Jordan Comolli – BLAME (feat. dzyre)

A dark blend of electronica and pop from one of the UK’s most promising producers, with vocals by Canadian talent dzyre.

Jordan Comolli


Now signed to Sire Records, PRETTYMUCH are back with a new single, along with their label debut EP ‘Smackables’ which is out now.


The Naked Eye – Brave Hope

Easing in to the middle of the week with some sensationally smooth nu-jazz, courtesy of French/ English artist The Naked Eye (who’s also part of the fantastic collective Her Songs).

The track has been described as a ‘hopeful love song’ with lyrics that ‘celebrate the lessons and flaws with new eyes and brave hope’.

Taken from the upcoming ‘New Eyes’ EP, which will be released on 17th March 2021.

The Naked Eye | Ruby Wood | Femi Temowo

New Music: Satya

Moroccan-Canadian talent Satya crafts a finessed blend of dance-pop and RnB which is so immediately enthralling that you’ll struggle to get this bop out of your head all day.

“This song is about finding true love but also feeling like you could be in trouble because you’ve lost control. ‘In Trouble’ means a lot to me because I never expected to find this kind of honest and genuine love. This is first and foremost what I wish people the most. I wish they find the love they deserve, that they find someone who will make them shine”.


Chloe Tang – Walk You Out

One of my favourite pop talents in recent months, Chloe Tang is back with another punchy release which continues to confirm my suspicions that this could be one huge name to watch out for.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘E-PITY-ME’ which is due 12th March.

Chloe Tang

New Music: Whammyboy

‘Rocking with You’ is without a doubt my favourite release from Norway this month. Self-described as ‘space pop’, Whammyboy brings a unique approach to music making that feels emotionally charged yet dreamy and psychedelic at the same time.


Watch: Lava La Rue – Magpie

Dreamy, almost cosmic fusions of RnB, soul, pop and jazz from London’s finest, Lava La Rue. This track is bliss in it’s purest form.

“The ‘Magpie’ music video is London’s subcultural history timeline personified into a person walking through a tube carriage. Showing many elements of how British Caribbean sound system culture, UK black punk, Notting Hill carnival, 2000s Grime and more, would become the blueprint of the contemporary music scene we know today. Pay close attention as each small detail represents moments of both the rise & sometimes the decline of these movements.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Butter-Fly’ which is out now.

Lava La Rue

Zara Larsson – Look What You’ve Done

Swedish power-pop at it’s finest from the superb Zara Larsson. It’s a little retro, a little kitsch, a little camp, and totally fabulous.

“I love this song so much. I wanted to write about heartbreak, but in a way that was also empowering and positive. In my world being vulnerable is being strong, but on this one I’m saying ‘just LOOK at what you’ve done – I’m shining! You look like a piece of shit! It was important for me to have a song like this on ‘Poster Girl’.”

Zara will play an exclusive online concert on International Women’s Day (March 8th) in association with Ikea. Find out more here.

Zara Larsson

New Music: Boy Sim

An almighty banger of a track from hyperpop artist Boy Sim. He’s already opened shows for the likes Charli XCX, 100 Gecs and Dorian Electra, as well as had previous releases collectively reach over a million streams on Spotify alone.

Boy Sim

New Music: Howardson

A stunning debut from New York alt-pop artist Howardson, ‘when the monsters grow‘ is a piece of music that instantly captivates you with it’s raw yet subtle emotive tones.

“When mental distress happens sometimes the people closest to us are the worst people at helping us get better. Our mental health can become a monster that kidnaps us or scares loved ones away; and in classic monster movies, misunderstood creatures are usually feared and chased away before explanation is even possible.”


mehro – chance with you

Track of the week. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes I come across a song so powerful that I find myself having to hold back the tears when it plays.

This release from LA singer-songwriter mehro is a prime example of just that; it’s music at it’s purest, deepest and most meaningful.

“When I wrote ‘Chance With You’, it was an acknowledgement that I let something slip through my fingers. I let fear overpower my desires, and I won’t let that happen again.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘sky on fire’ which is due on 25th March.


Watch: Mob Rich – Everything and Nothing

“’Everything and Nothing’ makes us think about every first date we’ve ever had. In that moment the possibilities are endless. You could be sitting across the table from someone you will spend forever with, or they might just be here for drinks and maybe a one-night stand. 

Sometimes you can be so infatuated by a person that you start to imagine every possible scenario with them play out in your mind, and in that fleeting moment you feel all the emotions at once? A visceral landslide. It’s almost too much to take in. Nevertheless, we continue with 21 questions and stare at each other from across the table, feeling both everything and nothing. 

And when it does end up lasting longer than one night a whole new definition of everything and nothing starts. It becomes about the price we pay for being completely vulnerable with someone and all our ups and downs in relationships. The ability to feel on top of the world and also sometimes, unfortunately, the complete opposite.”

Mob Rich

R.A.E – Not Your Love

London-based rapper and singer-songwriter R.A.E is serving us 90’s nostalgia in all it’s glory with the release of ‘Not Your Love’.

“’Not Your Love’ is about the complications within a situationship. For those that have been in one before you’ll know sometimes its up and sometimes it’s down, but it’s all about not allowing the negatives distract you from chasing the bag and focusing own your goals – we gotta get this money sis!”


Pink Sweat$ – Heaven

Castle on a hill
Let’s build it out of steel
Girl, I know that this love, it will last
Let’s journey up the road
Ain’t gotta take it slow
You know that I don’t want no one else

Pink Sweat$

New Music: Steffen Kvidahl

A sound that is so deeply atmospheric and emotive, this track blends Norwegian RnB and dark pop together to create something truly intense.

Steffen Kvidahl

Watch: lilspirit – 4ever

The rise of lilspirit has been quite phenomenal over the last year. Now garnering over 300k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the pop and RnB crooner unveils visuals for new single ‘4ever’. It’s a confident sound that shows this LA-based talent has his eyes set on global domination.

 “I just want everyone to know I’m not slowing down. I’m set on being the biggest”.

Taken from the upcoming project, ‘spiritworld’ which is due later this year.


ALITA – I’m Not Your Mother

Washington-native ALITA has unleashed one of the finest slices of pop-RnB that I’ve head the pleasure of listening to all week.

The track flows with a cinematic flair that gives us a sense of nostalgia, which contrasts beautifully against the refreshingly bold lyricism.

“A song about resistance and self-discovery in the face of modern romance; it explores the implicit and explicit expectations placed on women throughout history. And how empowering it feels to set yourself free from carrying someone else’s emotions on your back.”