New Music: Rey Mayari

Future-forward conceptual pop from Sweden. Visually and sonically luxurious, this really is a talent to watch.

Rey Mayari


New Music: Olakira

With ‘Wakanda Jollof’, I put together the best music styles and genres from the continent, spiced up for a global audience. Wakanda is a unifying word, recognized worldwide as a good symbol for Africa, while Jollof is Africa’s favourite spicy rice dish, so I’m basically serving up a spicy dish from the continent to the rest of the world.”



“With this song we wanna be a buddy and tell whomever that is suffering that it is okey to feel like this. That they don’t have to be so hard on themselves. Let them know that they’re ok and everything is gonna be fine, just breathe now.”


New Music: EMBLM

“I actually wrote and recorded most of this music during the darkest time of my life (so far). I’d been in London for about a year, I was having pretty bad money problems, I’d just come crashing quite spectacularly out of a relationship, my musical career wasn’t going where I wanted it to go, and to top it all off I lived in an attic in North London with a mattress on the floor, and you could only stand up straight in the middle of the room because of the slanted low ceiling either side.  I am doing much better now, but I feel like on a personal level it is quite important that I release this music from this somewhat miserable era of my life almost as a form of catharsis, as much as anything.


New Music: ZEM

I see you, sometimes my mind wanders, I know. I will try to give back everything you give me, I know that now, I promise, I love you”.