New Music: The Starships

The Starships are an independent music collective consisting of five artists who embody a synergy that is really quite unique to experience.

Their aim is to try and heal the world through music, and if ‘Living Water’ is anything to go by, they’re doing a pretty good job of it.

Be sure to also check out the video,  which was filmed on 57 acres of black-owned and woman-owned land in Alabama.

The Starships

New Music: VICU

Washington D.C. native VICU is not only a performer with a finessed vocal tone, but he’s also a self-taught producer, audio engineer, and songwriter. 

And listening to ‘Focused On You’ shows just how talented this up and coming talent is; this is a sleek and stripped-back RnB affair which is so easy on the ears that you’ll be playing it on loop for a good while.


New Music: Cooper Bloom

Born and raised just outside of Toronto, Cooper Bloom has been performing since the age of two. Growing up through to his teenage years also saw Bloom take part in the world of competitive dance, so it seems only natural that we now have the formations of a promising new pop star.

‘Drinkin Alone’ is a magnificent electro-pop bop that’s all about being honest with yourself and speaking your truth.

“Ultimately, I want to create music that forms a community. For people to be authentically themselves – free of judgment, and to know they are not alone. I want to encourage people to go after what they want and not let anything get in the way.”

Cooper Bloom

New Music: Mia Baron

Extraordinarily, the song you are listening to is being performed by a talent who is still only 13-years old.

Canadian singer and songwriter Mia Baron’s voice shows signs of a fearless and focused starlet in the making.

‘Hide and Seek’ serves as her debut single, and is a moody pop song that tells the story of feeling unseen and invisible.

Mia Baron

New Music: Peachcurls

The best way to describe Cleveland-based artist Peachcurls is to let him do it himself:

“I draw from my, Black American traditions to portray my life experiences as vignettes using drum machines, synthesizers, and live instruments. My work blurs genre lines and often blatantly oversteps them. Life has a wide dynamic range, and I believe my work reflects that.”

And listening to ‘King Vitamin’ is exactly that; a slice of indescribable bliss that takes you to another place, with a beautifully melodic rhythm and captivating lyricism.

“This song, my most honest work, tells a story about helplessness, redemption, and love. It’s the embodiment of the Black tradition of innovating in art and turning pain into beauty forever – not just to survive but to, despite the pain, create joy.”


New Music: AICK

I am really excited to introduce new Danish duo AICK ( Helene Hoier and Eik Petterson).

‘Only’ is an upbeat blend of alt-pop and RnB, with lyricism that looks at finding the inner strength and courage to stand up, break free, and move forward despite the odds.


New Music: Zed, The Dreamer

Zed, The Dreamer is the solo project of Portuguese singer-songwriter Zé Pedro Viveiros. The sound itself is a stunning blend of indie, folk and pop that feels understated yet intimate.

With soulful vocals gliding over emotive and melodic instrumentation, this talent’s music will win your heart over in an instant.

“I wrote this song after I moved from Portugal to London. It encaptures the feeling of isolation, loss and longing that came from that decision. It is a song about self-discovery and finding peace with the past.”

Zed, The Dreamer

New Music: Superlate

Newcomer Superlate is a 21-year-old producer based in the Liverpool. Already achieving support from BBC Introducing, this talent is showing some hugely promising signs with his effortless ease at creating energy-filled pop bops.

With Daft Punk as an inspiration, ‘Diamonds’ encapsulates that classic energy of disco and French house; perfect for the summer season ahead!

Superlate | Immi Dash

New Music: Saint Joshua

London-based independent RnB singer songwriter Saint Joshua is a 25-year old talent with a flair for creating sounds that are sleek yet charmingly mesmerising.

This is an artist creating music that explores themes of love, romance and existentialism that take on new meanings thanks to his uniquely rich vocal tones and captivating lyricism.

“The song is about the meaning of love which can mean something different for us all. It sits on the thought of love can be anything you want it to be.”

Saint Joshua

New Music: ORIAN

Berlin-based Irish artist ORIAN has the kind of voice that immediately warms your heart, allowing you to connect with the music on a deeper and more emotional level. ‘Jewellery Box’ was created in collaboration with Grammy award winner Erik Alcock, who’s worked with the likes of Eminem, Celine Dion, and Pink! to name a few.

Centred around his mother’s jewellery box which he remembered from childhood, ORIAN crafts the song around the concept of personal history spanning generations, and the significance of passing things down to the ones we love. Through the object, he considers how people and love change, and how they stay the same.

