NCT – 90’s Love

This group is currently at 23 members as of September… But then again, would you expect any less from the mad yet brilliant universe of K-Pop?



Track of the week. A beautifully sincere and soulful release from BERWYN. The song feels dreamy, atmospheric and just so sublime to experience.


New Music: Seraphina Simone

A well-constricted blend of indie pop and synth, with thoughtful lyricism laid over a beautifully composed melody.

“I think as women we’re often taught to tame our desires, to make them fit into something that is palatable and acceptable for the male gaze or an outdated expectation of how a woman should behave, and by doing that we lobotomise a part of ourselves. ‘Skin’ is about that inner conflict.”

Be sure to also listen to ‘Blue Devil‘, which is released along ‘Skin’.

Seraphina Simone

New Music: Odeal

Odeal blends a multitude of genres together into a sound that feels refreshingly rich in texture and character.

Taken from the new EP ‘OVMBR: ROSES’ which is out now.


Here’s the most intense rework of ‘Un-Break My Heart’ you’ll ever hear…

Loreen | Little Dragon

Shygirl – TASTY

Half of the world is in some kind of lockdown, but we can all still play something a little fun inside our homes this weekend, right?


New Music: Loshh

The Nigerian, Netherlands-born and London-based talent that is Loshh creates a sound that truly transcends all genres. This is an audible experience that is so particular to Loshh that you really can’t define it, which in itself is so incredibly refreshing.


Cautious Clay – Dying in the Subtlety

I think I’m dying in the subtlety
Lying about the worst of me
I just wanna stay on track
Crying like it hurts to be
What we wanted initially
Why don’t you just cut some slack?

Cautious Clay

Noah Elliott – Empty

Oregon native Noah Elliott has been one of those rare talents in 2020 who has consistently released one strong song after another.

And the good news is there’s much more RnB-pop goodness on it’s way, with four more songs set for monthly release into the spring of 2021, and an album shortly after.

“Lust, love and anger all come to mind when I think back to writing ‘Empty’. It’s a song about revenge, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and the odd dynamic of being able to both love and hate someone at the same time.”

Noah Elliott

Dope Lemon – Kids Fallin’ in Love

If you love your folk music, you may recognise the voice behind Dope Lemon; it’s Angus from the world famous sibling duo Angus & Julia Stone.

Dope Lemon had his debut back in 2016 with the release of the album ‘Honey Bones’, which has since garnered well over 100 million streams on Spotify alone. Now he’s back with a charming track that brings a little sunshine into the cold months ahead.

“This is a little love song about coming back to that magical place you go when you feel that warm glow around your heart again for that new very special human you have stumbled upon in your life. Allowing yourself to be loved and fall in love and all the good things that come with opening that door again.”

Dope Lemon

Anna Straker – Break Up Song

An almighty banger of a tune with hefty house rhythms and electro-pop power.

“I wrote ‘Break Up Song’ the morning after a massive argument I had with my boyfriend. It captures the angst and fear and desperation you feel when you fight with your lover. When you’ve been with someone a long time and feelings build up and release in such an explosive way, it’s consuming. I love the dance floor energy of this heartbreak anthem.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Growing Pains’ (out 11th Dec) which is available to pre-save here.

Anna Straker

Aina More – Destiny

It’s impossible not to be drawn to Aina More from the very start of this track. Everything about ‘Destiny‘ is sharp, bold and fresh.

From powerful vocals through to the intricate production, this South London artist is making impact in a big way.

“With what I’ve been creating lately, there’s so much that I’m going to give of myself musically in the coming year, I have this unquenchable hunger to express myself freely, and ‘Destiny’ is the first part of that. Lyrically, I needed to remind everyone of just who Aina More is, and overall, I feel it represents my identity well, even down to the Oye 2.0-directed visuals – I’m very authentically Yoruba, but I’m also that girl that grew up in London, and sometimes I let my ego just do its own thing.”

Aina More

Eyelar – Doin’ It Again

An exceptionally exciting talent to emerge from the Netherlands this year, Eyelar is back today with one of those classic pop songs that we can all connect with.

“Have you ever been really good friends with someone and thinking there’s more? Unspoken feelings, looking at each other 10 seconds after the conversation is over, thinking it might all be in your head and then they tell you you’re cute. ‘Doin’ It Again’ is about being in love with your friend. P.s. they never kissed me by the end of the song.”


New Music: The Hollow Men

Swedish singer-songwriter Dennis Sjöström, also known as The Hollow Men, has been on my radar for a short while now. This indie-folk talent crafts songs so beautifully simple and honest at their core that they immediately draw you in.

The Hollow Men

New Music: Circumnavigate

One of the finest Scandinavian indie-pop songs you will hear all winter. Hailing from Oslo and now based in London, this four-piece outfit create emotive sounds that show fragility and vulnerability through a dreamy and beautifully structured musical landscape.

The strings on the track come from The Parallax Orchestra, who have also worked with Clean Bandit, Eminem and Dermot Kennedy.


New Music: Matilda Eyre

London-based German talent Matilda Eyre has a style of indie pop that feels raw and eerie yet relatable and deeply captivating.

It’s also worth checking out Matilda’s #100DayProject – which captures all the creativity that she was working on during lockdown.

Matilda Eyre

Tom Did It – Like Me

Tom Did It is back with a cloud rap anthem that looks at those who once overlooked the artist’s talent. I’ve said it before but I’ll keep saying it; this is one of the UK’s most exciting new prospects!

“I just wanted a song people can get super hyped to and also have a slight meaning behind it, the song is basically a hate message to the ones that never supported me or liked me back before I did music, but now they see me making moves, and they’re coming back.”  

Tom Did It

clide – come back

clide returns today with a release that cements this kid as one of my favourite talents from 2020. The track is so deeply moving in the most subtle and considered way.

Taken from the EP ‘in my mind’ which is out now.