New Music: Planet 1999

Track of the week. Love or hate PC Music, it’s rise is unstoppable right now. Planet 1999 add another layer of emotion over the genre’s sound which makes this track pretty special.

Planet 1999


New Music: GZ Tian

Track of the week. There’s a sense of bravery with the production on this track from English newcomer GZ Tian. It’s a creative mix of understated RnB and catchy hooks.

GZ Tian

New Music: mikihella

Track of the week. Only running just over two minutes, this piece of RnB and soul takes you to another place with the very bare minimum. And that’s a powerful thing.


New Music: Marques Martin

Track of the week. Every so often a sound hits you and excites you in equal measures… Just like this. It’s an epic fusion of spoken-word, dark experimental beats and RnB.

Marques Martin

Billie Eilish – everything i wanted

Track of the week. This is actually a pretty brave track to release for someone who’s become one of the biggest global talents. A minimal, fragile and subtle production that doesn’t scream for attention… Just a raw, delicate love song.

Billie Eilish

Doja Cat – Say So

Track of the week. This queen is back with some of her strongest tracks to date, including this mix of disco and rap. Somehow it doesn’t sound cheesy, but rather infectious and fun!

Doja Cat

Kirby – Don’t Leave Your Girl

Track of the week (for a second time). I’m a sucker for anything that throws back to Lauryn Hill so this track is on the top of my pile this week.


New Music: Dua Saleh

Track of the week. A bold and experimental sound with an almost spoken-word element, delivered in a sharp yet whimsical and mischievous charm.

Dua Saleh

New Music: Gaidaa

Track of the week. A sublime soul sound with a playful essence. I haven’t felt this much love for a track like this in quite some time.