New Music: Daniel Nolet

Photo / timvanemmerloot

Dutch newcomer Daniel Nolet was initially working his way to becoming a professional footballer before deciding to dedicate himself to being a musician.

Inspired by icons like The Beatles, The Police and BB King, Nolet creates a classic yet impactful style of pop-rock. This is a sound that feels punchy, raw and bold – while still maintaining some pop sensibilities.

Powerful new single ‘Hannah’ was inspired by grief, and is dedicated to a friend who decided to end their own life:

“Hannah took her own life around two years ago and it sounds strange, but for her it might have been the best or even only option. The pain and sorrow but also the resilience of her surroundings kept me intrigued for months.” 

“The lyrics revolve around the suicide note she left and how such a beautiful human being could be in this pain.”

Nolet hopes that the song will increase people’s awareness on mental health issues and suicide prevention.

Daniel Nolet