Elliot – i hope for rain



Pikes – All My Friends Are On P3

I wanted to be on Swedish national radio (P3 – the equivalent in the UK would be BBC Radio 1) and I sort of felt frustrated that I wasn’t. It also felt like every time I heard a song on the radio it was a friend of mine who either produced, wrote or sang it. So I did what artists do to maintain their sanity. I wrote a song about it as a joke.

“The irony is that I just got on national radio in Sweden.”


Monarchy – Glow Vision

“Sometimes even the fullest seemingly unshakeable love can feel fragile and turbulent. This song is note to my girlfriend to let her know that I may be a bit altered, a bit lost at the end of the spirals of my mind but even there I can see what I’ve always known, which is that we have a future and the future is bright.”



New Music: Tamzene

“You’re With Somebody Now’ came from a period where I was looking to the past for answers, and I found them. Lewis Gardiner (producer and co-writer) has a talent for tapping into truth. So this song comes from an honest place of pain and realisation.”


Tuval x MOLTENO – Interlines

“Interlines’ is about what’s not said, the lines between, that place where
moving slow can mean fast, where time feels distorted.


“With the production I went for a floaty mythical synth sound inspired by Kedr Livanksiy; and saturated and manipulated sounds to add dissonance.”



New Music: MRPHY

“I really just wrote how I felt at that time. I lost someone I cared about and it was sad, that’s basically it. I think most people (including myself) overthink so much when trying to write a sad/love song. Thinking of smart ways to say simple things, thinking too much into it when sometimes all you need to do is say how you feel and that’s what I did. I really wanted people to listen to it and relate to it.”


J Warner – Stay For a While

“I wrote this song after I got out a very surface level relationship. It was built on attraction and desire. It’s all about the feeling after, the longing and lusting for something sensual but impermanent.”

J Warner

Celeste & Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me

I firmly believe this is one of the best songs ever written. So I can’t hold back from sharing this version with you.

Celeste | Paul Weller

New Music: The Minds of 99

Downtempo Danish pop, which while is sung in its home language, still portrays a strong essence of melancholy.

The Minds of 99

New Music: Sarah Proctor

“Say too Much’ is about falling out of love, whilst still loving that person you’re with. It’s about staying in something when you know you should leave but it being the most difficult thing to do. You can end up staying and hurting each other by saying things you don’t mean, or telling them you love them, but not actually feeling it anymore, which can be even more damaging.”

Sarah Proctor