New Music: CRAY

Alt-pop with a bubblegum flavour that’s so ridiculously infectious.



New Music: Izzy Camina

Track of the week. I remember listening to Amy Winehouse for the first time and thinking her lyrics were so arresting, so forward, that you just can’t help but be totally hooked. While Izzy Camina delivers a soft, bedroom pop vibe, the lyrics are really something to behold.


New Music: Rebecca Helena

“The song is inspired by Nordic elements and reflects on a relationship where you feel like you need to be cold to towards someone to get the attention you deserve.”

Rebecca Helena

New Music: JeSuisJoe

“The song is about a decaying relationship, after the revelation that a partner has cheated with another person. The song explores the denial and anger that comes with dealing with such a revelation.”


New Music: Crystal Tides

British indie pop with an extremely likeable sound, and mainstream appeal. I wouldn’t be surprised if these guys are across most UK national radio on regular rotation by the end of the year.

Crystal Tides