts – to dance vibes. I wanted to make a fusion between a happy and light soundscape with darker lyrics.

Amanda Fondell


Josh Fudge – 7 In the Morning

You know that one person you break up with, yet somehow they end up getting back in contact? That’s what this track is all about…

“One day, I woke up to a message from her at seven in the morning telling me that she still loved me, while it was pouring rain outside. I wrote this song on that day, and it is meant to encapsulate the melancholy sensation of flirting with the idea of taking up an old flame.”

Josh Fudge

Tyler James Bellinger – Shame On Me

This release from Tyler James Bellinger doesn’t fit the stereotypical ‘Pride Anthem’ you’d expect to hear, but more than that, it’s a refreshing take on a subject matter that resonates with a lot of people.

“One of the most personal cuts I’ve released, it directly talks about the shame I felt growing up gay and hiding it.”

Tyler James Bellinger

Zac Pajak – Parachute

I am continuously impressed with London-based talent Zac Pajak. The sound itself has a very relatable quality to it, and is a delicately balanced blend of acoustic pop, soul and RnB.

“‘Parachute’ is the summer heartbreak anthem for anyone getting over a relationship, having been messed around for too long. It’s about that empowering moment where the heartache disappears, and we finally realise that we’re actually better off without someone.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Early Hours’ set for release Summer 2020.

Zac Pajak

Reuben Gray – IDWBC

Reuben Gray’s comeback single is all about accepting who you are and owning it:

“I was always that kid who would rather sit by himself in the music rooms in school on a piano than play football, I couldn’t help it, so I wrote this song with some close friends of mine to prove to myself and everyone else that its way ‘cooler’ to be you than try to be something/someone else. I think people my age need to hear that.”

The 19-year old talent has already garnered 80k fans on Instagram and YouTube so far, and is shaping up to be one of the UK’s most promising pop prospects.

Reuben Gray

Doktor – Boombastic

Doktor has managed to create a track that flirts between sounding intense and dark, but still keeping a fresh and playful essence.

“This is a feel good track, it’s just about living life and vibsing.”


HRTLSS – Sundown

Today marks the return of British prospect HRTLSS, with a polished slice of alternative RnB that encapsulates a dark, minimal, and almost sinister essence. Quite the skill for a song that’s just over two minutes long!


Kinck – Emperor’s New Clothes

Sharing a title from H.C. Andersen’s famous novel, this track is a gracefully composed yet subtle attack on an ex.

Everything about the song is finessed, and makes me so excited to see what comes next from Kinck.


Pawl + Discrete – In My Heart

Two of Sweden’s brightest dance-pop talents come together to produce one of the summer’s freshest bangers.

The vocals come from Pawl himself, while the craftsmanship behind the beats are the collective efforts from both talents.

Pawl | Discrete

Chloe Gilligan – Still With You

Chloe Gilligan did not come here to mess around! With more than a million streams from previous single, ‘Not Lonely, Just Alone’, her mesmerising new song is a slice of dream-pop heaven, and was engineered and mixed by the the one and only Ted Jensen (who’s mastered iconic songs such as The Eagles’ Hotel California, Green Day’s American Idiot, and Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me).

Chloe Gilligan

Teddi Gold – Confetti

“It’s about valuing relationships with the people you love over the pursuit of external material objects in this American dream rat race. If I got the people I love, then whatever else comes is just confetti.”

Taken from the upcoming sophomore EP, ‘Vol 2.’ which is out later this year.

Teddi Gold

Patrik Jean – 24

Already an established songwriter, Stockholm native Patrik Jean has come up with another pop gem that’s got ‘summer crush’ written all over it.

I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, and it feels like this could be the breakthrough hit that makes everyone else out there realise how great this guy is.

Patrik Jean

TS Graye – Wrong One

“I was in an angry place when I wrote [Wrong One], even though I didn’t realise at the time. I was in situations in love and with my music where I was being disrespected and undermined. This song is me coming to terms with that, and deciding to stand up for myself and reclaim some power.” 

TS Graye

Polly Money – Astrid

A blend of funk, soul and pop creates this delicious ode to making love.

“The kind of touch you know you’ll never forget and most likely never recover from!”

Polly Money

Bonbon Anglais – Stalemate

And so, the mystery that is Bonbon Anglais continues… All we know is that he’s an unknown artist on the 1st Gen Label of Anthony Kilhoffer.

There is no doubt that the talent is exceptional. And in a way, not knowing who’s really behind the songs yet allows us to focus on the high quality of this sound.

Bonbon Anglais