New Music: Jay Wile

Soft soul tones with the most subtle hints of funk.

Jay Wile


New Music: Fred Lessore

“It took me less than 20 minutes to write and record the demo for ‘Linger’. It was easy to pull inspiration from the strong women in my family; I’ve seen each of them carry their battle scars with grace, dignity and acceptance. At the crossroads of love and loss, Linger is a drop in the ocean of what it might take to build a strong woman, and I only hope that I’ve done them justice.”

Fred Lessore

New Music: Morning Midnight

“It’s a song that talks about coping with the struggle of doubt and self-preservation that come with trying to pursue your dreams. It’s me battling internally with the feelings of isolation from the people I care for and questioning if I can go on. Listening to the verses the words might come across as bleak but the chorus intentionally both asks the question and answers it, ending with a feeling of resolution and hope.”

Morning Midnight

New Music: nic violets

“I wrote this song about messing up a good thing. The back end of the chorus reads: “I turn daisies to weeds, be careful where you plant your seeds.” It’s important to take a step back and realize what’s in front of you before it’s too late.”

nic violets

New Music: MOSSS

“Pale Blue was an idea I started after a session at the studio. I laid down the guitar, bass and melody down right away.  For whatever reason, it all felt very natural for me and was the first thing I had written that I felt sounded like me. I had become increasingly frustrated with not feeling fully connected with the music I was making for others so it felt amazing to make something where the only goal was to impress myself.”