New Music: patchymate

patchymate has a style that seemingly mixes pop-rock with subtle electronic tones to create a sound that feels slightly old-school yet still refreshingly new.


Interview: Quickfire with Ofenbach

With over a billion streams and hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, Parisian duo Ofenbach have heralded the return of French dance music to the top spots across European charts.

It’s fair to say that few have achieved so much in such a short space of time. With the release of their latest single ‘Wasted Love‘, Alfitude has been lucky enough to get some time with the pair for a Quickfire interview.

Looking back to the start, can you tell us a little bit about you both and how you got formed?

We have known each other since we were little kids. So Ofenbach is a friendship project before everything. We always wanted to create, to have artistic projects together. So Ofenbach is the result of this! 

What is your process when you create music?

We usually start with a melodic base, chords and vocal line. It’s the songwriting part. And we then move to the production side of things where we add up all the dance music touch and arrangements.

To date, three of your previous singles have all achieved platinum or diamond status. Do you feel a pressure when you release new music?

Of course there’s always pressure! We always want to do better, and we spend so much time and energy creation music, that the pressure is always around the corner. But it’s a positive one. Also – since we passed the post-first single issue, we have the feeling that we’re here for the long run.

Who inspires you musically?

We’re listening to pop, rock alongside dance music. Supertramp is our go-to band. What inspires us really is melodies in general.

Your new single ‘Wasted Love’ shows a melancholier side to your music, can you tell us a little more about what the song is about?

The song is about love and how to save it from going down. There’s this double use of the meaning of ‘Wasted’ that creates this kind of interesting twist on the chorus. We connected with this deeper and melancholier side of the record quite quickly when we started working on it. Funny thing is that we worked on it during summer time when the sun was shinning and everything was great and bright.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

We would love to collaborate with Calvin Harris on the dance part. And Coldplay for the pop one.

What are you most looking forward to when we finally finish with COVID?

Touring, touring, touring and seeing fans. 

And speaking of the future, what can people expect from Ofenbach next?

More songs and most certainly an album within the next year!

Ofenbach on Instagram

Images Credit: Alexy Montuelle

Billie Eilish + ROSALÍA – Lo Vas A Olvidar

The first musical blockbuster release of 2021, and what an epic, stunning, gloriously intense sound it is.

Billie Eilish | ROSALÍA

Kara Marni – Trippin

‘Trippin’ is as deluxe as you can get for RnB-pop in 2021. Pure finesse from someone I have been obsessed with for five years now.

Kara Marni

New Music: Laventure

Strasbourg duo Laventure have a blissful kind of sound that fuses disco with pop, glo-fi and soul to create something that feels playful, dreamy, flirtatious and charmingly loveable.


dvr – 16 (demo)

A Scottish talent who’s still just 17-years old and already has one of the most captivating vocals that I have experienced so far this month.

With a sound that feels understated and refined yet haunting and dark. this kid could be one to watch in 2021. Taken from the EP ‘u can call me dillon‘ which is out now.


via colorsxstudios

New Music: Ivy Rose

Debuts don’t come much bigger than this. A powerful and immensely moving pop sound that is elevated even further by the phenomenal energy coming from the voice of Ivy Rose.

“I want people to feel inspired and motivated. And to feel the real pain and feelings that are behind my voice.”

Ivy Rose

slenderbodies – superpowerful (with Crooked Colors)

slenderbodies team up with Crooked Colors to create a beautifully euphoric slice of dream pop, all for a good cause.

They’re launching a campaign on Propeller to drive action for The Trevor Project, who work to provide immediate support & assistance for struggling LGBTQ youth.

Fans can take actions like signing petitions, donating, and sharing on socials to enter to win a virtual meet & greet with the band plus an exclusive merch bundle. The more actions they complete, the more entries they’ll earn towards winning the experience.

All funds raised will help The Trevor Project expand its 24/7 lifeline, chat, and text crisis services so they can reach even more of the more than 1.8 million LGBTQ youth who seriously consider suicide in the US each year.

slenderbodies | Crooked Colors

Lilly Carron – ugly cry

Hailing from New Zealand, Lilly Carron showcases a melodic sound that fuses indie with pop and stunningly distinctive vocals.

Taken from the album ‘Messy Mind’ which is out now.

Lilly Carron


Progressive J-Pop meets that distinctive 90s Manchester rave beat, and the result is mind-blowingly amazing!


New Music: Cariss Auburn

A bold and immediately arresting blend of alt-pop and RnB from Wolverhampton native Cariss Auburn. The sound shimmers with confidence and sleek musicality.

“By the end of the song I’m saying that it might be hard as hell, these are things I’m dealing with right now, but it’s ok to take time for yourself.”

Cariss Auburn


Some exciting Danish talent here. BBYBITES has a style of pop that feels playful and flirtatious while still carrying through an essence of finesse.



An American-Norwegian duo who fuse together the best of 80’s synth with 90’s Scandinavian music to create a fresh and highly-charged take on power-pop.

“It’s like The Weeknd met Sam Smith at a bar and after talking for a bit, they both realised that ABBA was their karaoke go-to and they grew up listening to Sigur Ros during their angsty teenage years.”


New Music: Carliane Tamara

An infectiously joyful blend of indie and bubble-gum pop. It’s impossible not to experience good vibes when you listen to this new release from Carliane Tamara.

Carliane Tamara

Rochelle Jordan – Got Em

More than anything, this release from Rochelle Jordan elicits memories of those days in your late teens when you’d just go to a makeshift rave somewhere in middle of East London and lose yourself to the early hours.

A perfected blend of electronica and RnB, underlined with subtle hints of UK garage.

“‘GOT EM’ is my song of Affirmation. I wrote it in 2017, a time where I had an intense epiphany about life. I started to become much more spiritually aware than I have ever been before. All the repetition in this song is my way of being able to meditate on these words of encouragement and confidence, affirm and push through. Talking my shit in the first verse, to speaking and encouraging whoever is listening in the second, I just wanted this song to seep into the veins of whoever needs to be lifted.”

Rochelle Jordan

New Music: Cat & Calmell

Dark pop from an emerging Sydney-based outfit who bring an assured and confident energy to their music.

With influences ranging from Kali Uchis, The 1975, Rihanna and T.S Eliot through to the Powerpuff Girls, you can be sure to expect the unexpected from this duo!

“We wrote this song as a way to express our frustration at the people in power and their complacency with the state of the world, it’s a cry of frustration from our generation to theirs and we hope it resonates and you think it’s a good jam!”

Cat & Calmell

New Music: Honeyboys

Just about the most charming song you will experience this week, Honeyboys create a nostalgic and melodic sound inspired by 50’s RnB and 60’s surf-rock.

Contrary to the style of music you hear from this emerging Californian group, they first got together in a very Gen-Z way; through social media follows, DM conversations, and Zoom sessions.

And if this is the first you hear of them, then ‘Davinci‘ is a perfect introduction; a song which seamlessly balances the playful with the melancholy, and is a pure delight to experience.

“We try not to put ourselves in a box. Not every song will sound the same and not every song is made the same way. We want to put people in a happy state of mind. We want people to have a good time, you know?” – Ari, Honeyboys


New Music: Softcult

With influences ranging from Bikini Kill to the Smashing Pumpkins this is a razor-sharp slice of scuzz-pop with hints of 90’s indie rock, courtesy of Canadian duo Softcult.

“Even the baddest bish probably has a little bit of self doubt.”