Whales & This Lake – You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore

The world may not yet be familiar with Norwegian outfit Whales & This Lake, but this group are one of the most popular electronic indie bands in their native homeland.

And after listening to ‘You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore’ you too could very well become a fan; this is an emotional ballad which feels almost cosmic and transcendental in it’s style.

“‘You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore’ is a song about being paranoid in a relationship. Being at a good place in life, but constantly fearing for it to end, for things to change. The mellow sonic mood, mixed with chaotic and desperate musical elements is trying to illustrate this emotional turbulence.”

Taken from their upcoming EP which is set for release on 28th May 2021.

Whales & This Lake

New Music: Mabi

Norwegian talent Mabi’s new release ‘We Are Best Friends’ is a slice of feel-good pop that is near impossible not to fall in love with. It won’t be long before this little-known talent starts to garner a big legion of fans!


Elise Eriksen – Young Once

Fun fact: Elise Eriksen is the daughter of one half of legendary producers Stargate. Born in Norway, raised in Manhattan and now LA-based, this new talent is certain to hit pop dominance soon; she already receives over 160,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone!

Elise Eriksen

Hanne Mjøen – Hell With You

Norway’s invasion of pop in 2021 continues with the release of Hanne Mjøen’s fantastic banger ‘Hell With You’.

This is as premium as electro-pop gets; emotive vocals and pulsating beats set the tone for a song that feels melancholic while also giving off an essence of euphoria at the same time. It’s a sound that Scandinavians have mastered for decades now, and still never fails to blow me away.

Hanne Mjøen

Vaarin – Lighthouse

A stunningly haunting release from Norwegian chanteuse Vaarin. This is not a song to be taken lightly; it’s a textured and emotional song that takes you on a journey with it’s intense lyricism, sung over a melancholic melody that flows through a luxuriously cinematic soundscape.

Taken from the upcoming project ‘Imaginary Movies’ which will be out in May.


Benedikt – In the Mirror

Norway continues to be a hotbed for European talent this year. Emerging from the west coast of the beautiful Nordic nation, Benedikt are a nine-piece outfit who label themselves as an ‘atmospheric indie orchestra’.

The sound is beautifully captivating, and encapsulates a multitude of emotions in a subtle and considered way. On their new single ‘In the Mirror’, they say:

“The lyrics are about a close friend of the band who got severely injured after a drowning accident. Wrapped in fast-paced drums and dark, atmospheric orchestration, it explores hazy, adolescent memories and the joys and struggles of growing up together.”

Taken from the sophomore album ‘Balcony Dream’ which is out now on Koke Plate.


New Music: Morgi

Hugely exciting pop from 18-year old Norwegian talent Morgi. This is such an impressive debut from someone so young; stripped and minimal yet filled with punchy emotive tones and captivating vocals.


Emilie Adams – Play God

Track of the week. A stunning fusion of cinematic dark pop and electronica that grows in intensity the longer you listen.

A truly sensational piece of music from British-Norwegian talent Emilie Adams, ‘Play God’ could well be one of the finest songs you’ll experience all week.

“My music comes from a dark place, but the creative process is a positive one.”

Emilie Adams

Ruben Dawnson – Sunshower

Norwegian indie kid Ruben Dawnson returns with a song that will stay in your head all week. This is an infectiously feel-good track that seems perfect for the weeks and months that lie ahead of us.

Ruben Dawnson

Aleks Grey – I Can’t Make It Better (Acoustic)

I ever so rarely feature acoustic songs on the site, but I was so moved by this one from Norwegian talent Aleks Grey that it just has to be shared with the rest of you.

It’s a beautifully sweet little number about a relationship where nothing works anymore, and no matter what you say or do, you just can’t make it better.

Aleks Grey

New Music: Turtlneck

A new Norwegian talent who seemingly has a gift for crafting some bass-heavy bangers, perfect for the weekend.

Dark and ambiguous vocals contrast against euphoric bouncy beats, reminding you that soon we’ll all get back in to clubs again and go bonkers!


VILDE – Motions

Now on her sixth single release, Norwegian talent VILDE is back a stunningly sensual slice of Scandinavian RnB-pop in the form of ‘Motions’.


Delara – Swole

Norwegian talent Delara has become a musical institution in her native homeland. The singer, songwriter and record producer now commands well over 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and with the release of the sensational ‘Swole’ it seems like the rest of the world is finally waking up to this tremendous artist.


New Music: SIGNE DØ

Hugely promising new Nordic electro-pop artist SIGNE DØ crafts a sound so richly intricate and dark that you are prone to falling for it’s charm within seconds of pressing play.

Her new single ‘Frail’ focuses on the attraction for the unknown, and portrays the frailty and chaos connected to stepping out of the comfortable and familiar.

“The song was written at a time when I forgot what I had. It does not conclude, but reminds you that when leaving what you love, you also leave a part of yourself behind.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Ways of Escaping’ which is out in May 2021.


Remington super 60 – Talk with You

Formed back in 1998, Norwegian indie-pop group Remington super 60 have released several albums and EP’s on various indie labels around the world through the years.

Their latest EP ‘Nouvelle Noveau’ consists of six new songs and one forgotten song from 2002. Some of those tracks were inspired by the breakup of band members Christoffer and Elisabeth, who were a couple for almost 16-years before deciding to end their relationship last year.

As good friends they continued to work together, and thanks to this new dynamic we now have a fantastic set of songs that showcase some of Norway’s finest fusions of dream pop and indie.

Remington super 60

New Music: Jørgen Engebret

Hailing from the Norwegian city of Bergen, newcomer Jørgen Engebret’s style of minimal RnB and hip hop makes it easy to enjoy (and fall in love with) – even when you’re not a native from the Nordic nation.

Translating as ‘Are You Awake?’, the song takes nuanced lyrics and lays them over a smooth melody to create a sound that is not only beautifully mellow and emotive, but also feels inviting and charming.

Jørgen Engebret

Ola Village – Love To Cry

Norwegian wonder kid Ola Village returns today with a song that’s mesmerisingly beautiful in it’s own uniquely charming way.

‘Love To Cry’ is a poignant and heartfelt study of emotions, sketched over a canvas of joyous indie-pop balladry.

It’s really no wonder that this talent has already garnered recognition from the likes of The Line Of Best Fit, EARMILK and Clash Magazine since his debut last year.

“I generally don’t like sharing too much about my songs, which I think becomes obvious if you listen to the lyrics. So by saying that I guess you can imagine what this song is about. You might think: me, an emotional being with the lack of will to show those emotions to others, would be a bad fit. But I have to say that I like it that way. In a time where all of our lives are so public, it’s nice to have something that is just mine.”

A debut EP is due for release in Autumn 2021.

Ola Village

Torine – Bored

Norwegian talent Torine now commands almost 300k monthly listeners on Spotify, making this kid one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the Nordic nation in recent years.


New Music: Orions Belte

A refreshingly original sound from Norwegian 3-piece outfit Orions Belte. Their trademark style of blending underground pop, psych, rhythmic instrumentation and world music creates a mysterious yet infectious mix of sounds which are totally mesmerising to experience.

“We feel like we have a really strong connection between us. That’s why we can write stuff on the fly and record whole songs in one take and use all the parts from all three of us.” – Blomstrøm, Orions Belte

Orions Belte

New Music: Whammyboy

‘Rocking with You’ is without a doubt my favourite release from Norway this month. Self-described as ‘space pop’, Whammyboy brings a unique approach to music making that feels emotionally charged yet dreamy and psychedelic at the same time.