Hannes – I Feel It

Swedish alternative RnB artist Hannes releases his debut EP today, and along with it comes a spectacular new single.

Stylistically taking inspiration from high school marching bands, ‘I Feel It’ was written about the journey of being heartbroken, while at the same time being on the way to something new.

“It’s about that first moment when you realise that everything might actually work itself out for the better in the end. The first feeling of hope after a harsh heartbreak.”

The debut EP ‘When the City Sleeps’ is out now.


Gryffin + LOVA – Piece Of Me

LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Gryffin has teamed up with Swedish artist LOVA to create one of the biggest dance bops of the month so far, showcasing these two pop talents at their finest.

Harnessing the dance-pop sound that Gryffin is rapidly making his own, ‘Piece Of Me’ blends euphoric piano chords, uplifting horns and LOVA’s mesmerising, pitch-perfect vocals. 

Gryffin | LOVA

Teddy Failure – Pure (feat. ELIO)

Consisting of two highly requested writing & producing talents known as TeoFrans, it’s little surprise that Swedish project Teddy Failure crafts supreme sounds that are immediately captivating to any listener.

As a production duo, TeoFrans have collaborated with some of the most exciting new talents to emerge recently, including LOVA, Naaz, Bearson, Rhys, Felix Sandman and Eli.

Their new single ‘Pure’ conjures a sense of teenage apathy, with killer lyrics like ‘We mix vodka with fire’ luring you in. But keep listening until the end, when the track’s live-fast-die-young naivety reaches a cathartic conclusion thanks to ELIO’s beautifully moving vocals.

Teddy Failure

Julia Viktoria – Complicated

Serving us melancholy electro-pop bangers the way only Swedes can, today sees the release of Julia Viktoria’s new single, ‘Complicated’.

This is a weekend-ready bop that describes the complications of searching for love, while still carrying lots of emotional baggage at the same time.

“Life is often complicated; in relation to others but also to yourself and your own feelings. It is easy to rethink, cancel dates and meetings, doubt yourself, doubt your own ability and send out mixed messages.”

Julia Viktoria

Rasmus Hagen + Maxine – Learn To Love

No stranger to the music business, Rasmus Hagen is already a platinum selling singer/ songwriter and producer from Stockholm.

With over 120 million streams on Spotify alone, Hagen was the featured singer on John De Sohn’s hit single ‘Love You Better’, while also working alongside a roster of talents like Andrelli, Urban Contact and iamsimon.

Written with Alfitude favourite Aron Blom, ‘Learn to Love’ features the vocals of emerging Dutch artist Maxine and touches on tearing down emotional walls built from a previous relationship, slowly opening up to giving and receiving love again.

Rasmus Hagen | Maxine

King of Little Sweden – Dave Is Online

Swedish pop collective King of Little Sweden return today with relatable new bop single ‘Dave Is Online’.

With lyricism that was inspired by self-observation, the song looks at our emotional disconnection in digital times.

“This is a song about ‘Online Intimacy’. Nowadays, we can get swamped by so many messages that we sometimes end up neglecting the ones that we really ought to answer.”

King of Little Sweden

Saint Djuni – All Of My Friends

I’ve been a fan of Saint Djuni for quite some time now. Each song brings a refreshingly eccentric and playful twist to indie-pop, and new single ‘All Of My Friends’ is no exception.

No matter what mood you’re in, this song is guaranteed to elevate your spirits and give you the boost you need to get through the day.

“Lonely days and lonely nights should always be replaced by having joyful and happy moments with friends and family. A very known motto for Saint Djuni.”

Saint Djuni

Augustine – Summer Wine

Now commanding over 20 million streams to his name, Swedish indie-pop artist Augustine returns with the beautifully emotive ‘Summer Wine’.

A retro ballad with a nostalgic essence, the song is all about feeling trapped in the aftermath of a relationship’s demise, and desperately trying to find a way to free yourself from the memories of what you’ve lost.

“I wrote most of the lyrics in spring, on a train to my family’s house on the Swedish west coast. The weather got brighter each day and people seemed so happy and hopeful, but I felt more distant than ever. ‘Trying out our summer wine’ became a symbol for the little things that you took for granted with someone, until it’s over and you just can’t get them out of your head.”


New Music: Mundane Experience

Hailing from Southern Sweden, Mundane Experience are an alternative hip-hop group who are confidently crafting songs on their own terms.

Blending elements of the genre with lo-fi rock, ‘Natural Selection’ serves as the third song on their EP ‘Blurry Notes’ and features a guest appearance from the artist Amanda Sandin.

