Máni Orrason – Change the World

Icelandic talent Máni Orrason has released one of the strongest pieces of indie-rock to come out of Iceland so far this year. ‘Change the World’ is a rousing and anthemic piece that is both captivating and emotive.

Máni Orrason


A richly intense pop-rock release from Icelandic talent GREYSKIES. This is a raw yet exhilarating sound that is both bold and deeply emotive in equal measures.

“‘Eyes’ is a song about that feeling when the emotions are overwhelming and you feel like you have no idea what to do to get out of that feeling. It talks about the fears and problems I sometimes have with coping.”


Tómas Welding – Here They Come

Icelandic artist Tómas Welding returns with the beautifully emotive ‘Here They Come’.

This is a song that builds up from a dark and intense start, and ends in an epic- almost cinematic conclusion which is just so stunning to experience.

Tómas Welding

Breazy Daze – Playboy

Icelandic singer-songwriter Breazy Daze (aka Andri Jónsson) is back today with a beautifully melancholic blend of indie and lo-fi pop in the form of ‘Playboy’.

While on the surface the sound feels fun and light-hearted, the song has a deeper undertone that looks at the positives and negatives of letting go.

“In its lyrics, an erratic but romantic-at-heart character tries to focus on the journey rather than the destination; but inevitably faces complications and can never fully forget the consequences of his lifestyle.”

Breazy Daze

New Music: EYJAA

An infectiously memorable Icelandic bop from sisters Brynja Mary and Sara Victoria Sverrisdottir.

While this is a quintessentially Scandinavian style of pop, the track still carries a sense of uniqueness which is quite captivating to listen to.


KRISTRÚN – Calling Me Home

Equal parts ethereal and abrasive, KRISTRÚN returns today with an electro-pop song that is truly like none other.

Haunting tones lure you into a world made of a dark and twisted soundscape, that feels ethereal in a very sinister way.


New Music: Possimiste

I can safely say that Possimiste is the most exciting artist to come out of Iceland so far this year. This is emerging electro-pop talent at it’s most premium – fun, cheeky, slightly quirky and totally infectious.

“‘Paradise’ is a journey towards dreams that all eventually end up in disappointments as the dreams lose their glimmer and reveal their dark side when we get close to them.”


New Music: RAKEL

A hauntingly intense yet atmospheric and ethereal sound from Iceland. And the song just gets more incredible the longer you listen to it. Stunningly beautiful work.


Hildur – New Mistakes

What better way to start the Sunday than to get this new electro-pop gem from Icelandic pop kid Hildur on the stereo…



Liverpool-based talent (by way of Iceland), KRISTRÚN crafts a hauntingly dark blend of trip hop and electronic pop into a sound that feels atmospheric, raw and deeply intense.


Logi Pedro – Sól

Logi Pedro has firmly set his place as one of Iceland’s premier rap exports. Despite the language barrier, this is some of the most engaging and captivating hip hop you could experience.

Taken from the fantastic album ‘Undir bláu tungli’ which is out now.

Logi Pedro

Breazy Daze – Old Man

Icelandic indie-pop kid Breazy Daze releases a light-hearted new single today about growing up and figuring out what you want.

The song carries a dreamy sense of youthful naiveté which is so infectiously sweet and charming.

Breazy Daze

New Music: Kristin Sesselja

Eccentric Icelandic indie pop with a distinct vocal.

Kristin Sesselja

New Music: Breazy Daze

Beautifully mellow indie, perfect for those of us looking for some escapism.

Breazy Daze

Máni Orrason – I Go Up

“I wanted to make music from a more empathetic, genuine place of something that could be of some value to a teenager, or to anyone in my position. What is the point of giving more pain to the world?”

Máni Orrason

New Music: Máni Orrason

I honestly don’t think you will hear anything quite like this. Eclectic and (frankly quite odd) indie pop from Iceland. Yet it still charms you!

Máni Orrason

These songs have made Eurovision relevant again this year…

It’s the start of Eurovision week (i.e. the world’s biggest music show), and for someone who follows the show for the fun rather than the music, this year I’ve been surprised by the number of countries submitting songs that could easily be on radio playlists.

Here’s some which have stood out to me – and as it happens, these are the main favourites to win…. Maybe Eurovision is starting to push for more current sounds again?

Duncan Lawrence – Netherlands (intense, minimal ballad with haunting elements).

Mahmood – Italy (my personal favourite this year from a talent who was featured in the past, this is punchy pop with angst).

Katerine Duska – Greece (the most beautifully melodic indie pop, along the lines of Florence & The Machine with a distinctive vocal).

Conan Osiris – Portugal (the most conceptual and idiosyncratic song this year, this feels better suited to an art installation at Tate Modern than Eurovision).

Michela – Malta (if Dua Lipa had a go at Eurovision, this would absolutely be it).

Hatari – Iceland (this has caused the biggest reaction this year- nothing is off limits with this group… It’s a bold electro/ goth/ synth sound that makes an impact from the start)

John Lundvik – Sweden (gospel pop with a mildly euphoric edge).

Luca Hänni – Switzerland (this is your standard bubblegum pop with big beats and catchy hooks).

And to be honest there’s a few more, but head on over to Eurovision’s website to check them out.

The Semi Final’s are on Tuesday 14th and Thursday 16th May, with the Grand Final on Saturday 18th May. It’s broadcast across most countries globally, so check it out!