Alex Di Leo – Blue (Acoustic)

We rarely feature acoustic recordings on this site, but Alex Di Leo’s performance of ‘Blue’ is really quite sublime.

In it’s purest form, the song looks at feelings of loss, and how it only ever becomes a more prevalent emotion as we grow older.

“Lately I’ve experienced more loss in my life than I’ve been used to. From my dog, family members, to close friends and past relationships. I’m learning that unfortunately, loss is an inevitable aspect of life. This is for all of you who’ve ever lost someone or something, felt stuck or feel like you’re struggling for a breath of air. no matter how deep or rough the waters may seem at times, it’s important believe that we can always find a way out of the deep Blue.”

Di Leo’s prominence has grown across the country since his 2016 debut release, ‘So We Go’ (listen here). The artist has amassed more than five million career streams to date, and boasts a hugely loyal fanbase across social media.

The original edit of ‘Blue’ is just as beautiful, and we strongly advise you to give it a listen here.

Alex Di Leo

briskin – Love Songs In The Rain

It’s a big day for London-based singer, songwriter and producer briskin, who has just unveiled a new EP, single and music video.

‘Songs In The Rain’ is taken from the artist’s ‘The Circus’ record (out now), and treats listeners to a thoughtfully written piece of music that is not only impressive in its production, but also very catchy. Elaborating on the track’s inspiration, briskin says:

“It’s a tongue and cheek play on the classic rom-com trope of holding a boombox outside a persons house to try and win them back/ win them over. I thought it would be funny to imagine what it would be like if someone did it in real life and I came to the conclusion that the neighbours wouldn’t like it one bit. But in essence the song is about making a fool of yourself to impress someone.”

So far in his career, briskin has picked up tastemaker praise from the likes of Clash Magazine and The Line of Best Fit, supported Nessa Barrett on select tour dates and amassed more than 300k career streams.

If this is the first time you’ve come across briskin then be sure to check out his 2021 debut mixtape, ‘forever was a feeling’ (produced by Jamie Reynolds) here.


ROREY – Emotional Hangover

One of New York’s most promising starlets of late has been ROREY. Today she unveils her brilliant new single, ‘Emotional Hangover’.

Lyrically inspired by feelings of anxiety, the song’s essence feels honest and raw, but is also somehow uplifting in tone.

Sonically, the track fuses 2000’s-inspired grunge-pop with a more modern indie edge. Overall, this is a piece of music that balances tension with joy in a beautifully symbiotic way.

Having amassed more than 300k total streams from the release of just 4 singles to date, it’s safe to say that ROREY is well on her way to music stardom.


New Music: Jed Upjohn

This weekend’s biggest electro-pop bop is called ‘New Crush’ and it comes courtesy of UK-based artist Jed Upjohn.

We’ve already had this song on repeat a few times today, and when you play it you’ll understand why. Sonically inspired by the likes of Charli XCX and Troye Sivan, this track serves us with nothing but pure, blissful pop joy.

“This song captures the early excitement, anticipation, and tense uncertainty of realising you’re getting a crush on somebody. Those all too familiar feelings of butterflies whenever they’re nearby, along with that anxiety of wondering if it’ll ever happen.”

While Upjohn is still very much a new talent, he’s already caught the attention of BBC Introducing, who recently featured his debut single ‘Amber’. Keep an eye on this kid – he is most definitely one to watch!

Jed Upjohn

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Anaïs Cardot – Colors

French-Gabonese singer & songwriter Anaïs Cardot is one of those rare gems that you stumble across and ask yourself, ‘where have you been, all this time?’

In one word, Cardot’s music is sublime. From the smooth, buttery vocals to her exquisite songwriting, there’s nothing we can fault with this musician’s work.

New single ‘Colors’ is inspired by the self-sabotaging that can happen when we care for others. Instead of embracing the prospect of loving these special people, we find ourselves pushing them away.

“More than once, I feel your being hugging me, Better away from you / Of your great mirages and fantasies, Fly away from me” ~ COLORS (English)

Cardot will release her debut EP, entitled ‘Pink Magnolia’ later this summer.

Anaïs Cardot

Jenny Kern – Move On

Photo / Mara Rothman

Canadian musician Jenny Kern returns today with a powerful slice of dreamy pop in the form of her new single, ‘Move On’.

Written as an anthem for the broken hearted, the track delivers a style of sound that feels melancholic and emotive, but also offers us glimmers of hope for the future. Elaborating further on the song, Kern says:

“I’m so proud of what it became and what we created. I feel like this song not only represents a literal moving on from a past relationship but also a new beginning as an artist.”

