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New Music: fijitrip

They say Norway is one of the happiest places on earth, and this sound sums up that sensibility quite nicely. Playful and easy to enjoy, all the while maintaining a minimal indie feel.


Ruben Dawnson – SAYIMGOOD

“This song, like the whole EP, is very introspective. it revolves around the feeling of not being in a healthy state. it switches back and forth between singing to myself in third person, and from myself in first person – which symbolises a certain duality and disorientation. self love and self criticism.”

The debut EP ‘Echo Emotions’ is set to drop on May 8th.

Ruben Dawnson

Jon Olav – Stupid

“In a way this song is about the process of confessing to oneself that you’re a bit of coward in some situations, and maybe specifically when it comes to relationships. It’s not exactly a happy song. But not that sad either really. I guess it’s also about realising that you have some unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships, and the frustration that comes with it.”

Jon Olav

Thomas Dybdahl – Then There Was You

Norway’s multi Grammy-nominated talent Thomas Dybdahl releases his new album ‘FEVER’ today, so I’m sharing with you one of my favourite tracks. Listen to the rest of the record here.

Thomas Dybdahl – Official

Siv Jakobsen – Island

Norway’s Siv Jakobsen releases new single ‘Island” ahead of the upcoming album ‘A Temporary Soothing’ which is out on April 24th.

Siv Jakobsen

New Music: Rebecca Helena

“The song is inspired by Nordic elements and reflects on a relationship where you feel like you need to be cold to towards someone to get the attention you deserve.”

Rebecca Helena

New Music: Musti

A Norwegian sound that is reminiscent of 90’s trip hop, only this has been injected with a dose of modern RnB and soulful vocal tones.


Ruben Dawnson – FYALMA

This is by far the most liberating song I’ve ever written! It’s a big f*** you anthem to anxiety! Like many others I’ve been struggling with it for a long time… hopefully this can lift people’s spirit and I hope people will connect with it and scream out the lyrics!! I really want it to reach as many as possible and help create a big “f*** you” wave towards anxiety!! I know it won’t solve any deep issues people might have, but hopefully it can make someone feel less lonely.”

Ruben Dawnson