JÁNA + VanJess – Green

Stockholm based pop talent JÁNA joins forces with Nigerian-American RnB duo VanJess to create one of the smoothest, most luxurious slices of soulful jazz you will experience this week.

“It’s reflecting on jealousy within a relationship. I’ve been giving jealousy a lot of thought – how we are so willing to give a person everything, except the romantic love of someone else – and how that feeling can eat you up. Like showing love in the form of jealousy.” – JÁNA

JÁNA | VanJess

NYNE – Vice City

A self-assured, confident and captivating dark-pop release from one of Australia’s most promising exports.

There really does need to be more noise made around this talent, and considering the strong year she’s had, I think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world realises how awesome NYNE is.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Season One’ which is out on 23rd October.


New Music: Alex The Large

Playing this track is a true experience in itself; it’s an immersive rap sound that feels hazy and subdued while being nostalgic and pensive.

“It is a nostalgic odyssey into the mind of an 18-year old adolescent gripping with growing up in Small Town, America and inevitably falling into the trappings that end of consuming humans whole.”

Alex The Large

Joel Culpepper – Return

Joel Culpepper consistently delivers flawless RnB gems. This release fuses old-school soul into a sound that immediately captivates.

Joel Culpepper

Serena Isioma – King

“’King’ is about remembering your worth. I used to have a lot of rich friends. I would do anything to please them so they would let me live their lifestyles. After cutting those friends off then going through a period of isolation, I saw history repeating itself when I got in a new entanglement.” 

Serena Isioma

Tayo Sound – Someone New

Tayo Sound has yet to release something that I haven’t fallen in love with. I think it’s the blend of indie, funk and pop that does it… Just too damn charming.

“The track is about coming out of a relationship and how you might not actually be ready to find “someone new”, something I think most of us would have experiences at a point in our lives.”

Tayo Sound

Watch: Starley – One Of One

“With this video I wanted the feeling of absence to really be felt. We wanted to contrast that with bright colours because often when I feel down, outwardly it can seem the complete opposite. I cover up everything with a smile and numb myself with food comas and mindless activities.”

Taken from the debut album ‘One of One’ which is out now.


Watch: HONNE – no song without you (London session)

London duo HONNE (one of my all time favourite bands) have just released a new acoustic EP, ‘no song without you: dream edits’, which reimagines six tracks from their mixtape ‘no song without you’.

Perfect listening for lockdown, wherever you are in the world, and a reminder of just how happy their sound can make you feel.


New Music: BVT

An impressive debut from a Sydney based rapper, singer-songwriter, beatboxer, actor and producer. Quite the spectrum of talents, and it shows when you play this song and watch the visuals.

The sound is a magnificent fusion of rap, RnB, hip hop, and a little rock too. It feels effortlessly smooth and sleek, while still flirts between being dark, broody and seductive.


King Princess – Only Time Makes It Human

Some infectiously feel-good disco pop from King Princess with a fantastic visual accompaniment. She really is one of pop’s most precious starlets.

King Princess

New Music: Ida-Lova

While entirely sung in Swedish, this is one of the most beautiful Scandinavian releases that I have heard all month.

And even when the lyrics aren’t in English, you still feel a connection to the song. It’s a sweet balance of breezy dream-pop, juxtaposed against a distinctly melancholy vocal.


New Music: Mack Keane

Track of the week. It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a talent so effortlessly fuse RnB and soul into a modern indie sound, and make it so individually unique and captivating.

Mack Keane

NOISY – I Wish I Was A…

In a way, it’s quite cruel to play this song because it’s the kind of track that makes you wish you were in a dark, packed venue somewhere in London losing your shit dancing around to it. Soon, let’s hope!

“It’s a song about being caught up in wishing you were someone or something else and not living in the moment. It starts off from a youthful perspective, listing innocent dreams but as the track develops we’re also touching on the fact that as we grow older we are influenced by the internet and social media. Who and what we’re wanting to be is often warped by what we see on our screens. Are we wishing our lives away?”.

Taken from the debut EP ‘I Wish I Was A…’ which is out now.


New Music: Jung Mergs

East London talent Jung Mergs has proven himself to be one most exciting and future-forward rap talents to emerge from the UK in recent months with the release of ‘Revenge’.

The sound feels minimal yet finessed and conceptual, while loaded with powerful lyricism and intelligent wordplay.

“The track was inspired by the feeling of being overlooked by people around you and fear as a mind-state. I wanted to show what it felt like to rebel against and take revenge on these feelings and situations. The track speaks to me of being sick of playing life by preconceived rules and wanting to cut through all of its noise.”

Jung Mergs

New Music: KITE

Powerfully dark and impactful Swedish synth pop. So many things speak to me when I hear this track. It’s raw, rebellious, confident, haunting, bold and totally immersive.

Play it loud and lose yourself to those pulsating beats and ethereal vocals… it’s well worth it.


New Music: EVAN.

An Orlando-based talent who creates a mesmerising blend of indie and electronic pop. The sound feels current and emotive, yet charming enough to warm up to and feel connected with.

The visuals were created by EVAN. himself after four weeks of planning, filming, and editing using artificial grass, twizzlers, some cotton balls and an iPhone.

And for the record, it’s EVAN. pronounced ‘Eh-Vin‘.