Trip Carter – Heavyweight

A shimmering feel-good fusion of summery indie-pop and jazzy vocals from one of LA’s finest, Trip Carter.

“I wrote this song in the midst of pandemic madness. Quarantine seemed like it was gonna go on forever and it was starting to weigh heavily on my mental state. I truly would’ve gone crazy if it weren’t for my loved ones holding me down. Heavyweight is about just that. It’s an homage to the ride or dies; whether that be your significant other, your best friend, or your family. They ride with you, they die with you, and they help you bear the weight of your problems when you can’t do it on your own. That’s love.” 

Trip Carter

Watch: Little Simz – Introvert

Undoubtedly the most powerful British release of the year so far; no debates! Little Simz is here to make a statement in the most beautifully epic way.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ which is out on the 3rd September 2021.

Little Simz

Cassia – Right There

Cassia have very rapidly become one of the UK’s most exciting and promising indie talents.

The Macclesfield-born outfit recently relocated to Berlin and consequently self-produced all their new music so that it is completely uncompromised. On new single ‘Right There’, drummer Jake explains:

“‘Right There’ came from quite a difficult place and was originally written as a slower piano song, with the words coming out almost as if I was talking. It’s about a very specific feeling, one of loneliness, and picking things apart – a vicious cycle, really. When I brought the song to the guys we wanted to make it as upbeat and uplifting as possible, as there is something kind of electric about taking those lows and sticking a finger to them. I know we live for songs like that and we hope this will have a similar impact on our fans who might need it.”


New Music: Plastic Skin

A sublime fusion of  lo-fi beats, Bossa Nova, jazz, RnB and Latin vibes from a new project hailing out of Monterrey, comprised of Donovan Ferra of Fallen Roses, Eduardo Lopez and Jorge Porragas.

“Jorge initially wrote it just to make something that was fun and catchy, he wanted it to be the song you listen to when you were having a good time; to decorate happy memories. The song has a very lighthearted, chill vibe but with a little more complexity and energy.” – Plastic Skin

Plastic Skin

Porsh Bet$ – Peanut Butter

Fuelled by a deep perception and understanding about the things you want but can’t have, ‘Peanut Butter’ is the latest release from Harlem native Porsh Bet$. This is some of the finest fusions of alt-pop and RnB you’ll likely listen to all week.

“When I wrote [Peanut Butter] I was definitely just kinda daydreaming about the most perfect scenario – you know, with a girl and a fancy car on a nice day. Cause I’m allergic to peanut butter I really shouldn’t be near it, but it sucks because everyone else loves it! It looks good, but once I get too close, I get nauseous. I think of it like this – sometimes being left out is a good thing.”

Taken from the forthcoming debut EP ‘I Used To Think Forever’.

Porsh Bet$

New Music: Grace May

This really is some of the finest RnB to emerge from Canada right now. Grace May has created a piece of music that is so deeply emotive in the most fragile and delicate way that it’s impossible not feel moved by ‘Rose Coloured’.

“‘Rose Coloured’ is about coming to the realisation that because you were so in love, you missed all of the signs telling you the relationship you were in was actually not a good one. That even through all of the let downs and red flags, to you, they were just your knight in shining armour.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘L.V.R.’ will be available from 14th May 2021.

Grace May

Hobbie Stuart – Paper Planes

British singer and songwriter Hobbie Stuart has been on my radar close to a decade now. His beautiful style of music-making is filled with raw and genuine emotion, moving lyricism and distinctive vocals.

“I wrote this song about the first and only time I fell in love and the vulnerability that came with that.”

Hobbie Stuart

Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae – You

Three of pop’s biggest names come together in a magnificent fashion on ‘You’. This is an understated yet sleek slice of melodic electronic pop, flowing with finesse and charm.

Regard | Troye Sivan | Tate McRae

Flying Lotus – Black Gold (feat. Thundercat)

by Tim Saccenti

Taken from the upcoming Netflix anime series ‘Yasuke’ which is out on 29 April. 

