Grae – 2725


Jimi Somewhere – Bottle Rocket

This release from Jimi Somewhere shows a new take on indie pop, with a sound that’s both raw and rebellious, but still fun.

Jimi Somewhere

young friend – ARIZONA (feat. ella jane)

And this isn’t what I’m used to

Without you, and that June

You made me brand new again

July we’re in the car, the radio on

You tried to turn it off but I can’t move on

young friend

Ant Saunders – I Had A Love Song (feat. VanJess)

“VanJess sent me their first demo and used their phones singing over the instrumentals and I fell in love with what they had. Their voices sounded so cool over the instrumentals and I knew they were going to kill it when they recorded it. It was weird with quarantine. I wish we could’ve met. I messaged them on Instagram and they were super nice.” – Ant Saunders

“Ant reached out to us during the early times of quarantine, so it was a nice escape writing our verse for such a feel-good record. We loved the soulful positive vibes of Ant’s music in general and we’re so happy he included us on this song.” – VanJess

Ant Saunders | VanJess

Max Fry + Lhasa Petik – Take It Slow

“‘Take It Slow’ may seem like a plea to a lover upon first listen. However, it is actually a dialogue between Lhasa’s current and former self, following a whirlwind year of loving and letting go. It describes her thought process while letting go of a relationship that she struggled to move on from; ‘you were looking for a way out, I made you take the long route.'” – Max Fry

Max Fry | Lhasa Petik

X Lovers – LOVE

In a time of worldly madness, this kind of pop is just what we need to remind ourselves that things that nice things still exist.

“Our new song LOVE means everything to us. Jake and I were talking and thinking ‘what does falling in love sound like?’ And we tried creating that – the best, most infectious feeling on the planet, so subsequently we are obsessed with this song! We started this song and then completely forgot about it. A few months later we happened to listen to it again and were like ‘we have to finish this!!!’ Then we spent a lot of time perfecting it to exactly how we envisioned it in our heads and to how you hear it today.”

X Lovers

syd B – good good

Track of the week. This song had an unusual effect on me, and one which rarely happens. My heart raced faster than usual when I got into the flow of the melody, all the while the production of the track stayed minimal and subdued. It’s a testament to quality that deserves to be shared.

syd B

Joseph Nevels – Safe

This release from Joseph Nevels is the epitome of what excellence is in modern soul. The track was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Johan Lennox (who’s already been featured as an artist on Alfitude) and Noah Barer.

Watch out for the upcoming project ‘Abide’ which is out soon.

Joseph Nevels

SWAYDAY – Disconnecting

I’m finding Swedish boyband SWAYDAY’s recent tracks as a breath of fresh air. The music has an undeniably universal pop sound, and yet still feels uniquely individualistic.

Lead singer Arthur wrote the lyrics about a painful break up with someone he once loved on this song, and for that you may experience an essence of melancholy nestled within a playful melody here.


Soaky Siren – M.I.A.

Soaky Siren continues to deliver with her outstanding and finessed approach to pop. This track is sun-soaked bliss and packed with bass-heavy beats.

Soaky Siren

Rosa Raye – On Paper

One of my favourite Danish RnB talents from 2020 returns today with another jam that is so deliciously infectious and relatable. The song reminds me a lot of 90’s RnB-pop, which was a period that brought about some of the finest cuts for the genre.

“Sometimes you meet someone great, but you’re in different places and going in different directions. You have to go with what feels right to you instead of what looks good to other people. Don’t settle for being part of someone else’s dream when you can follow your own.”

Rosa Raye

Austin Ward – Run the Other Way

A beautifully elevated and ethereal piece of indie folk from American talent Austin Ward.

“‘Run the Other Way’ is an invitation to choose love and optimism. It’s an ode to the person you turn to when you need saving from yourself. In a time where we’re all living a soberingly isolated existence, far from friends and loved ones, this song serves as a reminder to cherish even the smallest moments of human intimacy and connection. Love is ubiquitous, and can be found in the most unlikely places. That is, only if you choose to look for it.”

Austin Ward

Aaron Smith – Unconditional

A hauntingly beautiful and emotive track which feels dark and solitary, but still relatable.

“When I wrote ‘Unconditional’ it was a time where I was away from my loved ones constantly and it was quite hard. It was kind of my letter to them saying that I’m okay and that we are still close. I’ve always been very close with family so not seeing them was quite tough.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘For My Father’ which is out now via Platoon.

Aaron Smith

clide – fallin

I fall in love a little more with each release from 20-year old clide. This track is a perfect slice of sad-pop, with a vocal that is so full of heartbreak and that it’s impossible not to feel moved.


Erik Frank – Aries (EP)

Today sees the release of a short, but impeccably crafted EP from Erik Frank. A collection of four songs, each with it’s own character and emotion, written and produced with precision and finesse.

Erik Frank