Freddie Long – Hide And Seek

Few vocalists are able to convey depths of emotional rawness as intensely as Freddie Long. The London-based artist recently celebrated his music exceeding five million streams from just two EP’s and a handful of singles.

He delves deeper into his emotionally revealing narratives on new track ‘Hide and Seek’. Despite his growing skills as a songwriter who uses music as a release for turbulent feelings, on ‘Hide and Seek’ he almost immediately confesses, “I knew the words but couldn’t get them out.”

“It was a tough song to write. Going through hard patches in my relationships with others made me realise my mistakes. I wanted this song to be a message about that. Looking back at the moment I didn’t see that I was letting people down and not giving them 100%.”

Freddie Long

Token + Rico Nasty – High Heels

Rap wunderkind Token is back in epic fashion through his new single ‘High Heels’ today, featuring the inimitable skills of punk rapper Rico Nasty.

“Rico and I came together to embrace the fast life we find ourselves trapped inside of. This song represents the high energy, fun life I always dreamed about without acknowledging any of its downsides. It was an exciting time in my life, so I just sound like an excited ass kid. I was fresh off tour and single again. You can hear it in my voice. I was inspired by all of the new things coming my way and I was having fun. I’ve put out a lot of darker, sadder songs, but this one is me enjoying myself for the first time. Rico killed it too!” – Token

Taken from Token’s forthcoming album ‘Pink is Better’ which is out on 8th October 2021 via Never Too Different & Atlantic Records. 

Token | Rico Nasty

Larkins – Digital Love

Manchester alt-pop act Larkins are back today with one of the most moving releases of the week. ‘Digital Love’ is the band’s very special take on the Daft Punk classic, and was produced by Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo) and Ryan Linvill (Tai Verdes, Dermot Kennedy).

Taken from the debut album ‘JCOY’ which is out on 8th October 2021.


New Music: RIVER

RIVER are a Hamburg-based and California-bred road tripping duo who create indie sounds that feel quite timeless in essence.

Dance in the Darkness’ carries soft hints of funk and soul, all the while maintaining an alt-rock edge which is so rich in character that you’ll be playing this song on loop for a good while.


New Music: Sabrina Song

New York talent Sabrina Song crafts a delicate style of indie pop that conveys emotion in a beautifully subtle kind of way.

New single ‘Good Night’ was inspired by nights out in Brooklyn over the summer, and the transition in and out of such a long period of isolation.

“I find myself constantly stuck in my head, overthinking whether I’m having fun or not, or whether the people I’m with are enjoying my company. This single is about the desire to truly let go.”

Sabrina Song

LLUCID – Fake Love (feat. Mulay)

Photo / Shauna Summers

Proving Berlin to be a hotbed for musical talent, artist & producer LLUCID teams up with fellow Berliner and alternative R&B singer-songwriter, producer and artist Mulay on stunning new single ‘Fake Love’.

This is a beautifully perfected release which effortlessly juxtaposes dark and broody tones against an energetic and anthemic chorus.

“We started this song about a year ago, around the same time we wrote ‘Incomplete,’ one of the reasons why both kinda belong together. Some songs are quickly done, but not this one. This one felt special and since Mulay and I both are quite perfectionists, we put a lot of effort into refining each and every element of the song: re-recording vocals, rearranging the song & trying out different ideas. Fun fact: We even imitated an old school type house sample, so the vocals you hear right after the chorus are actually Mulay’s. In the end it’s always fascinating how you seem to learn new things with every song you make, especially when it comes to collabs.” – LLUCID

LLUCID | Mulay

I Know I Know – Fickle

London-based talent I Know I Know returns today with another stunning release in the form of new single ‘Fickle’. Intensely raw in it’s essence, this is a song that captivates any listener thanks to it’s rich soundscape and captivating lyricism.

The song follows on from his previous track ‘Fade Out’, as well as the success of his collaboration with Royal Blood on ‘Boilermaker’ from their latest album (which reached the number 1 spot in the UK album charts).

I Know I Know

sohayl ryder – HAVAS

Every track that I have come to encounter from sohayl ryder has blown me away so far, and today’s release of ‘HAVAS’ is no exception.

Crafting a sound that truly blends style with substance, it seems only a short matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up to this talent.

“‘Havas’ is a Persian word (I am originally Iranian) that means caution. But in poetry, it has a double meaning for desire. Essentially the song is a double allegory for being a cautious person due to the rough background of living in Iran and knowing the struggles people face to the lustful desire for sex and how it can be dangerous.”

sohayl ryder

ZULA + glue70 – Elevate Me

Released through independent label Havêa Records, ‘Elevate Me’ serves as an introduction to a hugely exciting new collaboration featuring UK-based artists ZULA and glue70.

Forged in the small hours that follow big nights, the quiet time of cocooned downtime and amongst the lived hours soaking up inspiration from their home city of Manchester, this is a project born of experimental experiences.

“‘Elevate Me’ is about being there for a friend in need, someone who needs an elevating touch.” – ZULA

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘SKIN44’, which is due for release in November 2021.

ZULA | glue70

Chasing Shadows – Bullets

Hailing from North Wales are four-piece pop-rock outfit Chasing Shadows. Already making a significant mark for themselves, they have performed over 200 gigs to date.

With a melodic style of music-making that blends pop and rock in perfect doses, this group are winning fans all across the globe thanks to their distinctively anthemic sounds.

“This is a song about the impact of words in a relationship, and how lies aren’t good!”

Chasing Shadows

Rhys – Thanks a lot now I can’t smile

American-Swedish starlet Rhys returns today with a supreme sound that fuses pop and rock tones together in both a balanced and nostalgic way.

