Kleerup + AlunaGeorge – Lovers Table

“We worked in this beautiful little studio in East London that overlooked a cobbled courtyard, just on piano for most of the day which is my fave way to write songs. At the time I was really interested in the idea of a career woman giving up on love because she just felt she wasn’t invited to the table. The cliché of the lonely female boss that is familiar, yet comfortable, because you don’t have to risk your heart — in many ways it was personal experience. Until someone comes along to challenge that paradigm and you realise you have to jump in even though you feel like you can’t.” AlunaGeorge

“It’s always inspiring to work with such incredible talented people, Aluna and Joacim went beyond what I could ever have hoped for. I think we really nailed all the parts on this song, the vocals, the production and the whole team is perfect. I couldn’t be happier to release this track as a sort of a comeback single.” Kleerup


Brother Leo – Barcelona

“The song is about 2 intense weeks I had in Barcelona years ago, experiencing a lot of things for the first time. 2 weeks that in many ways made me grow up I guess, maybe a little bit too fast. I wanted to try to capture those moments and memories in this song both lyrically but also in the soundscape.To tell this story sonically I wanted the soundscape to have some kind of cinematic and organic vibe to it and dynamically just letting it grow. In short ’Barcelona’ Is about love and loss, and realizing that nothing is forever. I think a lot of people can relate to this and hopefully it will bring back some good memories”.

Brother Leo

New Music: Nea

“We wrote the song after a conversation with a friend of ours. He is gay and is in love with his friend, but this friend is in a straight relationship. The song is about love that you can’t attain but that you can’t give up on; you live on the hope that one day the timing will be right.”

Oh, and if the song sounds familiar then this might jog your memory…


Mapei – Rise Up

“In ‘Rise Up’, I wanted to capture that Americana spirit of the 70’s. The song came to me out of the blue one day, when I was out in L.A doing some writing. I just started singing “Rise Up” to myself, which turned into chanting. After that, it only took two hours in the studio until the song was finished. The track is about friendship, and about moving forward towards positivity. In the verses, it’s almost like I’m channeling my uncle, giving advice. The lyrics are meant for pushing one forward in the right direction.”


Francis Novotny – Blame

Track of the week. The incredible gift with Francis Novotny is you never know what to expect from his releases. This is a richly pulsating track with light synth and a throwback to 90’s RnB.

Francis Novotny