ISA – Gravity

A minimal yet bold pop concept from one of Sweden’s brightest female artists.



Tove Lo – I’m Coming

If you are unfamiliar with the Swedish-sung music scene, this song is a stomping cover of a modern classic by Veronica Maggio called ‘Jag Kommer’.

Tove Lo

Sofia Monroy – I Don’t Wanna Fight

Sofia Monroy never fails to disappoint with the jams. Here’s a simple RnB pop song that’s all about complicated love.

“For me this song is a personal story about loving someone so unconditionally that you can’t let go of a relationship even if you know it’s destructive.”

Sofia Monroy

Grace Davies – Addicted To Blue

“Addicted To Blue is the bop I never realised I had. It lived as a piano ballad for over a year and I never knew which direction to take it in. I went out to Sweden to produce it with Elias Kapari and we had such a fun time with it because it was such a blank canvas, so we tried everything just for fun!”

Grace Davies

Magnus Bechmann – What Do You Know

Refreshingly quirky indie pop with a playful twist from Magnus Bechmann.

“Situations in everyday life that are usually not a big deal can grow totally out of proportion whilst laying awake in bed at night, unable to sleep. ‘What Do You Know’ is about just one of these situations, where you find yourself in a relationship that is better to get out of than to stay in.’’

Magnus Bechmann

Joakim Molitor – OK (feat. Matt Wilson)

“The song was written just after finding out my girlfriend at the time was moving abroad for a year. It felt really raw and this was the first thing I wrote. A year later Joakim picked up the track and brought it to life with his killer production!

Matt Wilson

Joakim Molitor

New Music: COBRAH

Track of the week. While there’s been a resurgence of 90’s techno and rave sounds lately, the balance of playing with the past and taking it to the future has not always been great. This though… Damn. It’s electro pop with a ruthless beat structure. Something that takes you hostage and demands your attention. And I am living for it. For a while it’s felt like the innovation from Swedish pop was slowing down – COBRAH might have just changed that.


Ayelle – Effort

“In today’s social media climate it’s difficult to stay present sometimes and it’s noticeable in all kinds of relationships. I wrote ‘Effort’ about being in a relationship with someone who can’t clock off of social media and just be in the moment with you.”


Vera Hotsauce – Dad’s Bugatti

“Dad’s Bugatti’ is a euphoric party song about getting freaky and fun. It’s a song that gives you confidence and has a very “boss-ass-bitch” vibe; it’s very special to me.”

Vera Hotsauce

Estherlivia – Limbo

One of the brightest new Swedish exports. A dark pop sound with a unique lyrical take on something we have all experienced.

“When you become aware that you have ended up in some kind of limbo land. Maybe you got there to turn off your thoughts when everything became too much around you..? Although it can be nice for a while, you don’t want the days to just pass and lose track of yourself and your goals.”


Topic x A7S – Breaking Me

This track is taking off in Germany in a huge way, and seeing how it seamlessly blends emotive pop with a dance beat, I can see this easily being a summer hit.

Topic | A7S