Taken from her next EP (due early next year), Thanks a lot now I can’t smile’ incorporates that style of early 00’s American punk-pop, which in many ways shaped Rhys while she was growing up in Portland.

“I was quite depressed for a year and felt incapable of socialising with others without killing the vibe. Walked around thinking ‘well, I’m gonna feel this bad forever, thanks a lot! When being in the middle of it, it was hard to see it, but in retrospect it was sick liberating to write a sarcastic song about that time.”


New Music: Lucy Mair

Lucy Mair is a UK-based singer-songwriter who seamlessly fuses elements of indie, jazz and pop into sounds that are not only finessed in style, but also rich in lyrical substance.

Aside from writing, recording, and supporting for the likes of Tom Walker and Tom Grennan, Lucy has also co-founded a collective for women and non binary creatives called The Bloom Collective. 

Lucy Mair

JERUB – Trade It All

Rising Nottingham musician JERUB is back today with one of the most moving blends of indie and R&B that you will likely experience all week.

Deeply inspired by the realities of life, ‘Trade It All’ reflects on loss and grief with a powerfully emotive display of vulnerability.

“I wrote this song after speaking to a friend about his first Christmas without his dad, who had passed away the year before. He told me how strange it felt without him there and how he didn’t know how to behave, and I just felt so much empathy for him. Shortly after, I heard the news that Koby Bryant and his daughter had died in the helicopter crash, and remember feeling floored by such a deep tragedy.

I was also thinking about the last 18 months we’ve just had and all the people who have lost parents, grandparents, siblings and so on. So this song is really about the love you have for a loved one who may have passed away, and remembering that love and the impact that they had on you.”


New Music: RiTcH

Hailing from Warrington in the UK comes eccentric antipop newcomer RiTcH, who’s unique approach to music-making is quite frankly a breath of fresh air.

‘replace you’ serves as introduction to this hugely promising talent, and was produced with long-time collaborator slackboy. The song offers a juxtaposition between heartbreak and optimism, as RiTcH explains:

“I’d lean towards this girl because she wore the same clobber as my ex and that girl because she had the same vibe… then another because she looked a bit like her. None of them had it all, it was a mess. People wouldn’t have known I was pranging though…I’d smile and say everything was chill. We wanted to bring that into the track, making the upbeat backdrop of the track a front to the madness.”


ROMderful – ALIENS!

Having created official remixes for the likes of Pharrell and Goldlink, and produced tracks for Syd/The Internet, Kyle Dion and Leven Kali to name but a few, ROMderful (born Rommel Donald) has steadily become a prominent figure in the indie-R&B scene and online beat community.

The UK-born, Korea-based producer, songwriter and singer debuts his dreamy and soulful new single ‘ALIENS!’ today, ahead of the upcoming album ‘Please Reconnect Controller’ (out 29th October 2021).

“‘ALIENS!’ is about that feeling of meeting someone that’s out of this world and them giving you a high that you’ve never experienced before. A rush of rainbows, happiness and feeling freedom by just being around the right person.”


ROZET – Cake Face

The worlds of R&B and indie collide wonderfully on ROZET’s latest single, ‘Cake Face’. This is a polished sound that has been carefully crafted, all the while still carrying a sense of playfulness and eccentricity.


New Music: Humble the Great

A finessed fusion of R&B and pop from a talent who’s still just 21-years old. UK-based artist Humble the Great exudes a bold sense of confidence through his distinctive vocals, captivating lyricism and sleek productions.

Humble the Great

New Music: Harley Alaska

I am so excited to introduce you to a hugely promising talent hailing from Australia. Newcomer Harley Alaska launches his debut single ‘Lose You Too’ today, and dare I say it’s impossible not to enjoy this release.

With lyrics that look at love, loss, and what comes of your identity when it has been wrapped up in somebody else, this emotive song serves us a heady dose of melancholy in a considered and thoughtful way,

“When my last relationship ended I really had to re-find the person who I was… or wanted to be. My identity was so wound up in somebody else that I was really lost for a while. When you’re young it’s especially tough… you don’t really have a solid idea of who you are in the first place.”

Having already amassed an organic following including 195k followers and almost 4 million likes on his music-driven TikTok profile alone, it seems to be only a matter of time before this talent hits the mainstream.

Harley Alaska

Lauren Dejey – Like A Curse

Emerging South London artist Lauren Dejey returns with a refreshingly conceptual release that is both intriguing and mesmerising.

From the moment you press play on ‘Like A Curse’ you’ll realise that this is not a typical alt-pop ballad, but rather an an ironic hymn to astrology’s witchcraft that is dedicated to all the toxic people Lauren encountered in her life.

“‘Like A Curse’ is all about playing into the Scorpio stereotype from astrology. I love star signs but mine is usually made out to be vengeful, manipulative, ruthless, and jealous. So I thought, you know what why not be a bad bitch who will haunt you forever if you hurt her and probably poison your tea or something?”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Kali Ma’ which is due for release on 27th October 2021.

Lauren Dejey

New Music: Emilia Anastazja

With influences ranging from Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston to 070 Shake and Jessie Ware, London based Polish/Swiss singer and guitarist Emilia Anastazja crafts a soulful and melodic style of pop which is immediately captivating.

‘Take a Look’ looks at the sincerity and curiosity we tend to lose over the course of our lives, and serves as an ode to childhood nostalgia and childhood memories.

“It was middle of last year when I finished writing the song. I felt bad about all the stuff that was going on at the time and just wrote what came in to my mind. In the end it’s somehow from a naive and childish perspective on just being lost and trying to find a way back to something meaningful and real.”

Emilia’s previous work has already received praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1Xtra and BBC 6Music, as well as garnered millions of streams on Spotify alone.

Emilia Anastazja