New Music: SACHA

Track of the week. As far as debuts songs go, this has to be one of the stand-out releases I have heard so far this year.

A self-described grunge-pop songstress, SACHA is a Scottish-born and London-based artist who’s immense vocal immediately draws you in, while the epic production from Lewis Gardiner keeps you hooked from start to finish.

“’Something We’ll Regret’ is about my repetitive bad choices when it comes to men. I always go for someone I know is bad news or a situation that will inevitably end badly but can’t help myself! I had just broken up with my last boyfriend and started dating someone who had already told me he didn’t believe in monogamy! I knew this wasn’t going to work for me long term but couldn’t help myself as it was fun at the time – it’s about the mentality of going for things knowing that the outcome will most probably end in tears!”


Naomi Banks – I Don’t Mind

Alongside her fantastic Pride Playlist, Naomi Banks has also released charming new single ‘I Don’t Mind’; an exploration of what she loves about the concept of polyamory, and the openness and honesty that comes with these relationships.

“‘I Don’t Mind’ is about a polyamorous relationship and accepting all the adventures your partner goes on as long as they are happy and being treated well.”

Tickets for Naomi Banks live at The Grace on 13th October available here

Naomi Banks

King Princess – House Burn Down

Everything that King Princess touches seemingly turns to musical gold. This artist now garners close to 4.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Staggering and thoroughly well-deserved.

King Princess


K-pop continues to take over the music world, and this time it’s the turn of hugely popular outfit TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

‘Magic’ is disco-inspired electro-pop number with a fresh, summery vibe that serves as the group’s first English song.

Taken from studio album ‘The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE’ which is out now.


New Music: BAD

Contrary to the band name, ‘Jupiter’ is anything but bad. This is a tremendously fun disco-funk concept that feels playful and joyous, with hints of nostalgia added in for good measure.


Alt Bloom – Fly Away

Alt Bloom’s new single is quite the shift from his former releases. ‘Fly Away’ brings an indie-pop twist to this talent’s sound, and adds subtle hints of Americana to create a song that feels beautifully warm and inviting.

Alt Bloom

New Music: Hakami

Still only 18-years old and yet this Danish wonder kid has created one of the best blends of RnB and indie pop that I have heard so far this month.

Hakami paints a picture of being young and in love on new singe ‘bS’ – from the hard-hitting love intoxication, to turbulent break-ups and everything in between.

Taken from the debut EP ‘pOLAROID dREAMING’ which is set to release later this year.


Monjola + Aby Coulibaly – Where u at

Irish alt-RnB artist Monjola teams up with another of the nation’s brightest starlets, Aby Coulibaly on ‘Where u at’.

The video captures the track’s theme of friends drifting apart physically without ever losing the connections that first brought them together.

Monjola | Aby Coulibaly

New Music: updog

Copenhagen-based talent updog is already setting himself up as a force to be reckoned with.

Garnering over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this artist’s quirky approach to alt-pop is winning him fans across the world at a very fast pace. ‘skellies’ is a hugely catchy track and serves as the lead single to his upcoming EP, of which he says:

“‘skellies’ set the foundation for the overall theme of this EP. It’s inspired by one of my personal worst periods. A time in my life where I was the most self conscious and struggled to ever be real and honest about anything. ‘Mama said I’m keeping the deposit’ as true as that statement and excitement was back then, for me represents the need to always seek approval. ‘Mama’ is an overused word throughout the EP, and represents my youthfulness but also fear of being real.”

Upcoming EP ‘skellies’ is out on 1st October 2021.


Nova Rose – Loved By (feat. Josh Sahunta)

A shimmering and emotive blend of pop and RnB from Canadian talent Nova Rose.

Featuring vocals by Josh Sahunta, ‘Loved By’ is a catchy summer bop that brings comfort to the listener with the reminder that we are all loved by somebody. 

Taken from the new EP ‘Loved By’ which is out now.

Nova Rose | Josh Sahunta

New Music: Veps

Hailing from Oslo in Norway, Veps are a four-piece indie rock band who create a style of music that feels raw and nostalgic, while still being future forward.

Taken from the EP ‘Open the Door’ which is out now.