To date, this Brooklyn-based artist has amassed more than 1.5 million career streams on Spotify alone. Kern’s music has also found its way onto countless Spotify editorial playlists (including Fresh Finds and New Music Friday), as well as national outlets like MTV, ABC and NPR.

Jenny Kern

New Music: Dave & I

If you’re in the mood for some mellow, nostalgia-driven indie then you’ve come to the right place.

‘Don’t Be So Obvious’ is the new single from American singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dave & I (aka Julian Curelop).

Produced alongside Sam Sobo, the track treats listeners to a shimmering slice of indie-pop that is not only melodically catchy, but also incredibly charming to experience.

For those unacquainted with Julian Curelop, this established artist has been immersed in music from the age of 9 years old, and has dabbled in genres as diverse as jazz and classical, through to Americana and pop.

Dave & I

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Paddy Keyes – Serotonin

Irish pop artist (and future global star) Paddy Keyes returns today with one of the biggest summer anthems of the year.

‘Serotonin’ is, in its purest form, a love song. Written as a ‘love letter to his girlfriend Sarah’, the track showcases a joyful sound that is both uplifting and energising.

While ‘Serotonin’ is still only Paddy’s fifth single, this talent has already amassed half a million catalogue streams so far, and found support from the likes of Spotify, The Irish Independent and Hotpress.

Paddy Keyes

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Felicia Lu – Manifest

Photo / Felix Werinos

In our view, Felicia Lu has been one of Germany’s most promising pop starlets for quite some time.

She returns today with another impressive single, called ‘Manifest’. Inspired by the phenomenon of manifesting your desires into reality, the song perfectly balances a dark-pop production with captivating lyrics.

“I grew up with my mom telling me about manifestation almost daily, so it was about time I write a song about something I so firmly believe in.”

Aside from her natural flair for writing pop bangers, this Vienna-based musician is also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. Fans can look forward to an upcoming new album, which is scheduled for release soon.

Felicia Lu

New Music: Santino Browne

Photo / Anna Henderson

Hailing from the northern city of Leeds is rising singer, songwriter and producer Santino Browne.

Aside from its impressive pop production, Browne’s new single ‘Medicine’ presents us with thoughtfully written lyrics that look the conflict between the way we project ourselves, versus our true emotions.

“‘Medicine’ was born from the constant dichotomy between having to present as the happy person people know you as, and the isolating reality of not showing your true inner feelings, allowing the chorus hook ‘keep it on the low’ to be read in two ways.”

The song was written, composed, produced and performed by Browne himself, and recorded at the legendary Chairworks Studios in Castleford.

Browne’s work has already picked up praise from tastemakers as respected as Clash and Dork magazines, while also being featured on prominent outlets like Spotify’s New Music Friday and BBC Radio 1.

Santino Browne

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Bonze – Come Back To Me

British electronic artist Bonze (aka Jack Reardon) is no stranger to the Alfitude pages, and for good reason. As a musician who is always pushing his own sonic boundaries, Reardon’s releases have always captivated us.

Inspired by the work of Jai Paul, new single ‘Come Back To Me’ treats listeners to a bouncy fusion of synth, indie and electronica. While the sound is refreshingly alternative, it also carries with it a sense of joy that makes it ideal for any summer playlist.

Fans won’t have long to wait for Bonze’s upcoming EP, entitled ‘Mercedes’, which is out on the 7th July 2023. Until then, you can check out Bonze’s other releases on Spotify here.


Gina Livia – hollow

German artist Gina Livia might not be a name familiar to you, but this immensely popular singer & songwriter has already amassed more than 18 million career streams from the release of just a handful of songs.

Inspired by the topic of mental health, new single ‘hollow’ layers sincere lyricism over a mellow pop production. The result is a sound that is gentle and melodic, but still feels melancholic in tone.

“‘hollow’ is a song about mental health. About how fast your mind can switch and focus on the dark. About the depth of sadness and the depth of thoughts and feelings, which control your whole thinking area. And in this thinking area you feel seen and understood in a weird unhealthy way. But ‘hollow’ is also about this urge to follow through, to not give in. ‘Cause if life is meant to go this way, I will follow.”

The song was written by Livia herself, and produced by Tez Cadey. If you’ve fallen in love with Gina’s work then be sure to check out her impressive catalogue of songs here.

Gina Livia

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New Music: Elle Coves

Elle Coves is a name that you’ll start to see very often, very soon. This newcomer has just released an impressive debut single, called ‘Before I Fall Apart’, and it’s nothing short of a power-pop masterpiece.

