New Music: Milwin

Keep an eye on Milwin (if you manage to keep your head steady from all the bopping you’ll likely do when you play this track)…

With over 5 million combined streams and 300K+ monthly listeners on Spotify, this is one Swede on a serious trajectory.

“’Kill The Lights’ is one of my favourite songs that I have produced, it has that funky/ groovy vibe combined with a nice melody. I always love working with Philip, he has such an amazing voice and has the rhythm in his soul. Turn up the volume and kill the lights!” 



Amanda Fondell – Pt. 1 Let Me Introduce You To My Thoughts

A personal favourite, I have always felt that Amanda Fondell has consistently brought us a high level of Swedish pop through the years.

She returns today with a new EP and I legit can’t tell you one song that I dislike. Give the whole thing a spin; each song has so much character that I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy what you hear.

“I wanted to release an EP where every song got a different episode. The songs highlights reflections and opinions that I’ve been thinking a little bit too much on lately. From my deepest thoughts – to dance vibes. I wanted to make a fusion between a happy and light soundscape with darker lyrics.

Amanda Fondell

Watch: Zella Day – My Game

If I could compare this sound to anything, I would say… a 1970’s disco-ballad. It’s not an easy sound to summarise but madly infectious.

“‘My Game’ is feverish time travel into every dimension where the hustle is on the floor. It’s a disco game board with a pair of cherry red dice rolling in my favour. I’m climbing up onto the table in my glitter platforms and I’m calling the shots.”

Zella Day


LA based 20-year old COLETON RUBIN has created a style of indie that’s so simple and minimal that it’s near impossible not to feel some connection with.

This release comes ahead of the self-produced debut project ‘Grèn’ which is out later in the summer through R&R Digital.


Josh Fudge – 7 In the Morning

You know that one person you break up with, yet somehow they end up getting back in contact? That’s what this track is all about…

“One day, I woke up to a message from her at seven in the morning telling me that she still loved me, while it was pouring rain outside. I wrote this song on that day, and it is meant to encapsulate the melancholy sensation of flirting with the idea of taking up an old flame.”

Josh Fudge

The Shadowboxers – Ego

Having Justin Timberlake as a mentor has some very positive effects. Take this new cut from The Shadowboxers for instance. There’s the song’s subject, which is about one’s internal struggles within a relationship:

“It’s hard to admit when you’re not the right person for someone. And that’s what ‘Ego’ is about — that side of ourselves that we’re not always proud of, that would rather stick it out in a bad relationship than ‘give up’.”

But there’s also a certain swag to the sound; it’s self-assured and confident, something that only comes as a result of a band that truly understands what they stand for. It’s taken them a decade to get there, but it was well worth the wait.

Taken from the debut LP ‘The Slow March of Time Flies By’ which is out today (and is so damn good- trust me).

The Shadowboxers

Alae – Summer Thing

This track by New Zealand outfit Alae has been gaining traction ever since it’s initial release in February. And when you watch a video of goths losing their sh*t by the beach to the song then you know this could be a special summer hit.

“This song is about finding someone so perfect that they feel like summer. It’s about someone who just feels good to be around – it’s as though it’s summer forever when you’re with them.”

Alex Farrell-Davey, Alae

Tyler James Bellinger – Shame On Me

This release from Tyler James Bellinger doesn’t fit the stereotypical ‘Pride Anthem’ you’d expect to hear, but more than that, it’s a refreshing take on a subject matter that resonates with a lot of people.

“One of the most personal cuts I’ve released, it directly talks about the shame I felt growing up gay and hiding it.”

Tyler James Bellinger

New Music: Anna Graceman

Self-assured and powerful ballad-pop from an American talent who first rose to prominence at a young age performing on Ellen and America’s Got Talent.

You can catch Graceman on the 1st June when she’ll be pitching an original song to Bebe Rexha on NBC’s Songland.

 Taken from the album ‘The Way the Night Behaves’ which is out now.

Anna Graceman

Frida Sundemo – Backbone

It’s hard to believe that I have featured Frida Sundemo as early as 2011 and yet I am still so in love with pretty much every release since.

