Live: MTV Presents Alex Gardner + Eliza Doolittle at Dingwalls

So my last post was all about Grime music and now it’s all about candy pop… Hmm. Two future pop superstars-in-the-making played the tiny Dingwalls last night. This is the same venue where I saw Mika and Robyn just before they both went on to take over the world, so maybe it has something in the air for these aspiring singers. Eliza Doolittle was really good, and her harmless tracks were pretty fun to listen to. She also did a cover of a Justin Bieber track which I enjoyed far more than I should have…

Alex Gardner, who headlined the night, was also pretty amazing. This kid is only a teenager, and I mentioned him on here months ago. His sound is pretty unique, and you forget sometimes just how young he is from the way he performs. We were a bit embarassed being surrounded by 15 and 16 year old girls screaming for his attention. One girl pushed me away to grab my spot and said ‘Do you love Alex Gardner? I LOVE Alex Gardner. I just wanna shag him and listen to his music at the same time’. Kids today eh?


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