Sonically inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Max Martin and Fleetwood Mac, the song’s production injects subtle hints of nostalgia into a modern and fresh pop sound.

“For me, ‘Before I Fall Apart’ is about realising that no amount of running or hiding from your feelings will keep you away from that person; that your paths are inexplicably entangled with one another, and there’s no escaping it. It’s about desperately needing reassurance and hoping that they want things to work out as much as you do.” 

While still only 18-years of age, Elle has already shared stages with the likes of Lewis Capaldi, Wild Youth and Moncrieff. There’s no doubt in our minds that this artist will hit the mainstream in a big way – so be sure to keep her on your radars.

Elle Coves

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Madge – notss

Photo / Lanee Bird

Acclaimed pop musician Madge returns today with a bold new single, entitled ‘notss’.

The track is taken from the artist’s forthcoming ‘ravepack’ EP (out 14 July), and showcases an electronic production that is immediately arresting from the moment you press play.

“The soft torture of mixed signals and the excitement of captivity. I can’t help but think that getting strung along like this is just keeping me strung out on something I like. Made this with my gabber crew Grandbankss x Tzar and a Pinterest mood board of shibari bondage. It might be my favourite from this mixtape.”

Aside from their own solo music, Madge has also worked with bands as prominent as Pussy Riot and Portugal. The Man.

Madge is also a noted model who has been featured for campaigns by the likes of Gucci, Prada and Valentino.

If you’re based in New York then you can catch this rising talent performing live in Brooklyn on the 30th June, or on tour with ZAND across the US in September. Dates and tickets can be found below.


Madge US Dates 2023

  • 06/30/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere (Loft) – tickets here
  • 09/11/23 – Seattle, WA @ Madame Lou’s *
  • 09/12/23 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge *
  • 09/14/23 – San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord *
  • 09/15/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo *
  • 09/16/23 – Las Vegas, NV @ Soulbelly BBQ *
  • 09/19/23 – Denver, CO @ Globe Hall *
  • 09/22/23 – Minneapolis, MN @ 7th St. Entry *
  • 09/23/23 – Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen *
  • 09/26/23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie *
  • 09/27/23 – Washington, DC @ DC9 *
  • 09/28/23 – Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Zone One *

* = supporting ZAND – tickets here

New Music: Hungry

If you’re in the mood for some fresh British rock then Manchester-based outfit Hungry is the band for you.

Through their distinct style of ‘cord punk’, this emerging four-piece create melodic songs that are not only sonically impactful, but also feature socially conscious lyricism.

Speaking on the inspiration behind new single ‘The Jig’, frontman Jacob says:

“What has inspired the song? It’s thirteen years of Conservative rule and a neoliberal orthodoxy that has given the UK a callous and self-righteous ruling class that views anyone beneath as overdramatic and lazy. It seems of late that the governmental system may be revealing itself, one of corruption, dishonesty and embezzlement. In many ways the lyrics call for a collective consciousness of that.” – Jacob Peck (front man & songwriter)

Initially forming around the Cambridgeshire region in England, this promising group of musicians have been building steady momentum with just a handful of releases – from selling out their own shows to picking up support from tastemakers like Mystic Sons.


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New Music: Jaryn Jones

The musical journey of Jaryn Jones is an interesting one. After a Vegas internship in management (where she found herself within the company of globally renowned outfits like Imagine Dragons and The Killers), this promising singer-songwriter decided that she herself wanted to become an artist.

And with that epiphany, Jones made the decision to relocate to Nashville in Tennessee, so she could follow her dreams. New single ‘Run’ centres around that time in the artist’s life, as she explains:

“‘Run’ was written in April of 2020, weeks into the pandemic, right around the time I graduated from college. I was wondering where life would lead the world, and for me. It illustrates timeless moments of nature, a lust for life and adventure; it was my motto for how I would start this new chapter of my life; it helped me pursue my move to Nashville; and so I ran.”

With it’s balanced and melodic fusion of indie and pop, the song presents listeners with an uplifting sound that serves as a taster to Jaryn’s upcoming debut EP.

“I write instinctually, on what comes natural in the creative process. I value music that is authentic, that leaves me wanting more; I want my listeners to be left wanting more.”

Jaryn Jones

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New Music: Blair Davie

One of Scotland’s most promising alt-pop talents of late has been Blair Davie. With only a handful of releases so far, this emerging singer-songwriter has already picked up thousand of streams and found themselves performing alongside the likes of Calum Scott.

