New Music: JA


Swedish teen pop. Check out here.

Norway’s answer to pop market research…

sondre lerche

Put Norway’s Sondre Lerche in a class full of Norwegian kids. Ask for feedback. Make a video from it…

New Music: YURS


This is the kind of pop that sticks in your head long after it finishes. Check out here.

New Music: Sucre


Electropop. Check out here.

Ms Mr + Kyoto


Handsome remix by Kyoto.

New Music: Youth

Youth band

This reminds me of some classic Janet Jackson circa 90’s era and for that I love it. Check out here.

New Music: Paul White

paul white

Interesting beats and a track that grows on you with every minute. Check out here.

Listen: Yelle ‘Complètement Fou’


New from Yelle. New LP released Sept 30th 2014.

New Music: Tella Viv

tella viv

Feel-good Swedish indie. Check out here.

New Music: MiC Kurb

mic kurb

Chilled hip hop. Perfect for the Sunday slacker. Check out here.


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