New Music: Sophie Elise

Track of the week. Norwegian RnB/ pop. The video to this caused a stir for featuring a black lead.

Quite appalling that people feel the need to threaten bright and young talent over something that’s a non-issue.

Galimatias – Blowback

Track of the week. Dreamy enough to take you out of this world and back, just for a few minutes.


Watch: blackbear – do re mi (feat. Gucci Mane)

Track of the week. blackbear pushes his style into hip hop and seems to have made one of the year’s most bizarre (and amazing) songs with Gucci Mane.

New Music: Sugarhouse

Track of the week. Those that know me will know how (sometimes overly) critical I am with male/female duo’s but this indie track is adorable and just everything cute.


Jelani Blackman – Not You

Track of the week. This is exactly what excites me from hip hop right now…

Jelani Blackman

New Music: Grace Carter

Track of the week. Soulful and simple melodies with a beautifully delicate voice.

Grace Carter

Danny L Harle – 1UL

Track of the week. It’s been a long while since I last made a piece of hard disco like this track of the week, so it makes a sweet change.

Danny L Harle

Jaymes Young – Don’t You Know

Track of the week. Balancing indie with electropop just about the best way possible.

Jaymes Young

New Music: Ninajirachi

Track of the week. A little late on catching on to this one but the subtle electro pop on this is mesmerising.


Sam Fender – Play God

Track of the week. This is the kind of indie pop that keeps me loving to run this site.

Sam Fender