Blair unveils their new single today, entitled ‘Lovely’. Written as a dedication to the trans community, the song’s lyricism is not only refreshingly empowering, but also serves as a reminder to embrace and love yourselves for who you are.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve suppressed and hidden parts of me I didn’t want the world to see. The world can be so unkind to things that are different. I never spoke about it with anyone and had become so used to being someone I truly wasn’t that I barely even thought about it. Then one day last year I watched an episode of Queer Eye about a transgender person just letting themselves be who they are and celebrating that and it awoke something in me. Being unapologetically who I am can be terrifying and difficult but every day that I try, I find that I shine a little bit brighter.”

To date, this rising artist has garnered praise from the likes of BBC Introducing, Earmilk, RTE and The Scotsman. Blair joins Sam Fischer on tour from tonight. Dates and venues are listed below, and tickets can be found here.

Blair Davie

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Blair Davie (supporting Sam Fisher) UK & EU Tour 2023

  • May 31 – Brussels, AB Club
  • Jun 02 – Cologne, Helios 37
  • Jun 03 – Berlin, Badehaus
  • Jun 06 – Amsterdam, Bitterzoet
  • Jun 08 – London, The Waiting Room
  • Jun 09 – London, Folklore

+ Aug 13 – Sziget Festival, Hungary 

New Music: Echo Thrills

Today is a very special day for Stockholm artist Oskar Jennefors, who has just unveiled his new project, called Echo Thrills.

If you’re a fan of outfits like Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, then the chances of loving Echo Thrills are almost certain to be high.

Jennefors experiments with the sounds of soul, disco and rock to create new pieces of music that feel timelessly classic but also refreshingly current.

As its title suggests, debut single ‘In a Dream’ presents listeners with a gorgeously constructed soundscape that is blissfully hazy and psychedelic in character. Elaborating further on the song’s inspiration, Jennefors explains:

“The track started out when I was on vacation, at my parents summerhouse in the Swedish archipelago. The sun was beaming down and was chilling by the ocean. Being in a blissful state combined with the beautiful surroundings gave me inspiration for the chords, and the slow disco beat just felt right on that warm, lush summer day. The lyrics are inspired by dreamstates and the beautiful places that you can visit in your dreams. All in all the track, for me, is more about being in a certain state of mind. A state of exploration, awe and a sense of magic.”

Echo Thrills

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LA-based up-and-comer POLARTROPICA collaborates with Edgar Everyone on summery new single, ‘Ride or Die’.

Through its infectious fusion of indie and synth-pop, the song encourages listeners to take a hold of their futures and chase their dreams.

“Inspired by new beginnings, taking the plunge when following your dreams or falling in love. Dedicated with love to all of our grandparents, our hometowns – the family, heritage, friends we leave behind but are always in our hearts.”

POLARTROPICA has received tastemaker acclaim from Nylon Magazine, Billboard, LA Weekly, NPR and many others, while their catalogue of releases have so far amassed more than 80k streams on Spotify alone.

Alongside their audio releases, POLARTROPICA’s music videos have also gained recognition within prominent film festivals such as The London Director Awards, The LA Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Festival, New York Indie Shorts Awards and Cannes Shorts.

POLARTROPICA | Edgar Everyone

New Music: Relay Relay

Hailing from North Carolina is husband & wife outfit Relay Relay (aka Hannah and Jamie Rowen).

For all the indie-loving, thrill-seeking adventurers out there, the duo’s new single ‘High On You’ might just become one of your songs of the summer.

The track was written following a challenging (but rewarding) hike across the White Mountains, when the pair supported one another in completing the physically arduous trek.

“While on tour in New England, we found we had several extra days between shows. As outdoors lovers, avid runners, and climbers, we decided to camp in the White Mountains in New Hampshire and go hiking. We wrote this song at the campsite after a long and challenging hike through the presidential region. During the hike, I had a lot of doubt, as I was getting tired and the terrain was getting more technical. I was not expecting the hands-and-knees type bouldering and was worried about the sun setting on us, but with Jamie’s continuous encouragement we found the endorphin-filling panoramic views were well worth the struggle.” – Hannah Rowen

From this experience, Hannah and Jamie then crafted the song’s lyrics to reflect on the moments when we are infatuated with someone, but are unsure if they feel the same way towards us.

“We channeled this kind of dizzying self-doubt and the subsequent high into the lyrics and instrumentation of ‘High On You’ where the subject is swept up with someone but isn’t sure if the feeling is reciprocated. Sometimes it feels too good to be true, you know?! In verse 2, Jamie takes the melody and you can hear his reassurance as he tries to convince the self-doubting subject of his feelings.”

Relay Relay

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