New Music: Lucky Daye

Track of the week. This takes me back to old-school Stevie Wonder. RnB delivered in the purest, most effortless way.

Lucky Daye


Devault, Matt Maeson – Between The Words

Track of the week. A song that portrays pure raw emotion, delivered with dark electronic beats, served in the most exquisite detail.

Matt Maeson | DEVAULT

New Music: Dominic Fike

Track of the week. Carelessly charming yet smooth RnB pop. You really need to listen to the entire EP of demo’s though because each track is genuinely special

Dominic Fike

New Music: Lennon Stella

Track of the week. It’s not an easy balance mixing a cheesy pop melody with a raw indie-pop edge like this. Lennon Stella’s ‘Bad’ has somehow managed to feel like innocent bubblegum pop with a sinister undertone.

Lennon Stella

New Music: Twin XL

Track of the week. Is it a boy band? Is it indie pop? Not really sure where this falls in the spectrum but it’s super catchy, brilliantly written and overall just too damn fresh not to be track of the week.

Twin XL

DESIIRE – Paradise

Track of the week. Put the volume up high and feel some soulful disco served up here with the slickest beats you could imagine.


New Music: IV Jay

Track of the week. Everything about this production excites me… Balancing pop with RnB and adding a killer beat and slick sample.


New Music: Victor Leksell

Track of the week. I must admit, the first time I heard this kid back in June I didn’t really feel it so much, but I came across the same again yesterday and it’s been on repeat ever since. Not sure why, aside from that Robyn-esque, pulsating beat. It’s an intriguing Scandi talent… and I’m hooked.

Victor Leksell

New Music: Isabella

Track of the week. And I mean, like… WOW. A talent who’s only twenty-years old and carries such intensity in the vocal.


Lido – Corner Love

Track of the week. To go through as many songs as I do on a daily basis, and then to listen to something so ethereal and unique as this feels nothing short of euphoria over my jaded ears. It really needs to be heard from start to finish. Features vocals from Unge Ferrari.


New Music: Marco McKinnis

Track of the week. I’m disappointed with myself for not hearing about this talent earlier… Ethereal, soulful tones here.

Marco McKinnis

New Music: denvre

Track of the week. I’d go as far as to call this intelligent pop. The lyrics are a bit random, the production is creative and plays with so many genres seamlessly.


New Music: Blu Ernest

Track of the week.  There is literally nothing I can fault with this talent. A minimal RnB sound with an acoustic edge from the Midlands. Stunning.

Blu Ernest

Halfnoise – All That Love Is

Track of the week. While not a completely new discovery, this track has been on loop for a few days. A mix of indie and disco that sends me back reminiscing of early Hot Chip days for some reason.


Terror Jr – Heaven Wasn’t Made For Me

Track of the week. The way that chorus quietly hints at a euphoric tone is something quite special.

Terror Jr

New Music: Aaron Unknown

Track of the week. A model and a heavily gifted rapper from London with an intense, atmospheric vibe.

Aaron Unknown | Santino Le Saint