Internet Girl – Be My Guest

One of South Africa’s hottest outfits over the last year, Internet Girl have garnered a huge amount of buzz from their unique approach of mixing indie rock with pop.

Today they release their debut EP, of which ‘be my guest’ is a part of. If there’s one collection of songs I recommend you listen to this weekend, this should be it.

Taken from the EP ‘the world i love’ which is out now.

Internet Girl

New Music: Distant Lovers

Hailing from San Francisco, Distant Lovers is the musical project of artist Alex Lasner. Initially developing his style while touring as a guitarist with the band Day Wave, this is sound brings a beautifully thoughtful approach to indietronica.

Dreamy, melancholic and sincere, ‘On a Wire’ takes the listener on a deeply emotive journey like none other.

“‘On a Wire’ is a song from the shadowlands we all live in from time to time. Composed during a year of massive personal and professional upheaval that was the backdrop to my touring the world with Day Wave, it all but wrote itself.”

Distant Lovers

Watch: EREZ – They’re Coming

NYC born, Israeli-raised artist EREZ returns today with her immensely entrancing dark-alternative number, ‘They’re Coming’.

This is song that carries with it a moody and cinematic soundscape, accompanied by an eclectic electronic production and powerful vocals. The rebellious track is a stand against government power plays, and the stunning visuals expand on the concept further:

“This video is about resisting the corrupt powers that try to control us by using fear. Putting a spotlight on how those powers escalate hate between people instead of cultivating peace. In this video we resist their attempts to silence our critique. The character is protesting those tainted powers by dancing his way through LA and occupying space in a peaceful way. He’s showing he is present, full of life, and not defeated by their darkness. He is very much present and alive and is inspiring others to feel the same.” – EREZ


New Music: Moanday

I’ve had my attention on Madrid-based duo Moanday for some time now, and it’s so great to see them continue building momentum for themselves.

This indie-funk outfit have already garnered over a million streams online, and after listening to ‘Blue Ceiling’ you’ll understand why they’re so loveable.


Jon Bryant – Candied Tangerines

A perfect slice of summer bliss, courtesy of Canadian alternative singer songwriter Jon Bryant. This nostalgic and soulful track was inspired by Jon’s visit to Los Angeles’ historic Sportsmen’s Lodge for one of their weekly, iconic poolside Sunday Fundays:

“It was as though all of old Hollywood was there. Drank margs with some silver foxes til my face was pink. I had a lovely time making new friends and lazily going about the day with my newfound 50+ crew.” 

Jon Bryant

New Music: C∆IRNS

With a sound that feels eccentric yet dreamy, Minneapolis talent C∆IRNS has released one of the most original songs of the week.

Featuring Runo Plum, ‘Claw Printz‘ is a wonderfully atmospheric slice of lo-fi pop… and it’s all about being friends with a werewolf!

Taken from the album ‘Exothermia’ which is out now.


New Music: emmanuelle

Born in New York City and currently residing in South Florida, multi-instrumentalist singer and songwriter emmanuelle creates a powerful and self-assured style of music that blends elements of pop with alternative rock to form something that is truly quite impressive to listen to.

New single ‘relapse’ looks at the uncontrollable feeling that you have for that one person, even though you know that the relationship is toxic.

“Every time something not-so-great happens in life, I just think to myself, ‘It’s okay, I’ll write a song about it.’ Songwriting is my therapy. It helps me release any emotions I don’t know how to express just by speaking. That’s why my songs are so dark. It’s the side of myself that I don’t often show to other people. I’m an open book, but I don’t let everyone read the chapters.”


New Music: jasper dean

Still only 17-years old, Detroit talent jasper dean has the kind of voice that is instantly captivating. With a style of lo-fi pop that draws inspiration from the likes of Aries and Dominic Fike, this is a sound that feels relatable yet still future-forward.

“‘split lip’ is about the consequences of faking your personality in order to impress someone.

jasper dean

Kev Olden – Time We Have Left

Irish indie artist Kev Olden returns today with the beautifully melodic ‘Time We Have Left’. A lofty mix of indie folk and alternative rock come together to form a song that feels atmospheric, sincere and tremendously moving.

“It is a song inspired by the many turbulent situations that many have experienced in a problematic relationship during lockdown.”

Kev Olden