Flying Lotus | Thundercat

Sam Gellaitry – duo

Hugely talented Scottish artist Sam Gellaitry’s ‘duo’ is reminiscent of that classic French disco sound that we’ve all come to love.

If you’re a fan of Friendly Fires, you’ll most likely enjoy this release. It’s a sound that feels alive and invigorating in an effortlessly cool way.

“It feels like I’m dropping my first ever song. such a crazy feeling to go from hiding behind instrumentation to finally finding my voice. It’s super liberating being able to explore more refined soundscapes by using my vocals as the glue. I return to my roots with ‘duo’ by venturing into a more funk oriented sonic and I’m going to continue to showcase all my past and present tastes that have brought me to this point musically.”

Sam Gellaitry

Eloise – Intertwined

A truly stunning release from London-based artist Eloise, showcasing her take on timeless soul and packed with youthful verve.

“‘Intertwined’ is really a love letter to the one that got away. It’s about reflecting on all the things you should or shouldn’t have done or said… And having an inappropriate amount of faith in it still all working out.”

Taken from the debut mini-album, ‘Somewhere In-Between’ which is due on 18th June 2021. You can also catch a live show at London’s Lafayette on 5th July with tickets here.


SonReal – Bank On Me

Amazing video aside, SonReal’s new single ‘Bank On Me’ is one of the freshest blends of pop and RnB that I have heard today. It’s an uplifting ode to the character and dedication of the everyday man, woman and child that seems right on time.

“I’ve been through so many ups and down since I started making music but one thing I’ve always done is bank on myself. This song is made to empower people and lift them up. It’s such a crazy time in the world right now and I wanted to make a song for you to feel good to. Bank On Me.”


New Music: Nate Maran

A new 18-year old talent who blends indie with pop in the sweetest and most charming way you could imagine. I am quite certain you will in love with Nate Maran after just one play of ‘Young At Heart’.

Nate Maran

anaiis – juno

Track of the week. A sublime fusion of RnB, soul and pop from French-Senegalese artist anaiis. This is an understated affair that flows with emotive tones and introspective lyricism.

“I wrote about being okay with not being okay, it’s not always easy to make space for ourselves when we are feeling so very low. When writing this song, I was looking for glimpses of solace whilst searching for ways to see beyond the confines of my thoughts and to find the little crack where I felt I had choice again.”


Mia Nicolai – People Pleaser

“This song is about the journey towards finding yourself. It can be very difficult to be true to your inner values when all you do is please the people around you instead of your inner needs. I’ve always come across as a strong-minded person. But in reality, I’m capable of helping everyone BUT myself. At some point, I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that I couldn’t even breathe properly”

Mia Nicolai

New Music: Jonah Ward

Hailing from North Carolina, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jonah Ward is still only 16-years old, yet is creating some of the most interesting and refreshingly original indie-pop that I have come across all month.

Jonah Ward

Natalie 2V – Black Heart

A deliciously sinister yet playful slice of dark pop from one of the UK’s most exciting pop talents, Natalie 2V. This track is infectiously catchy – so beware!

“This song explores text talk and uses the black heart emoji as the main reference to imply ‘sexting’ in the modern age.”

Natalie 2V

New Music: Justus Bennetts

American talent Justus Bennetts crafts a sound that perfectly balances alt-rock with pop. ‘Replace You’ is a massively catchy bop that has already amassed over 150,000 streams on Spotify alone in a matter of weeks.

Justus Bennetts

M.A.G.S. – Choked Out

It’s pretty much impossible not to be a M.A.G.S. fan. His new single ‘Choked Out’ is a retro dream-pop bop that weaves through moments of choice; just like a fork in the road but with no prior knowledge of where those two roads will lead.

“I feel like it’s my job to make people feel as if they’re a part of something bigger and helping them to look inside themselves, and hopefully be able to then have an easier time relating to others. We all go through such similar experiences, and I hope to one day build a community full of people who care about each other and anyone can feel welcome, seen and understood.”