Ernesto Neto at Hayward Gallery

Managed to catch the Ernesto Neto show at the Hayward Gallery in it’s last few days. I didn’t know what to expect when I walked in to see loads of oversized fluorescent tights suspended between walls. But that was pretty much all it was- one giant bouncey stretchy room. You could pull and tug anything you wanted to, and touch whatever you felt like touching. It was pretty fun and colourful- check it out before it closes if you can. The gallery was split between this show and something called The New Décor, which was utter shit (from what I could gather, it was all old bits junk grouped together to make ugly bits of furniture- real cutting edge…), but your ticket covers both exhibits. More pics on my Flickr.

Project Morrinho at Southbank Centre

Work as been extra hideous of late so I’ve taken a few days off to reset my wires and bring some Alfitude back in to my life. Today I went to the Southbank Centre in London to have a poke around this Brazilian season they’ve got on right now. Much as Im beginning to dislike living in London and being a Londoner, this was all still pretty cool. Project Morrinho is a free installation outside the Southbank, made from bits of shit to look like a favela. Check out my Flickr for more pictures.

Brasilia 50

It’s been 50 years to the day that Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, came to life. It just looks like something made for a Bond movie set, and you won’t find a city shaped like an aeroplane anywhere else in the world (London just looks like a fried egg from the sky). I’ve never been there, but it’s one of my things to do before I turn 30. Check out the Rio Times here for a cute little article.