Pasha – Bad Trips

Norwegian MC Pasha has been steadily building a global fanbase ever since NME highlighted him as one of the most promising artists in the world back in 2017.

Since then he’s sold out shows, had regular listings on Norwegian national radio P3, and been featured on respected tastemaker publications like Clash and Highsnobiety.

Produced by Mogilla and Pluto, ‘Bad Trips’ delivers a chilled atmosphere lifted by bass riffs, rhythmic guitars and a hook that easily makes you wanna sing along.


Torine – Olivia

A melancholic pop anthem from Norwegian starlet Torine. ‘Olivia’ is modern-day heartbreak song with a raw edge that perhaps many of us can connect with!

“Music has helped me through some difficult times during my life, and my biggest desire is that my music can do the same for other people”.


New Music: Slopes

One of Norway’s most exciting indie-pop exports so far this year, Slopes creates a kind of sound that is universally loveable. With distinctive vocals and rousing melodies, it’s only a matter of time before this talent achieves global recognition.

“Sometimes, if I’ve let someone down, I can feel as if those tears shouldn’t be wasted on me – kind of like, save them for someone better! Tears is about avoiding or escaping relationships in fear of letting people down.”


New Music: Sassy 009

Delivering a hugely exciting approach to pop, Norwegian talent Sassy 009 creates dark and richly atmospheric soundscapes that are not only conceptual and captivating but also spellbindingly intriguing.

Sassy 009

New Music: Emma Schneider

Already somewhat of a star in Norway thanks to a committed legion of TikTok followers, Emma Schneider is also a talented singer and songwriter.

‘Are You Kidding Me?’ is an LGBTQ pop bop with a simple melody and catchy lyrics that tell of a universal dilemma when we are sometimes in love.

Emma Schneider

New Music: BUKVE

A truly stunning debut release from Norwegian songwriter BUKVE. By thoughtfully fusing elements of indie-pop with alternative pop, this talent creates melodic pieces of music that have an almost ethereal essence to them.

Featuring vocals and steel guitar from Firewoodisland, ‘Let me go Son’ is deeply moving song about letting a father go – not letting his death linger in his life anymore, while also speaking to his son and telling him live his own life.

BUKVE | Firewoodisland

GiddyGang & Vuyo – Told Me

A fabulously refreshing collaboration between emerging Oslo-based ensemble GiddyGang and South-African/Norwegian MC Vuyo.

‘Told Me’ seamlessly blends hints of hip-hop, jazz, RnB and indie to form a song that is deliciously captivating, playful and hugely uplifting.

“It’s a little love song dedicated to my best friend and the journey from first getting to know each other to where we are today.” – Sarah Nærø Pettersenfor, GiddyGang

“I wanted to take an unconventional approach to a love song. I wrote it like I was a start-up and I wanted my crush to buy into my elevator pitch.” – Vuyo

GiddyGang | Vuyo

Hanne Mjøen – Emotional Fever

Norwegian alt-pop artist Hanne Mjøen has really been spoiling us with her recent run of singles, all of which have been some of the finest to emerge from Scandinavia so far this year.

And today is no exception with the release of ‘Emotional Fever’. This melancholy electro-pop masterpiece tells of the emotional battles between deciding whether someone is right for you or not. Mjøen describes the fever as:

“One moment it feels like forever, and the next you get a panic attack and you just want to leave. And it feels like a fever because of the sudden changes you have no control over.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Emotional Fever’ which will be released in mid-September.

Hanne Mjøen

Charlotte Dos Santos – Away From You

A master of many talents, Charlotte Dos Santos is an independent producer, singer, composer and arranger.

After listening to ‘Away From You’, it’s little surprise to learn that this Norwegian Grammy Award nominee has already garnered over 20 million streams, earned recognition from the likes of Fader, Pitchfork, and Pigeons & Planes, and recorded a coveted COLORS session.

“I wanted to write an uplifting track after such a heavy year and especially after really longing for dancing, and being outside with friends and loved ones.”

Charlotte Dos Santos

New Music: Botaii

A stripped-back yet hugely catchy mix of lo-fi pop and indie from a new Norwegian talent.

Botaii via Before The Data

New Music: Fareway

A new Norwegian duo who have blended mellow indie-pop with subtle hip hop tones in the most finessed way you could imagine.


Shelter Boy – Terrace (feat. boy pablo)

Perfect for the summer weeks ahead, Shelter Boy teams up with Norwegian artist boy pablo on laidback slacker indie-pop number ‘Terrace’.

“When I finished the first verse in the summer, I immediately thought that the combination of the two of us would be a good fit. We talked about it in September, then it took a while, but then his part came – and I think he delivered pretty strong! Nico (boy pablo’s real name) put a lot into the track and I’m very, very proud of that.”

Shelter Boy | boy pablo

New Music: Veps

Hailing from Oslo in Norway, Veps are a four-piece indie rock band who create a style of music that feels raw and nostalgic, while still being future forward.

Taken from the EP ‘Open the Door’ which is out now.


New Music: PLENTY

It wouldn’t feel right to go by a whole week on Alfitude without featuring a Norwegian pop banger.

This time it’s the turn of PLENTY, who’s single ‘For Now’ is a dark and broody club number that serves as a day dream about wanting someone for a moment, but not forever.


SOFIA – Firm Foundation

Indie-pop from one of Norway’s most exciting new talents of late. ‘Firm Foundation’ serves as a welcome return for SOFIA, with the legendary Coucheron on production duties.


girl in red – body and mind

Track of the week. I didn’t ever think I would have a specific girl in red song be a favourite (since each release has been excellent to date), but I think ‘body and mind’ might be it.

“It’s that dissonance between your mind and who you are as a person… Sometimes it’s really hard to grasp that we’re actually just humans, even though we take that shit for granted every day. We walk around, eat our breakfast, eat our dinner, we’re talking to people. ‘Body And Mind’ was an outlet to express that I’ve gotten a deeper understanding of what it is to be human. Seeing what happens to your body but you don’t feel that happening to your body – it’s just a really weird thing.”

Taken from the critically acclaimed debut album ‘if i could make it go quiet’ which is out now.

girl in red

Farida – 365 Days

Norwegian artist Farida returns today with a stripped-back mix of pop and rock in the form of infectiously catchy new single ‘365 Days’.

“‘365 Days’ is about meeting someone during a summer vacation, drinking, having fun, but at the end realising it’s not ideal to wake up hung over every morning and the anxiety kicks in too often, so she starts eating healthy and saying good riddance to the summer fling who never wanted to be sober. It’s a nostalgic feel to the song reminding us about summertime and the many memories we create, good and bad.”


New Music: Kispah

Some of the finest indie rock to emerge so far in the last week has been from Norwegian talent Kispah. This is powerful music that makes an instant impression, with bold vocals, vivid lyricism and captivating melodies.


fijitrip – Kill The Game

Norwegian hyperpop wonder kid fijitrip returns with a fantastically warped and left of centre release in the shape of ‘Kill The Game‘. About the track, he says:

“This record is a personification of my conflicting feelings when it comes to my relationships vs my art. The song is kinda saying ‘sorry can’t hang, literally HAVE to go and make songs now’, and that sums up the person I was in my youth and still am. I was never a ‘cool’ person when growing up, I always found myself chasing a lot of stereotypes but never finding myself in a happy place, I didn’t go to parties, I wasn’t like that, I was at home learning how to write songs.”



While Ylva’s new single is sung in her native Norwegian, it’s a premium blend of pop and RnB that commands to be heard.

If you’re a fan of the early work by producer She’kspere then you’ll absolutely love ‘DU VIL IKKE GÅ FRA MEG’.