Sophia Amato – Why You Trying Not To Love Me

Track of the week. Sophia Amato’s latest release is an instant shot of musical beauty, taking you through an emotive journey of unrequited love. A lavish production complimented with Amato’s distinctive vocals makes this track one of the most stunning pieces of soulful pop that I have heard for a very long time.

“The song is everything you want to say to someone, but don’t. The verses feel more abstract, like stream of consciousness remembering random memories, the chorus is simply asking why it’s not reciprocated.”

Sophia Amato

New Music: Liét

Track of the week. With a finessed and self-assured approach to RnB, London talent Liét has crafted a sound that feels refreshingly future-forward while still keeping some of those old-school vibes.


New Music: Santino Le Saint

Track of the week. As far as new London talent goes, you won’t find many people creating a buzz right now as much as Santino Le Saint.

A unique and intriguing performer and producer, Le Saint lays soulful vocals over dark RnB tones that fuse together with subtle hints of classic rock.

Santino Le Saint


Track of the week. Pushing the barriers of hip hop, this Chicago duo have developed a style that is immediately arresting; it’s a sound that is experimental, eclectic and bursting with energy.


New Music: Weston Estate

Track of the week. This alt-pop outfit formed in 2017 out of North Carolina and haven’t looked back since, with 12 million accumulated streams and a major label deal with Arista Records/ Sony Music Entertainment.

The sound itself carries an emotive essence of youthful melancholy that still feels charming and playful… Weston Estate could be part of the next generation of boybands!

“Our band philosophy is optimistic nihilism. Straight-edged middle-aged women getting lit to our music is our aesthetic.”

Weston Estate

New Music: Mack Keane

Track of the week. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a talent so effortlessly fuse RnB and soul into a modern indie sound, and make it so individually unique and captivating.

Mack Keane

Dylan Fraser – I Do These Things For Me

Track of the week. An almighty sound that exudes intensity in an epic fashion. Dark, powerful and utterly compelling.

Taken from debut EP ‘The Storm’ which is out on 23rd October and can be pre-saved here.

Dylan Fraser

Christy – When We Get Old

Track of the week. This Scottish talent is going from strength to strength. Following on from his debut EP (which achieved over a million streams in the course of just four months), Christy returns with a stunning release.

This song starts off as a standard, raw indie track but evolves into something quite spectacular, encompassing an emotive, epic, almost cinematic experience.

“‘When We Get Old’ is based on a real conversation I had with my then girlfriend. I wanted to put across the idea that to be right here and now, in the moment, is the most important place to be, especially with being in love.”


Hope Tala – All My Girls Like To Fight

Track of the week. A confident and self-assured fusion of pop and mellow RnB, encased in Spanish guitar and served with masterly lyricism.

“I grew up on good stories, and have always been driven by a desire to craft my own. Writing ‘All My Girls Like To Fight’ was the first time I felt like I was really constructing an expansive narrative in a song. I wanted to create a visually rich tale steeped in drama and intrigue to match the suspenseful Spanish guitar chords we started with in the studio, and wanted to portray women as having strength and agency in the narrative.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Girl Eats Sun’ out soon via PMR/ EMI/ Republic Records.

Hope Tala

Dava – Papercut

Track of the week. A dreamy piece of audible beauty that is both understated and fragile yet so powerfully charged emotionally.

I’ve realised that no family, friendship or relationship is perfect. When trust is broken it’s very hard to mend, and those wrongdoings may seem unforgivable. With time though, most situations reveal themselves to be minor papercuts. We can allow ourselves to move on, we can heal from these things. Although the song itself has a dark connotation, it brought a lot of clarity and forgiveness to the relationship that inspired the song.


Watch: Harley Sulé – Love The Way It Makes You Feel

Track of the week. I am so madly in love with this new ballad from Harley Sulé. Emotive yet raw, the track is just sublimely stunning.

“‘Love The Way It Makes You Feel’ is a song about that friend who is always on the cusp of being a true friend. Someone who tells you the deepest and darkest parts of their lives which subsequently ends in them pushing you away, as you become a vehicle to carry their pain. And however hard you try to help them deal with their problems, the relationship fundamentally becomes a burden.”

Harley Sulé

New Music: Jany Green

Track of the week. The balance between indie and pop on this song is pretty much perfection. The sound feels both playful and edgy in equal measures. Add to that Jany Green’s naturally entertaining flair and you have a pop star in the making.

Jany Green

New Music: MASN

Track of the week. MASN merges indie, rap, hip hop and lo-fi pop into a sound that has a timeless feel. Newly signed to RCA and rapidly gaining traction across the US, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world catches up with this 19-year-old talent from Eagle Mountain.

Taken from the LP ‘How To Kill A Rockstar’ which is out now.


New Music: Oranj Goodman

Track of the week. This is the kind of talent that still fires my excitement in new music discovery, ten years later. On the surface, this is not a straightforward sound to enjoy; it’s experimental, conceptual and quite bold.

But approach the song with an open mind and you will discover a beautifully warped world where Oranj Goodman blends soul, hip hop, RnB, and dark undertones of trip hop to create something so beautifully sublime.

“Growing up, religion was a big part of my life and it forced me to feel like someone I wasn’t. This song is about assessing how my Christian upbringing has made me feel because of my sexuality, and it’s also me coming out to the world as queer.”

Oranj Goodman

New Music: Hauskey

Track of the week. An Australian psych-pop talent who’s sound is impossible not to fall in love with. It’s a simple and approachable vibe that invites you into Hauskey’s world, and I am living for it.

“A great song is like a great movie. You become so engrossed in it that you ‘become it’ and forget you’re even watching a movie. That’s what good music should do too.”


syd B – good good

Track of the week. This song had an unusual effect on me, and one which rarely happens. My heart raced faster than usual when I got into the flow of the melody, all the while the production of the track stayed minimal and subdued. It’s a testament to quality that deserves to be shared.

syd B

New Music: Joell

Track of the week. While Scotland is not best known for being the home of experimental RnB sounds like this, Joell could be changing that trend.

This is a sound that balances melancholy with raw emotion, all the while still pushing the boundaries of what the genre can be.

“You can’t save everyone but it looks I’m saving you.”

Taken from the EP ‘Left On Read’ which is out now.


New Music: Young Saab

Track of the week. My love for Chloe Lilac led me to this new collaboration that has been released featuring an outfit called Young Saab. I know so little about these guys but this track caught me right from the start. The sound is minimal yet powerfully emotive.

Young Saab

New Music: Jalle

Track of the week. A British alt-pop talent who’s sound connects together several genres in a perfect harmony.


Iyamah – Won’t Work

Track of the week. I don’t know why, but when I hear this song I feel the same way I did listening to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Take The Box’ for the first time, and it’s a beautiful thing.

“It was the quickest song that I ever wrote. I knew I was frustrated, but I didn’t think too much about it. But every time I listened back to the demo, it became very clear to me what this song was about. And every time I sang the song, it gave me this feeling of power that I didn’t realise I needed at the time. A reminder to myself that I have boundaries, and as a woman, there’s great power in being able to say ‘no’, when something doesn’t sit right with you.