Mundane Experience

Vantage – I Found You (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)

Swedish superstar Benjamin Ingrosso seems to have a good instinct in what songs he decides to lend his distinctive vocals to.

His collaboration with French-born, Japan-based future funk pioneer Vantage is perfect proof; this is probably going to be one of the best summer bops of the year.

Vantage | Benjamin Ingrosso

New Music: BBY LIZA

There was a time when Sweden was pumping out electro-pop songs on a weekly basis, but lately the nation’s commercial music scene has diverted into other styles. Which is actually pretty great, since it keeps things exciting and fresh – but I do still wish that the occasional banger made it’s way to me still.

But fret not if you’re like me, as you’ll be happy to see that BBY LIZA has served us all with a big track in the form of ‘Champagne’. Press play and put the volume on high!


New Music: Molly Mae

A gorgeously sleek fusion of soul, RnB and pop from Finnish-Swedish talent Molly Mae.

A successfully featured vocalist on tracks by the likes of Liam Mockridge, Palma and KASPERG, this Berlin-based producer & singer is now ready to showcase her own sound through debut single ‘I Wanna Know’, of which she says:

“It’s about wanting to explore a connection further with someone yet not knowing exactly where they stand. You know, that frustration of not understanding why the other person is holding back, I think a lot of people have been there.” 

Molly Mae

New Music: Aida Lae

A massively promising new talent hailing from Sweden, Aida Lee is blending RnB with pop in all the right ways. ’90’s Baby’ is a sleek, finessed and polished vibe that is ready to invade the charts at any moment.

Aida Lae

Bomberjak – All The Way Up

Bomberjak is a Swedish project that has been around since 2015. Hailing from Stockholm, these two friends release music that is constantly evolving in concepts and styles.

‘All The Way Up’ is a dance-pop song that incorporates elements of indie, creating something that feels familiar yet forward-thinking.

Taken from the upcoming sophomore album ‘Unexpected Habits’.


Tove Styrke – Mood Swings

Unbelievably, it’s been three years since the world was last treated to new music from Swedish mega talent Tove Styrke. And listening to ‘Mood Swings’ shows that the wait was worth it. This is a song that explores the complexity of human identity, and looks at her struggles with mental health and self-acceptance.

“‘Mood Swings’ is insane. It’s paying tribute to my best and worst sides. I really hate myself sometimes. But I’m trying really hard not to. These past three years I’ve been through depression, fell hard in love, survived a Swedish music reality TV-show, I got a car, I got stuck with millennial blues, I feel like an adult sometimes, I feel like I did as a child. I feel kinda free.”

Tove Styrke

Isle of You – Ears Ringing

One of my favourite new acts to emerge from Scandinavia recently, Isle of You return with another almighty electro-pop banger to inject us all with some extra energy for the weekend ahead.

‘Ears Ringing’ gives off flashes of cinematic late night drives in Tokyo, dance floors in the early 00’s and 80’s future nostalgia.

“A post pandemic anthem about dancing off anxiety and just blasting the music (until your ears start ringing).”

Isle of You

I Am Nova – Don’t Wait Up

A hugely anthemic and rousing release from Swedish indie-pop outfit I Am Nova.

‘Don’t Wait Up’ is a song that gleams with attitude and determination, talking about taking steps forward and moving away from an unhealthy relationship.

I Am Nova

Delphi – PHRESH

I can’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with this sharp blend of soul and RnB-pop from Swedish talent Delphi.

For over a decade, this artist has written her own songs as well as performed back-up vocals and tracks for some of Sweden’s biggest star and film productions.

“A feel good song about summer and celebrating life! Play it getting ready, pre party, at the party, or in your car! Let’s GO! Summer is around the corner!”


ORKID – Sugar Coma

Swedish pop starlet ORKID’s new single ‘Sugar Coma’ is as sweet as you’d imagine. This is a flirty, playful piece of electro-pop that will instantly win you over and be a staple to your summer playlists.

“You’re invited to the world of ‘Sugar Coma’ with a cherry on the top for an extra layer of goodness. Adding more would be a sin so I will leave you to enjoy this piece of sweet bliss.”


Dear Sara – Stupid Things

One of my favourite Scandinavian talents of the year, Dear Sara returns today with the beautiful ‘Stupid Things’, finely balancing elements of electronic pop with an essence of melancholy.

The song contemplates Dear Sara’s idea of love, while also opening up about her innermost thoughts, wishes and dreams.

“I hope that the listener can relate to the song no matter if they’re newly in love, just got dumped, single, married or just completely heartbroken.”

The new EP ‘I’m Not That Sad:)’ is out now.

Dear Sara