New Music: Grace McKagan

LA-based singer and songwriter Grace McKagan debuts fantastically confident new single ‘SO HYPER’ today.

This is a refreshingly original take on garage rock that carries a 60’s inspired twist, and speaks to the crush stage of meeting someone and getting ‘So Hyper’ about them.

“‘SO HYPER’ is a really fun song about the excitement of wanting to be with somebody and knowing they wanna be with you too. The video was filmed where we write all of our music and shows our process with writing.” 

Grace McKagan

New Music: Izabel

Izabel is a tremendously exciting new Montreal-based singer and songwriter. Having already amassed over a million streams on Spotify alone so far with her releases, this 19-year old talent crafts an alternative style of indie-pop that feels dark and vulnerable yet deeply captivating and engaging.

“’19’ is about ageing another year and reflecting on all that’s happened.”


Jake Simon – Lay Low

Hailing from New Haven (Connecticut) comes Jake Simon, an artist and producer who seamlessly blends elements of alt-RnB with bedroom pop to create a sound that is refreshingly original and future-forward, all the while still feeling warm and familiar.

Watch out for the upcoming EP which comes out on 11th June 2021.

Jake Simon

New Music: Harrison Walker

Describing his own style as ‘melodic trap’, London-based musician Harrison Walker crafts a sound that feels effortlessly sleek yet emotive and moving. It’s a refreshing approach to music-making that leaves me to believe this talent is one to watch out for.

“‘Commitments’ is in the essence about love and the development of a relationship between two people authentically growing to love each other.”

Harrison Walker

New Music: Post Night Pictures

Hailing from Liverpool, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Post Night Pictures (also known as Daniel Coughlin) releases his debut single ‘Get Down’ today; a song that offers a fresh take on themes of love, loss, regret and friendship.

With influences ranging from the likes of David Bowie and Brockhampton through to Billie Eilish and Tame Impala, this hugely promising talent blends elements of pop, RnB, soul and electronica together to create his sound.

“I’d say this track is mainly about a lack of commitment. It perfectly captures the moment of not wanting things to go any further or get serious with someone. A lot of people I think have been in situations like this where they want to take that next step with someone but they’re afraid of the outcome. This track is about taking a step back, playing it safe and not risking it.”

Post Night Pictures

New Music: Gustaf

Gustaf has been one of the most exciting talents to emerge from Denmark so far this year, in my view.

If you’re a fan of LANY or LAUV then you’ll absolutely fall in love with this 26-year old musician, songwriter and producer. Scandinavian alt-pop at it’s finest, ‘lose u.’ is a sound that is infectiously catchy yet understated in a very cool way.

“‘lose u.’ originates from a fight I had with my girlfriend. In the heat of the moment I said something that I instantly regretted. In the time after the fight, she needed to think things through, it wasn’t really that dramatic looking back, but my feelings of losing her back then were nonetheless true for me. And as a coping mechanism I kinda told myself that what I said back then had some truth to it.”


New Music: MILLE

Zurich-based talent MILLE brings a certain style of flair to pop music which is instantly mesmerising. This is a richly constructed sound with a strong gospel undertone; the moment when the choir is introduced to a dreamy soundscape is sensational.


New Music: Mabi

Norwegian talent Mabi’s new release ‘We Are Best Friends’ is a slice of feel-good pop that is near impossible not to fall in love with. It won’t be long before this little-known talent starts to garner a big legion of fans!


New Music: Voda Fuji

Hailing from Denver (Colorado) is up and coming rapper, singer and producer Voda Fuji.

With a finely balanced fusion of cloud-hop and mellow hyperpop, this talent has managed to create one of the most exciting sounds that I have heard so far this week.

Voda Fuji

New Music: tg.blk

Running at only 89 seconds in total, I was surprised by how quickly I found myself connecting with ‘Love Being Used’. Maryland-based talent tg.blk has an effortlessly cool essence about her sound that is really quite unique.

Flirting between old-school soul and a more future-forward style of music-making, this is a refreshingly original song to experience.


