Jessie Reyez – I DO

Taken from the sublime debut album, ‘Before Love Came To Kill Us’ – stream it here.

Jessie Reyez


New Music: Azure Ryder

The perfect balance of indie folk and pop.

“This is really the beginning of my story, these songs are my leap of faith, taking control over the way I choose to wear my heart over my chest. I believe that feelings know no limits and music allows for that freedom.”

Azure Ryder

New Music: Core N Shell

“Backbones is giving vibes of a powerful girl gang. When cheerleaders voices tell you to get back on track, getting your heart broken because of a guy is not an option. Especially when he has no backbones.”

Core N Shell

New Music: Kyle Valentino

“Robin Williams once said ‘I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless’; that is the reason why I wrote this song. I wanted to open a different point of view on which we look and appreciate the people who cares about us, who asks how are things going , who gives us laughter when we’re down, who puts a big smile on our face whenever we feel completely worthless and for the people who just makes us feel better even when they cry on close doors.”

This song also includes vocals by Rachel Philipp.

Kyle Valentino


“Having very genuine feelings for someone, then having to cut them out of your life indefinitely, is a very bizarre experience. You try to go out and fill your time, but it’s just to serve as a distraction. Knowing what they’re doing, who they’re with, how they’re changing, these questions seem to take high priority over all other thoughts. You labour over these fears long enough, and you find that the only thing you truly desire, is to simply be able to talk to them again, and have some sort of back and forth.”


New Music: Elephant Castle

Premium psychedelic rock by a former member from Foster The People.

“Cool To Be Unhappy is about a girl I once loved who thought it was cool to be unhappy. Needless to say, it didn’t work out.”

Elephant Castle

New Music: Louie Blue

A perfect slice of Nordic funk pop by this 18-year old talent from Finland.

“This is the song that makes you dance while you’re walking down the street and you make a complete fool out of yourself although you think you look like the coolest guy in the world. It makes the rainy day feel like it’s shining.“

Louie Blue

New Music Maggie Miles

A huge sound – and one which I sense will only get bigger over time. A new alt-pop talent emerging from Nashville.

“We all question ourselves at times. You can’t tell if you’re barely above the waves. And acknowledging the darkness that can make itself at home in the space behind your eyes is key to pushing on. This song helped me understand myself better, and I hope for your sake as the listener, it can do the same.”

Maggie Miles

New Music: Erik Frank

LA pop with a sense of pensive dejection.

“Life changes at 21. Written the first day I moved to Los Angeles. I’m starting my new life. Leaving the past behind is tough and I would still go back to her.”

Erik Frank

Alaina Castillo – just a boy

“’just a boy’ came from a part of my mind that was overthinking and doubting. I had trust issues. I’ve had ups and downs in love and sometimes it clouds my vision. The song is about having all of those doubts at once and deciding whether it’s worth giving them a second thought. It’s the moment when you decide to either trust someone, or end things end badly and let it cast a shadow on all your future relationships. I wanted to share that torment with people, but also let them know that it’s OK to leave stuff in the past and move on, either with or without the person.”

Alaina Castillo

Bearcubs – Screentime

“Since moving away from England I’ve been thinking a lot about communication and connection, especially with my friends spread out in different places across the world, as the only way to contact them was through messages or video calls. It’s basically me looking at all this technology we have now and asking whether it can ever really fill the void when someone’s not there with you in person.”


Favor – Crush (Album)

While enjoying a speedy rise on the Danish music scene, Favor received news in Summer 2019 that he was experiencing loss of hearing and tinnitus, which in turn triggered panic – as it would with anyone.

“For me, creating music is a way of life and if I cannot, well who am I then? I was really scared it would get worse. Because what would happen if it did? I talked to my producer Morten Søgaard (Masasolo) about and he just asked the right questions. Which songs would you wish you had written? Who would you have written them for? What would they be about? That became a turning point for me.”

Nonetheless, Favor continues to delight us with his unique take on retro-pop.

Debut album ‘CRUSH’ is released today.