Today we are treated to another synth-pop gem from the Swede, and it’s exactly as you would expect; a beautifully composed melody with fragile vocals that somehow still creates an elevated sense of emotion.

Taken from the new EP ‘Sounds In My Head’ which is out today. No surprises in guessing that I’ll tell you it’s absolutely sublime.


New Music: Peach Luffe

Probably the sweetest piece of dream pop you’re likely to hear today, crafted by a gifted Toronto talent. This is the kind of sound that just takes you to another space.

“’Rollercoaster’ is about temporary emotions taking a toll on a relationship. Every relationship has its ups and downs and I tried to portray that in song.”

Peach Luffe

New Music: Modern Adventures

A Southwest Michigan group who craft a charming blend of surf indie and pop-rock. The track simply exudes joy and happiness, and it your feel-good anthem for the day.

Modern Adventures

Zac Pajak – Parachute

I am continuously impressed with London-based talent Zac Pajak. The sound itself has a very relatable quality to it, and is a delicately balanced blend of acoustic pop, soul and RnB.

“‘Parachute’ is the summer heartbreak anthem for anyone getting over a relationship, having been messed around for too long. It’s about that empowering moment where the heartache disappears, and we finally realise that we’re actually better off without someone.

Taken from the debut EP ‘Early Hours’ set for release Summer 2020.

Zac Pajak

New Music: Mae Krell

A beautifully subtle and emotive indie pop sound from this 21-year old New Yorker. You can hear and experience the vulnerabilities of a young person growing up through her music, and I think that’s a marvellous gift to have.

“I wrote the song when I first moved back home to NYC after being away for a while to work on myself. For the first time, I really valued my life, and suddenly I was scared of everything around me. There was a fear that formed because I actually cared about myself and my safety; “home” is about coming to terms with that.”

Mae Krell

New Music: Aman Sheriff

At just 21-years old, this Dubai-based singer songwriter has already opened up for international artists such as Tove Lo, Stereophonics and Mike Posner. The sound itself is mellow and understated, but so easy to connect with.

Aman Sheriff

Reuben Gray – IDWBC

Reuben Gray’s comeback single is all about accepting who you are and owning it:

“I was always that kid who would rather sit by himself in the music rooms in school on a piano than play football, I couldn’t help it, so I wrote this song with some close friends of mine to prove to myself and everyone else that its way ‘cooler’ to be you than try to be something/someone else. I think people my age need to hear that.”

The 19-year old talent has already garnered 80k fans on Instagram and YouTube so far, and is shaping up to be one of the UK’s most promising pop prospects.

Reuben Gray

New Music: Pacific

It’s impossible to ignore this single from British indie newcomers Pacific. The band carries a style of rock that’s bold, epic, and unashamedly present; a refreshingly confident sound.

Impressively, they ended last year selling out three shows, and their previous singles have collectively clocked up more 200,000 streams on Spotify to date.


Doktor – Boombastic

Doktor has managed to create a track that flirts between sounding intense and dark, but still keeping a fresh and playful essence.

“This is a feel good track, it’s just about living life and vibsing.”


New Music: Jack Hawitt

You may recognise the voice once you press play on this track; that’s because Jack Hawitt was responsible for performing that gorgeous cover of Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’ which went viral last year.

But the real excitement for this London-based artist, songwriter and producer has only just begun. He started 2020 with a cut on Megan Thee Stallion’s album, followed by the release of his solo single ‘Almost Lost You’ as well as a feature on DJ Licious’ ‘We Don’t Know’. It really feels like Jack Hawitt is a British talent who is destined to some pretty amazing things. On his new release, Jack explains,

“Imagine you’ve just got home after spending time with someone who really lights you up, ‘Higher Love’ is that feeling when you sit there and think about them. It’s next-level love. For me personally it’s a romantic love but I think you can feel this deep connection with a lot of people. Friends, family, lovers. It’s basically a celebration of love.”

Jack Hawitt

HRTLSS – Sundown

Today marks the return of British prospect HRTLSS, with a polished slice of alternative RnB that encapsulates a dark, minimal, and almost sinister essence. Quite the skill for a song that’s just over two minutes long!