New Music: Delacey

Track of the week. A hazy mix of summery, chilled indie vibes and pop.



New Music: lennixx

Track of the week. A Swedish duo delivering smooth RnB with a soulful, poppy edge.



Track of the week. JNR WILLIAMS continues to impress with this emotional blend of dark pop, soul and RnB. It’s quite something…


Jasmine Thompson – Loyal

Track of the week. While Jasmine Thompson already has a huge following, this is a shamelessly brave take on jazz that manages to sound incredibly current while still nostalgic.

Anna Shoemaker – East Side Too (feat. TYLERxCORDY)

Track of the week. Delicate melodies contradict dark, deconstructive beats.

anna shoemaker

Grace Carter – Heal Me

Track of the week. Although this was released last week, I still can’t stop obsessing over it. That chorus gives me CHILLS!

Grace Carter

Lolo Zouaï – Jade (feat. Blood Orange)

Track of the week. From the choice of collaboration, to the vocals, melody and beat work… I can’t find any fault in this song at all. Love it a ton!

Lolo Zouaï | Blood Orange

ST.MARTiiNS – Jazzboy

Track of the week. It’s not an easy listen at first – a little messy and quirky, but it grows into a catchy and charming sound.


New Music: Travelle

Track of the week. Already causing a stir in his native Norway for some time, this talent fuses mellow hip hop with a poppy edge.


Dorian Electra – Man To Man

Track of the week. Mixing elements of 80’s and 00’s pop while still making a very current sound with some interesting lyrics.

This is the first release from Dorian Electra that has really got me interested, so I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings…

Dorian Electra

New Music: Chloe Bodur

Track of the week. This sends me back to some of the feelings that ran through me when I first heard Amy Winehouse’s ‘Frank’… It’s a new take on jazz that is effortless and gorgeous.

Chloe Bodur

New Music: VEE 303

Track of the week. Conceptual, pulsating beats laid down for a soulful vocal delivery. It bounces between being edgy and throwing a tribute to 90’s RnB pop.

VEE 303

Blanche – Moment

Track of the week. Blanche gained fame last year after representing Belgium at Eurovision.

While she didn’t win (the song she performed was considered ahead of it’s time for a music contest that has a notorious reputation for showing off the Continent’s cheesier side), she has continued to develop her uniquely dark pop sound…


New Music: Lucky Daye

Track of the week. This takes me back to old-school Stevie Wonder. RnB delivered in the purest, most effortless way.

Lucky Daye

Devault, Matt Maeson – Between The Words

Track of the week. A song that portrays pure raw emotion, delivered with dark electronic beats, served in the most exquisite detail.

Matt Maeson | DEVAULT

New Music: Dominic Fike

Track of the week. Carelessly charming yet smooth RnB pop. You really need to listen to the entire EP of demo’s though because each track is genuinely special

Dominic Fike