New Music: Klemens Hannigan

If you feel as though you’ve already heard of Icelandic artist Klemens Hannigan then it might be from his work as a member of internationally renowned outfit HATARI.

Hannigan’s melodic new single ‘Never Loved Someone So Much’ is a beautifully intense, honest and vulnrable piece of music that fuses lo-fi pop with hints of indie and trip hop.

The track is taken from Hannigan’s forthcoming album, which will be produced alongside Leifur Björns from noted Icelandic rock group Low Roar, and also in collaboration with British electronica icon Howie B.

Klemens Hannigan

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VALDIS – story for you

Icelandic singer-songwriter VALDIS returns with a beautifully emotive and melodic piece of pop through her new single ‘story for you’.

Stripped-back and minimal in tone, this classic love song was written by Isa Tengblad and Rasmus Ladefoged Lampon.

With features on notable Scandinavian tastemaker sites like Scandipop and POPMUZIK, VALDIS is marking herself as one of the most promising new pop starlets to emerge from Iceland in recent years.


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Máni Orrason – Coffin

Icelandic wonderkid Máni Orrason unveils his first single of 2022 with infectious pop bop ‘Coffin’.

The track was written at a point in Orrason’s life where new opportunities were on the horizon – meaning he had to make important decisions about which avenue to pursue next. It also left him pondering whether he should believe his own hype, or lean into his more grounded existence. 

“I love the romance of the rockstar. When I was getting into music, I was obsessed with these larger than life, untouchable figures; they showed me that you can do whatever and be whoever.” 

Máni Orrason

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This is just about one of the most beautiful debuts to emerge from Scandinavia in quite some time.

Created by psychedelic pop-rock newcomers BEAR THE ANT, ‘Higher Times’ was recorded in a cabin in their native Iceland during the cold winter solstice – exposing listeners to a beautifully balanced sound between depression and hope. 


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New Music: VALDIS

Emerging from Iceland is singer-songwriter VALDIS. While only crafting sounds since 2020, this talent has already landed on the official radio charts in Iceland and featured on numerous Official Spotify Editorial playlists with her work.

‘Onto You’ is a relatable and empowering blend of RnB and dark pop that captures the excitement and danger that come with a new relationship. 


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Glowie – ADHD

One of Iceland’s absolute finest pop exports from recent years, Glowie returns with a beautifully honest release that looks at her experience with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


New Music: una schram

Emerging from Iceland comes una schram, who’s approach to pop is refreshingly playful while still maintaining a certain sense of finesse.

Crush’ is a sugar-coated gem that was mined from her hometown of Reykjavík, with some funk tendencies and lyrics that tap into the consciousness of most late teens and early twenty-somethings.

una schram

EYJAA – The Wrecking Crew

Danish-Icelandic sister duo EYJAA (Sara and Brynja) return today with wonderfully moving new pop single ‘The Wrecking Crew’.

With subtle hints of folk and country added for good measure, this song is sure to touch a few hearts across Europe over the coming weeks.

“Going through life we all experience challenges that we tend to overthink or simply misunderstand within ourselves. ‘The Wrecking Crew’ is about how you are never alone with your thoughts. Really, it can be just as beautiful to be sad as it can to be happy. It’s just human emotions, and they are not unknown to any of us.”


Máni Orrason – Change the World

Icelandic talent Máni Orrason has released one of the strongest pieces of indie-rock to come out of Iceland so far this year. ‘Change the World’ is a rousing and anthemic piece that is both captivating and emotive.

Máni Orrason


A richly intense pop-rock release from Icelandic talent GREYSKIES. This is a raw yet exhilarating sound that is both bold and deeply emotive in equal measures.

“‘Eyes’ is a song about that feeling when the emotions are overwhelming and you feel like you have no idea what to do to get out of that feeling. It talks about the fears and problems I sometimes have with coping.”


Tómas Welding – Here They Come

Icelandic artist Tómas Welding returns with the beautifully emotive ‘Here They Come’.

This is a song that builds up from a dark and intense start, and ends in an epic- almost cinematic conclusion which is just so stunning to experience.

Tómas Welding

Breazy Daze – Playboy

Icelandic singer-songwriter Breazy Daze (aka Andri Jónsson) is back today with a beautifully melancholic blend of indie and lo-fi pop in the form of ‘Playboy’.

While on the surface the sound feels fun and light-hearted, the song has a deeper undertone that looks at the positives and negatives of letting go.

“In its lyrics, an erratic but romantic-at-heart character tries to focus on the journey rather than the destination; but inevitably faces complications and can never fully forget the consequences of his lifestyle.”

Breazy Daze

New Music: EYJAA

An infectiously memorable Icelandic bop from sisters Brynja Mary and Sara Victoria Sverrisdottir.

While this is a quintessentially Scandinavian style of pop, the track still carries a sense of uniqueness which is quite captivating to listen to.


KRISTRÚN – Calling Me Home

Equal parts ethereal and abrasive, KRISTRÚN returns today with an electro-pop song that is truly like none other.

Haunting tones lure you into a world made of a dark and twisted soundscape, that feels ethereal in a very sinister way.


New Music: Possimiste

I can safely say that Possimiste is the most exciting artist to come out of Iceland so far this year. This is emerging electro-pop talent at it’s most premium – fun, cheeky, slightly quirky and totally infectious.

“‘Paradise’ is a journey towards dreams that all eventually end up in disappointments as the dreams lose their glimmer and reveal their dark side when we get close to them.”


New Music: RAKEL

A hauntingly intense yet atmospheric and ethereal sound from Iceland. And the song just gets more incredible the longer you listen to it. Stunningly beautiful work.



Liverpool-based talent (by way of Iceland), KRISTRÚN crafts a hauntingly dark blend of trip hop and electronic pop into a sound that feels atmospheric, raw and deeply intense.


Logi Pedro – Sól

Logi Pedro has firmly set his place as one of Iceland’s premier rap exports. Despite the language barrier, this is some of the most engaging and captivating hip hop you could experience.

Taken from the fantastic album ‘Undir bláu tungli’ which is out now.

Logi Pedro

Breazy Daze – Old Man

Icelandic indie-pop kid Breazy Daze releases a light-hearted new single today about growing up and figuring out what you want.

The song carries a dreamy sense of youthful naiveté which is so infectiously sweet and charming.

Breazy Daze