New Music: M.I.C

The UK is no shortage of some of the world’s most inspiring MC’s – to the point where it’s no easy task to spot the best of the best sometimes. This kid’s sound really stands out to me though; full of character and emotion.

M.I.C / The Master of Inane Conversation



New Music: NY Teez

“A song based on a real life event where a girl that I kept it real with tried to lie on my character because I didn’t want more from the situation than what it was.”

NY Teez

Taylor Grey – COMPLIC8ED

COMPLIC8ED is the response for that all too common of a statement, ‘I don’t want to make things complicated’ but sometimes, you DO want to make things complicated, you want to give a forbidden/unknown love a chance. You want to go for it!” 

Taylor Grey

New Music: Planet 1999

Track of the week. Love or hate PC Music, it’s rise is unstoppable right now. Planet 1999 add another layer of emotion over the genre’s sound which makes this track pretty special.

Planet 1999

Shylde – Takes Two

“The song is one of my oldest works and has been with me since the beginning. It’s a cinematic and anxious tune with a great kick of confidence in the chorus.”


Avi Kaplan – It Knows Me

“I wanted this song to carry the weight of the lyrics but still contain hopefulness. The weight is carried by the huge tribal drums and the heavily stacked almost hymnal like vocal harmonies. The hopefulness is embodied in the verbed out whistles along with the guitar and mandolin.”

Avi Kaplan