Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me

“It’s the last thing I remember, the first thing that I saw

I thought you had surrendered, and you don’t pick up my calls

But I know, that you felt it, and I felt it

When you were there, you were there, you were Dancing Next To Me

Greyson Chance


Evie Irie – Over Him

“I think we’ve all been there. It’s a relationship you just need to get out of, because it makes you want to scream. Once it’s done, you feel better. It’s even better when you’re ‘Over Him’.”

Evie Irie

New Music: YutaY

“Looking back, so many of the answers I was looking for I only found when I slowed down enough to listen to what my gut and intuition had to say. And even then, sometimes I didn’t like what it had to say, so I kept running so I didn’t have to listen.”


New Music: ALITA

“‘Human Nature’ is a song about fatal attraction. It explores the subconscious, unhealthy stories we learn as children that end up informing toxic romantic behaviour as adults.”


SHY Martin x Boy In Space – Still The Same

As far as pop ballads go, this is one of the sweetest I’ve heard all week.

SHY Martin | Boy In Space

New Music: Matt Hansen

“Find Me encapsulates regretting letting someone go and the emotions that come with that. Even though we had our ups and downs, I still can’t seem to get them out of my head because of how much they mean to me.”

Matt Hansen

Foreign Figures – Give Me Some More

“Give Me Some More explores the idea of craving more of what we fear, because once you get to know the creepy shadows, they might actually be pretty nice guys.”

Foreign Figures

New Music: Drew Schueler

“Can’t Say (Word Like That) is a song describing the fear of telling someone you love them for the first time. It focuses on unrequited or one-sided love, a universal and frequent subject in pop culture. The song considers the anxiety of potential rejection from expressing these true feelings.”

Drew Schueler

Conrad – No God

“No God is a song that reflects on a massively one sided relationship and the realisation that its tipped past the point of no return. When I went into the studio to write it, the concept came from the abusive relationship we have with our planet but by personifying the story it’s relatable to anyone who’s ever been in a relationship like that.”

Conrad Music

New Music: SARA

The song is the story of how I found someone that loves me despite my flaws, all the while examining how I don’t feel worthy of that love. The song is pretty much one big warning label where I’m double checking if this person really wants to be with me.”


Watch: M.I.L.K. – VCR

Always the surprise, Danish wonderkid M.I.L.K. debuts a new video today, with a twist…

“I’ve been doing a bunch of music videos for myself and my friends the last five years. So when the time came to do a music video for this single I wanted to do something different. I was tired of music videos. And everyone I know felt the same way. So I decided to do something different, and build something around a big hobby of mine – swimming pools!. So a pool guide was the obvious choice.”


New Music: Adam Hender

“‘I Don’t Mind’ is a song about loving someone so much, even though they don’t love you back. Being there for them even though they’re not there for you. It’s about wanting that person to be happy even if it’s not with you. Unconditional.”

Adam Hender

New Music: Amir Miles

“The colour Indigo is most like my relationships. It is beautiful and captivating, yet dark and sinister the closer you look. My interactions always begin in a state of euphoria, only to fall too deep into the abyss and see the reality in its true form.”

Amir Miles