New Music: Oldboy

A charming indie-pop sound from newcomer Oldboy. This Swedish artist crafts a style of music-making that feels nostalgic and familiar, all the while incorporating a more experimental twist that gives the sound some refreshing eccentricity.


‘Tempelhof.’ also features Paulina Palmgren.

New Music: lordkez

A refreshingly finessed fusion of RnB and hyperpop from hugely exciting South African talent lordkez.

‘Rice Krispies’ is taken from new EP Juicebox, which is her third project to be released in 18 months, detailing a new and carefree phase of her artistic journey.

lordkez | Money Badoo

New Music: TENNIN

Mixed and mastered at the legendary Denmark Studio in London, ‘Tennizer’ is by far one of the most refreshing takes on pop that I have heard so far this year.

Press play and experience TENNIN’s futuristic musical world, with a unique signature between hyperpop and old-school RnB hints.


New Music: Prudence

Prudence is no stranger to the limelight, having previously been one half of critically-acclaimed French-Finnish band The Dø.

Now on a journey as a solo artist, her upcoming debut album ‘Beginnings’ (out 28th May) features production from the likes of Justice, Stelios Phili and Maxime Le Guil, and with oversight from the legendary Pedro Winter.

“‘Here and Now’ is a song about time, about moments of bliss. The lyrics were inspired by hours spent contemplating the ocean in all its moods, healing the wounds of the past (‘feels just like a cure’). This track is also about transition, when it’s time to start a new chapter, with no regret. Basically a track that calls for transcendental meditation…”


New Music: Artemas

Track of the week. British artist Artemas has delivered one of the finest cuts of indie-pop that I have heard so far this year. This is a catchy bop that feels refreshingly raw and original, yet still easy to vibe along and connect with.


Fredrik Ferrier – You

British TV fans will instantly recognise Fredrik Ferrier, although I’m featuring him today purely on the brilliance of his new single, ‘You’.

This is a gorgeously finessed mix of neo-soul, funk and electro-pop; all the while Ferrier sings with every register of his voice to a story of obsession, love and the refusal to move on.

Reflecting on writing the song in Sweden with Andreas Larsson (aka Castell) and Matty Ray, Fredrik explains:

“The quick spoken verses started out as a bridge idea and it was the final idea of the song. However we loved the new energy so much we changed up the whole song, putting them at the beginning which gives the song it’s infectious and hard hitting energy from the moment you press play!”

Fredrik Ferrier

New Music: INA IVY

With a uniquely distinctive vocal tone and an ability to create infectiously catchy pop melodies, INA IVY is a new force to be reckoned with.

”This song is about when people are trying to make you feel beneath them in everyday life but where they can’t get to you because you know your own worth. For example, a clerk in an upscale boutique maybe treats you like a bum, assuming you’re only browsing since everything according to them is way too pricey for your looks not knowing that you are the pricey piece in the store.” 


New Music: John Samuel

Delivering a fresh approach to pop music, John Samuel crafts simple yet memorable melodies that are filled with piercing one liners; lyricism that immediately captivates you and gets you thinking.

‘Popstar’ is a song that embodies a character consumed by celebrity culture – an enigma all too present in the modern psyche.

“Broken people entertain; nothing questioned, nothing changed.”

John Samuel

New Music: Wohdee

British talent Wohdee brings a finessed approach to UK rap, blending sharp beats with a deliciously addictive bass and captivating lyricism. Not bad going, considering she only started recording original music during the first lockdown last July!

“The idea for ‘Vain’ came about when I was in the studio listening to the beat. I was puzzled on what to write about, so I asked my sister and she said to write about being vain (because I am). The ideas flew straight to my head after that, and making the song was quite easy. At first, I viewed it as fun and shallow, but now it’s more of an affirmation. Sometimes I have to remind myself of who I am, and the song reiterates it. I hope ‘Vain’ makes people feel good about themselves while listening to it. I want it to boost a lot of egos and gas a lot of heads.”