New Music: keshi

Mellow pop that makes you feel warm on the inside.



New Music: Rey Mayari

Future-forward conceptual pop from Sweden. Visually and sonically luxurious, this really is a talent to watch.

Rey Mayari

New Music: Olakira

With ‘Wakanda Jollof’, I put together the best music styles and genres from the continent, spiced up for a global audience. Wakanda is a unifying word, recognized worldwide as a good symbol for Africa, while Jollof is Africa’s favourite spicy rice dish, so I’m basically serving up a spicy dish from the continent to the rest of the world.”


Veronica Maggio – Jag kastar bort mitt liv

Track of the week. I know it’s entirely in Swedish but wait until the beat drops because it’s pure bliss – this is Sweden’s finest and a reminder to never underestimate this nation’s natural instinct to create some of the world’s best pop.

Veronica Maggio

Benjamin Ingrosso – Costa Rica

A change in direction for the hugely talented Benjamin Ingrosso and I am living for this… Summer sounds better with this.