Veronica Maggio – Jag kastar bort mitt liv

Track of the week. I know it’s entirely in Swedish but wait until the beat drops because it’s pure bliss – this is Sweden’s finest and a reminder to never underestimate this nation’s natural instinct to create some of the world’s best pop.

Veronica Maggio


Dana Williams – Holiday

Track of the week. Nothing more to say other than to call this sublime. Simply… SUBLIME! There is a new generation of neo-soul emerging and I am so excited to see where this leads.

New Music: Eloise

Track of the week. While this is a live track (which I am never too fond of online), the talent is evident here. It’s effortlessly beautiful jazzy pop with a wistful essence.


New Music: aboutagirl

Track of the week. This London talent has successfully taken a multitude of genres and blended them masterfully to create a bold, new and edgy sound.


New Music: Black Pumas

Track of the week. A powerful and modern take on psychedelic soul that’s so intense that it leaves you a little breathless when it’s finished.

Black Pumas

New Music: Willa Amai

Track of the week. A talent who’s only 14-years old and delivers a raw indie pop sound with innocent charm.

Willa Amai

New Music: lennixx

Track of the week. A Swedish duo delivering smooth RnB with a soulful, poppy edge.



Track of the week. JNR WILLIAMS continues to impress with this emotional blend of dark pop, soul and RnB. It’s quite something…