Interview: Quickfire with South Finesse

I featured South Finesse not too long ago, and they continue to be gaining a lot of buzz. So it seemed a bit silly to pass up on the chance of throwing some quickfire questions over to them. And while they may seem a bit coy about their future, I’m pretty certain they will be snapped up by a major label soon. So get to know these kids…

How did you all get together?

Lynx: Well Slick is my baby brother, and I have known Emmie for years.

O’Slick: And I went to school with Melodee.

Emmie Jay:We are all childhood friends, we are more like a family than anything else.

Melodee: Yeah we’ve all known each other for years, we came together through our love of music, we were a group of close friends, and Lynx put us together as a band.

Where do you draw your sound from?

Emmie Jay: We all have diverse musical tastes, so when we get into the studio, it’s like a big melting pot of genres, we draw our sound from each other’s individual styles, likes and inspirations. We like to keep our sound fresh and original, although you will definitely hear certain musical flavours coming though in our music.

Do you all have very different tastes, or do you share the same love for the same types of music?

Lynx: We all have very different tastes, When we get together our ipod is always shifting through different genres.

Emmie Jay: I like bands like placebo, Lynx loves his dance hall and afro beats.

Melodee: Slick love a bit of Nina Simone.

O’slick: We are all into certain music, like RnB and hip-hop, but we also listen to very different stuff. These lot will tell you that they will listen to anything, but it’s lies! I put on one of my CD’s in the car the other day when we were travelling back from a show, before we even listened to one track, it got dashed outta the window! It is now somewhere on the motorway!

Lynx: It was rubbish though!

You’re starting to gain a lot of momentum from the media at the moment- how does that make you feel?

Emmie Jay: Amazed! We have been doing music for a long time and it is really exciting to see the hype in the media starting to build around us. We still have a long way to go yet, but we are excited for the climb – We are really grateful for each and every person that supports our music. We have our feet firmly on the ground, but I would be lying if I said it isn’t cool to see our names in the spot light. We have worked really hard to get to this point, so it does feel good. It can also be quite surreal to see our names out there in the media, but we are loving every second of it.

What are you listening to that’s on the charts at the moment?

O’Slick: We all really like Labrinth, we love his track with Emilee Sande and the Calvin Harris track with Florence is really good.

Lynx: Emmie LOVES Gangnam style haha!

Melodee: I’m listening to Frank Ocean and The Weeknd a lot right now.

What are you plans for the future? I hear exciting rumours surrounding certain record labels- tell me more!

Lynx: We are releasing our new single early in the new year so we are looking forward to getting out and promoting it, we love to be on the road, there is a lot of exciting things happening for us right now, the future is bright!

Emmie Jay: We are shooting a video for our new single over the next few weeks, which is going to be very cool.

Melodee: As soon as we having something to tell you about certain meetings at certain record labels, you will be the first to know.

Where do you see yourselves one year from now?

O’slick: That’s easy, we want to be successful with our music, riding high in the charts and continuing to do what we love. In one year we also aim to have a Nandos black card!

Lynx: In one year we see ourselves continuing our journey, making more hit sounds, and taking on the charts, watch out for us!


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