Bernhoft – All My Loving

A decade later and Norwegian talent Bernhoft still creates some of the most refreshing blends of soul and indie-pop you could wish for.


VILDE – Never Said Enough

One of Norway’s brightest pop prospects returns with a finessed piece of highly charged power-pop.


Lokoy – relay (with Nils Bech)

“The lyrics place me in the centre of a huge stadium surrounded by spectators. It’s just before I’m going to run a relay race and I’m regretting signing up for it. I wanted that imagery to mirror the insecurity I sometimes feel for my own appearance and the constant comparison/ competition I have towards myself and others around me. I have a specific idea on how I’d like to be seen, but often that idea falls through with the reality.” – Lokoy

Taken from the upcoming debut album ‘badminton’ which is out on 22nd January via Propeller Recordings.

Lokoy | Nils Bech

bby ivy – In Case U Wanna Come Back

The Norwegian pop sensation of the year closes 2020 with a beautifully constructed and atmospheric pop ballad.

bby ivy

Emelie Hollow – Me

A sublime piece of Norwegian pop from the stunningly talented Emelie Hollow.

Emelie Hollow

Julie Bergan – We’re Coming Up

One of the most epic pieces of Scandinavian pop that I have experienced so far this week, from one of Norway’s biggest names.

Taken from the album ‘HARD FEELINGS’ which is out now.

Julie Bergan

Farida – Do About It

I genuinely believe that there is no other song like this new one from Norwegian talent Farida out there right now.

Self-described as ‘country pop with a rocky image’, the track feels sleek, minimal and understated, then leads to a chorus that comes with an excellent twist that is well worth listening to.

“The song is about the singer being the villain for being inconsiderate and ego in a relationship.”


Elise Eriksen + Shoffy – Less

Norway’s Elise Eriksen lends some stunning vocals on Shoffy’s new track, which is a slice of chilled disco that is immediately loveable.

Elise Eriksen | Shoffy

New Music: Circumnavigate

One of the finest Scandinavian indie-pop songs you will hear all winter. Hailing from Oslo and now based in London, this four-piece outfit create emotive sounds that show fragility and vulnerability through a dreamy and beautifully structured musical landscape.

The strings on the track come from The Parallax Orchestra, who have also worked with Clean Bandit, Eminem and Dermot Kennedy.


Cham Léon – three

A fusion of techno and pop from one of Norway’s most exciting 2020 talents.

Cham Léon

Emelie Hollow – Monster

One of the most promising Norwegian talents of late (with more than 2m monthly listeners on Spotify), this new pop ballad from Emelie Hollow carries so much beauty in it’s simplicity that it just has to be heard.

Emelie Hollow

ISÁK – I’ll Do My Best

Disco and dark electro-pop come together on Norwegian outfit ISÁK’s new release.


New Music: Elias Salbu

A fabulous fusion of Norwegian indie, dream-pop and disco all come together to create just about the happiest song you’ll hear all day. It’s a sound that feels retro and kitsch yet endearingly charming.

“Why are you constantly wasting time?” – sounded like a cliché love drama to me and I wanted to turn it into a catchy dance party.”

Elias Salbu

Agnete – Beginning of the End

Intense yet minimal Norwegian electro-pop that carries a captivating sense of tension and darkness.


New Music: Ola Village

Everyone needs to put whatever they are doing to one side and press play on this song.

Norwegian newcomer Ola Village debuts a playful track, that flirts between pop and that distinctive sound from 90’s indie to create something that is just pure joy; a song that reminds us that in the end, everything works out!

“This year hasn’t exactly been overwhelming with positivity, and working in music has definitely not been easy with everything going on. As a result I was gradually losing my motivation for it all. And that’s something I’ve never been even close to feeling before. At times I’d started picturing myself doing other things. Luckily that changed. After befriending the guy that mixed the single, I regained my motivation. He gave me a much-needed boost in my creative self-esteem. So, to me, the song is now really about hope. Dreaming big and also believing that you can do it. But it’s still mostly just a silly song. I mean, Kanye would never make his own lemonade.”

Ola Village

iris – lavender and heaven

There’s really not much to say about this new ballad from iris other than it’s likely to be the most beautiful thing you’ll hear all day.


New Music: Angelina Jordan

I featured Angelina Jordan back in 2014 after going viral on Norway’s Got Talent at the age of just eight, through her monumental vocal talent covering a Billie Holiday classic.

It’s been a rollercoaster for the kid since, who ended up performing all over the world and sharing bills alongside the likes of PSY and Norah Jones.

Still only 14-years old, she has released her major-label debut having just signed with Republic Records, and it’s an absolute stunner. Could this be Norway’s next global household name? Most likely so!

“‘Million Miles’ is about losing someone you really love. This song is very personal to me, because I had never felt the feeling of losing someone before I wrote this.”

Angelina Jordan

New Music: Sturla

While entirely sung in Norwegian, this is one massive belter of electro-pop that just has to be heard!


New Music: Cham Léon

This is one of the most interesting new talents to emerge out of Norway for a good while.

Cham Léon crafts a dark and twisted style of pop that is utterly mesmerising. On the one hand it’s powerfully intense and bold, while on the other playful and enchanting.

Cham Léon