New Music: Cat & Calmell

Dark pop from an emerging Sydney-based outfit who bring an assured and confident energy to their music.

With influences ranging from Kali Uchis, The 1975, Rihanna and T.S Eliot through to the Powerpuff Girls, you can be sure to expect the unexpected from this duo!

“We wrote this song as a way to express our frustration at the people in power and their complacency with the state of the world, it’s a cry of frustration from our generation to theirs and we hope it resonates and you think it’s a good jam!”

Cat & Calmell

New Music: Honeyboys

Just about the most charming song you will experience this week, Honeyboys create a nostalgic and melodic sound inspired by 50’s RnB and 60’s surf-rock.

Contrary to the style of music you hear from this emerging Californian group, they first got together in a very Gen-Z way; through social media follows, DM conversations, and Zoom sessions.

And if this is the first you hear of them, then ‘Davinci‘ is a perfect introduction; a song which seamlessly balances the playful with the melancholy, and is a pure delight to experience.

“We try not to put ourselves in a box. Not every song will sound the same and not every song is made the same way. We want to put people in a happy state of mind. We want people to have a good time, you know?” – Ari, Honeyboys


New Music: Softcult

With influences ranging from Bikini Kill to the Smashing Pumpkins this is a razor-sharp slice of scuzz-pop with hints of 90’s indie rock, courtesy of Canadian duo Softcult.

“Even the baddest bish probably has a little bit of self doubt.” 


New Music: 19&YOU

LA-based four-piece 19&YOU posses a rare style of indie-pop that makes their music instantly loveable. It’s a sound that feels fresh and exciting, all the while still maintaining a charm of nostalgia.

“It was one of those songs that started from a space of vulnerability and turned into just us having fun. There weren’t any rules of what we could or couldn’t do, as long as it felt good we added it to the song. To a certain extent the song is satire, it’s so over the top sassy, and none of us are that way in real life. But I think the hyperbole of it all is what makes it so engaging.” – Noah Taylor, 19&YOU


New Music: Issey Cross

Track of the week. From the first moment that you press play on ‘Who‘, you realise that it’s impossible not to have your attention immediately drawn to London talent Issey Cross.

This is a confident and striking approach to left-pop; a sound that is unafraid to claim it’s ground and be bold. It’s a song (and a talent) you won’t forget easily.

Issey Cross

New Music: Tribe

A new British trio with a flair for creating bold and atmospheric pieces alternative pop.

The result is a sound that is not only cinematic in it’s essence, but leaves you feeling breathless by the end. I have no doubt in my mind that these kids will get popular very, very fast.


New Music: China Tiger

Australian alt-pop outfit China Tiger blend elements of psychedelica and indie rock together to create a sound that encapsulates that anthemic energy that the 70’s and 80’s held, while serving us with a sound that still feels current and fresh.

China Tiger

New Music: Nia Ashleigh

Some artists unleash a debut that is so effortlessly perfect that you wonder how they could possibly get any better as they continue onwards with their musical evolution.

Nia Ashleigh is one of those artists. A tremendously exciting RnB talent emerging from New Jersey who has everything you could hope for.

Stunning vocals that are loaded with maturity and depth glide over a finessed melody, on a beautifully constructed and and airy production.

“After a short lived relationship, I decided to write a ballad from an uncommon perspective. Through the juxtaposition of the lyrics and the production, I really wanted to leave the meaning of the song open to interpretation.”

Nia Ashleigh

New Music: Michelle Ray

The first thing that grips you when you press play is Ray’s distinctive voice; it comes as no surprise that she was a former contestant on NBC’s The Voice.

The track itself is a gorgeously finessed blend of soul and pop, luxuriously produced and laced with captivating lyricism.

Michelle Ray

New Music: Erica Knox

Canadian singer-songwriter Erica Knox creates a style of pop that feels classic yet refreshingly emotive. The inspiration for this song came from a relationship that was doomed from the start; there were so many red flags and obvious signs that were ignored. The moral of the track is that it’s not worth losing yourself to be with someone else, no matter how good the ending could be.

Erica Knox

New Music: World’s First Cinema

Deeply moving pop tones, fused with sweeping cellos and an emotional piano progression. The fast-rising American duo have already amassed more than a million streams from their previous two singles.

“The song continues on to lyrically explore how pain and strife can bring you closer to loved ones. But even when that pain causes you to step away, we learn that starting over can be the most important part of the journey.”

World’s First Cinema


An eccentric and intriguing approach to indie-pop from this Liverpool outfit, who have seemingly created a sound that feels highly individualistic yet totally relatable.


New Music: Charlie Houston

Canada continues to show itself as a hotbed for talent with the introduction of 19-year old artist Charlie Houston, who’s approach to music-making fuses sharp lyricism with melodic indie-pop tones.

“I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with.”

Taken from the upcoming  EP ‘I Hate Spring’ which is due on 23 April 2021.

Charlie Houston

New Music: KNIGHT

A talent hailing from East London who creates an understated yet immersive alt-pop sound that’s rooted in RnB and electronica.

“’Enough’ is a song I wrote after a break up (classic). It is about the realisation that you’ve reached your limit and everything is screaming that you need to stop, however you’re still questioning whether it’s the right decision.”


New Music: AGGi DiX

A finessed, beautiful and totally pure Danish soul sound by a talent emerging from Aarhus. Blissfully melodic and completely enchanting.


New Music: Trey Graves

A refreshing sound that fuses indie-pop, RnB and soul together to create something that feels new and compelling.

Trey Graves

New Music: Oliver Beardmore

A hugely exciting British talent with a refreshingly unique approach to pop. ‘Fiesta‘ feels nostalgic, dreamy and almost ethereal, while still grounded and raw with prominent elements of indie and shoegaze.

“When the memory of something is so beautiful and precious to someone that those emotions prevail (just about) over its absence. Hopefully that stuff is conveyed in the sonic palate – this is what the song means to me, but take what you want from it.”

Oliver Beardmore