New Music: Florence Arman

A talent who grew up spending her time between the UK and Germany, the now Amsterdam-based singer Florence Arman creates a kind of pop that feels reflective and thoughtful, yet engaging and moving.

Florence Arman

Sophia Amato – Why You Trying Not To Love Me

Track of the week. Sophia Amato’s latest release is an instant shot of musical beauty, taking you through an emotive journey of unrequited love. A lavish production complimented with Amato’s distinctive vocals makes this track one of the most stunning pieces of soulful pop that I have heard for a very long time.

“The song is everything you want to say to someone, but don’t. The verses feel more abstract, like stream of consciousness remembering random memories, the chorus is simply asking why it’s not reciprocated.”

Sophia Amato

New Music: ADIV

ADIV is no stranger to music, having already worked with the likes of Bridget Kelly, SZA and BOSCO as a songwriter.

Now with a stunning debut as a performing artist, ADIV has proven to be an all-round talent, crafting some of the finest blends of RnB you can expect to hear today and delivering them with beautifully finessed vocals.

“As an artist I feel that we have lost the art in making music, with this project I wanted to encapsulate that artists, especially black artists can deviate from what’s expected to tell their stories. Both ‘Blue Gene’ and ‘Time’ touch on topics of vulnerability and understanding that it’s simply ok not to be ok and we need to find solace in our emotions and definitely feel them. The world tells us that by 30 we need to have it all figured out, and that as black artist we have to look and sound like one thing which is just simply not true.”


Emelie Hollow – Monster

One of the most promising Norwegian talents of late (with more than 2m monthly listeners on Spotify), this new pop ballad from Emelie Hollow carries so much beauty in it’s simplicity that it just has to be heard.

Emelie Hollow

Ukiyo – Friends (feat. JANEVA)

The entire album needs to be heard; this talent is by far one of Australia’s biggest electronic-pop names to watch out for.


Violet Skies – Lonely (feat. Molly Hammar)

A beautifully simple yet highly-charged ballad featuring two gorgeous vocals that tells of that all too familiar feeling of heartbreak.

Violet Skies | Molly Hammar

New Music: Kxurtnxy

Can we assume this is the best debut from any goth-pop newcomer so far this year? Flawlessly produced beats and a vocal that you are instantly gravitated to; this track is simply outstanding.

“I’m drawn to dark and moody music and I wanted create a song in my own style about how the lockdown must have affected people’s minds and mental health. ‘FUNHXUSE’ is about the rollercoaster of emotions which I felt being locked up inside for so long during that time.”



Toronto-based creators MONEYPHONE have a musical aesthetic that is genuinely hard to describe, yet almost impossible not to feel connected with.

“We feel it is important to approach production and writing with a sense of levity. Being mature means not taking yourself too seriously. Growing into yourself means acting freely. Looking back means sometimes the things that made you happy were a little sad, and the things that submerged you made you a little stronger. We’re interested in the haze that happens when memories get far away, and figuring out why some seem so saturated.”

Taken from the ‘Faith* MIXTAPE’ which is out now.


New Music: The Millennial Club

A SoCal outfit who fuse indie pop with RnB to create a sound that feels smooth, sleek, timeless and effortlessly cool.

Even better, if you love this track as much as I do then you’ll be pleased to know that it’s taken from the new EP ‘summer nights’, out now.

“Writing ‘summer nights’ felt cathartic in a lot of ways; the record as a whole feels like a release of emotions and tension within ourselves. I think for the longest time, I was obsessed with fitting into a self-described box and wanted so badly to ‘be like’ my musical inspirations, but with this record – perhaps unlike our previous releases – we really weren’t trying to be anything other than ourselves.” – Andres Owens, TMC

The Millennial Club

New Music: Ruth Koleva

It’s rare to come across an artist that is as well-rounded as Ruth Koleva. On one side, there’s the obvious talent she has in writing and performing pop songs with thought-provoking lyricism.

On the other, she’s a noted activist working with the likes of One Billion RisingWalk A Mile In Her Shoes, and most recently as the Ambassador for All Out, a global movement fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.

On ‘All The Guys’, Koleva points out…

“Like many women, I’ve been shamed for my sexuality and have been the subject of gossip and criticism my whole life. But the truth is, we all have the strength to make our own life choices without the fear of judgement. I wrote ‘All The Guys’ to encourage women to stand-up for themselves in those moments of weakness – to know that they are strong and not alone.”

Ruth Koleva

New Music: Victoria

Victoria is putting Bulgaria on the world pop map with this sensational release. A talent who initially shot to fame earlier in the year as the country’s representative for the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest (which ended up being cancelled due to Corona), she is now back with a follow-up single that is one of the finest pieces of dark pop that I have listened to all month.

Victoria Georgieva

New Music: harrison cole

A finessed blend of disco, soul, RnB and indie-pop come together so seamlessly on harrison cole’s ‘eyelash’. Watch out for this kid; he’ll win you over very quickly indeed.

harrison cole

Watch: Tom Grennan – Something Better

Originally written in the aftermath of heartbreak, Tom Grennan’s newest single takes on a different meaning as we all look ahead to 2021.

“’When I wrote Something Better’, it was a song about me smiling on the outside but dealing with a whirlwind of dark thoughts and distractions on the inside.  Since Covid-19 and lockdown, the tables have turned! I’m smiling on the inside, and I’m constantly distracted with thoughts of the exciting, crazy and better future that is coming, and it’s just around the corner!”

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Evering Road’, due for release 5th March 2021 via Insanity Records.

Tom Grennan

Harry Strange – I Like You

One of the sweetest songs you will probably listen to all weekend, London-based talent Harry Strange is back today with a song that encapsulates those feelings of uncertainty when you first meet someone you like.

“A song for a boy I like. ‘I Like You’ taps into tiny thoughts everyone has when they find someone great. I wrote it in early October a couple days after I’d met someone and I was in that sort of limbo of not knowing where their head was. ‘I Like You’ is a very honest retelling of all the thoughts I’ve had and whilst this honesty is pretty terrifying to put out, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited and proud to release a song.”

Harry Strange

Scott Quinn – NIGHTMARE

This is my favourite style of pop; the kind that is so bold from the start that it just hooks you in and doesn’t let you go until the very end. Minimal, punchy yet immensely intense.

“This song is an amalgamation of times where you think you know someone, only to be quite suddenly proven very wrong. The subtle changes in a person’s personality or energy and how those small changes can have a devastating effect. Your worst nightmare.”

The debut EP ‘BETTER FOR ME’ due for release in 2021.

Scott Quinn

EEVA – Out Of You

Already a prolific songwriter and featured artist who has worked with the likes of Icona Pop, Kaiser Chiefs, Mike Perry and Becky G, EEVA has close to 100 million streams as it is.

Now with the release of her new banger ‘Out of You’, this Swede is well on her way to becoming one of the country’s most exciting new pop exports.


New Music: Bert Brett

A deeply provoking release from South London artist Bert Brett, who’s song ‘Shame’ looks into the stigma that surrounds male mental health that still exists today.

Bert is running a crowdfunding campaign around the video to raise money in support of CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) to raise awareness and money in aid of male mental health.

Bert Brett

CHINAH – Promise

Copenhagen trio CHINAH return today with a dark slice of alternative pop that is immediately captivating and intriguing.

“’Promise’ is about saying farewell and leaving something. Because it is not a tough and bitter farewell, it is a farewell with a consciousness of taking something with you. It is a love/hate relationship with nostalgia. On the one hand, it can be a loss of memory as you are forgetting how the past occurred. On the other hand, it can be a pleasant state of dreaming.”