New Music: Dan Aura

Beautifully simple yet melodic pop from Brighton.

Dan Aura


New Music: Viviana

“This song was inspired by the anxiety that someone can feel during the nigh time. It was inspired by my sister, because she gets scared of fireworks and I always have to comfort me. It got me thinking, wow sometimes we are scared of something that can’t hurt us. The only thing that can really hurt is in these situations are ourselves.”


New Music: Huw and the Greater Good

“The song explores the constant apprehensions and worry that can be present in modern romance and the anxiety fuelled episodes the rising generations are increasingly experiencing. An inability to understand what love really means and if we should allow ourselves to trust it.”

Huw and the Greater Good

New Music: Alexia Chambi

Image by Sakura Katsuura

“A song written for my little brothers whilst I was living in London, and therefore not able to watch them grow up. A song about finding the balance between following ones dreams whilst sacrificing time with loved ones in order to do so. A personal yet in many ways, universal song.”

Alexia Chambi Music

New Music: LEW

This 23-year old Singaporean talent has already released and album and three EP’s on Spotify and Apple Music, with each garnering over a million streams. A beautifully simple pop sound.


New Music: Jon Olav

I can safely say that I haven’t heard conceptual pop like this for quite some time… At first this isn’t an easy listen, but the more you dive into the sound the more drawn in you become.

“The lyrics in this song are kind of two sided. I guess it’s a song about how I’ve thrived under the attention I’ve received in previous years whilst releasing music in Norway, but also how I hate and feel kind of strangled by the pressure that comes with it.”

Jon Olav

New Music: Kristin Husøy

Norwegian pop with an essence of bluegrass. This song in particular is competing to represent the country at this year’s Eurovision, and I think it’s got a strong chance.

Kristin Husøy