Live: Friendly Fires at Heaven London

Right, I’ll say this now and I’ll keep saying it- this is THE band to watch live. I honestly can’t compare their gigs to anyone else’s out there. The music is awesome, the lights are insane and the crowd is gorgeous to look at.

Playing a mix of tunes from their first album along with some stuff from their new one (Pala– which sounded just as good as the original tracks), I shuffled my feet as much as I could while carrying a massive bag on my shoulders from work.

Please go see Friendly Fires, your life will be so much better. And try to dance like the singer cos it’s just so painfully cool. The only down sides were the fact that they came on too early (8:30) and that it was on a Monday- this is the kind of gig you’d want to get crazy with on a weekend.

No pictures in the world could show you how amazing tonight was but I’ve tried in my own pathetic little way in Flickr here.


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