“The idea for the song came about when I was in a bar one night with my girlfriend who asked me if I could place my heart physically anywhere, where would that be, and I immediately said ‘My mothers jewellery box’. Luckily, she remembered this the next day, and I thought it was a cool idea to form a song around.”


New Music: glu

A refreshingly raw and captivating release from Melbourne-based experimental rap artist glu.

TOKYO’ brings a dark, atmospheric and intriguing approach to hip hop that blurs the boundaries of what to expect from the genre. The result is a sound that is hugely exciting to listen to.

“Reflective of the hollow serotonin-less void of a comedown, the lyrics flow smoothly with a slow, fragile cadence.”


New Music: Isaac Jack

British newcomer Isaac Jack is an 18-year old artist who’s style of incorporating raw emotion, passion and quirkiness into his music delivers a fresh sound that channels all kinds of feelings.

While on the surface, ‘Pointless Girl’ seems like a stripped-back indie affair, the lyricism intricately tells of a story, best put by Isaac himself:

“The song examines the despair of young breakups, following a protagonist who is blinded with anger and confusion. They can’t help but obsess over their previous love, attempting to overcome the feeling of yearning through other relationships. However, the protagonist can never shake his past love from his head, seeing all other attempts as pointless. The raw vocals and plosive lyrics further cement the feeling of despair. The protagonist doesn’t care for anything anymore, ‘you can say what you like’, however at the same time you can see the fragility that the break-up has caused, ‘promise you won’t be as mean’. The protagonist has been worn down by the anger, frustration and heartache. In essence, his break-up is broken down into being a ‘bitter taste’ – the break-up has ruined his palette for anything else. The bitter taste of what could have been envelopes everything.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘The Salt That Stays’ which is out now.

Isaac Jack

New Music: PawPaw Rod

Oklahoma-based talent PawPaw Rod is a rapper and singer who’s just debuted with ‘HIT EM WHERE IT HURTS’.

Both raw and emotive, this indie sound carries a funk undertone which is not only captivating but refreshingly original.

PawPaw Rod

New Music: DELPHii

Newcastle-based artist Angelene Holmes, who also goes by the alias of DELPHii creates a sound that feels so effortlessly finessed and cool that it really does leave you a little breathless. This is a gorgeously dreamy pop sound that is sure to take your mind to another place.


New Music: Telemarkk

I don’t often feature songs with an 80’s twist, but this new release from British outfit Telemarkk is too good not to share.

If Dua Lipa’s recent ‘Future Nostalgia’ record gave you good energy then ‘Bloom’ is likely to do much the same; this is a catchy and euphoric bop that showcases some of the best synth-pop that I have heard so far this month.

“[Bloom] resembles holding on to positives in negative situations, particularly felt throughout the pandemic when dealing with isolation, expressing the feeling of falling out of touch with people and the realisation/evaluation of a breakdown in a relationship.” 


New Music: Shakota

Hailing from West London is new talent Shakota. With a style that blends indie and bedroom-pop seamlessly, this artist creates a sound that feels organic and honest while still being current and fresh.


New Music: Henjila

With inspirations ranging from Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and Lily Allen through to Corrine Bailey Rae and TLC, 19-year old starlet Henjila‘s sound is likely will win you over in an instant. This is a fresh, woozy surf-pop style of music that flows with charm and charisma.

“The song is about being drawn to someone – you want to be around them because they make you feel euphoric. There is ‘something about’ them that is so captivating and the bond you share is almost too sweet to be real.”


New Music: kezia

It’s so incredibly refreshing to see a new talent stand their ground and challenge issues that are prevalent in the world today through music.

kezia is a 21-year old Tanzanian-American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who creates music that hits on topics like navigating life as a biracial woman, living with mental instability and depression, exploring spirituality, and learning to love through giving love.

“In a world where black women are uninvitedly sexualised, we need to take ownership of feeling strong and cemented in our sexuality. ‘south!’ is about liberty. It’s also about consent!”


New Music: TUITION

British outfit TUITION formed at the start of last year’s lockdown, when they wrote and recorded music from their bedrooms and stayed in touch online.

They will ambitiously release six singles before the end of the year, one of which is ‘IDWTAI (idontwannatalkaboutit)’. This is a heartbreak anthem for everyone who is sick and tired of ending up with their hearts broken, when all they want is to feel loved.

“We called ourselves TUITION because our main writing influences stem from our own life lessons we learn along the way.”


New Music: OCTAVIO the Dweeb

Track of the week. Sometimes a song plays and you know right from the start that the talent will take over the world.

Case in point: LA-based artist OCTAVIO the Dweeb and his release of ‘Someday I’ll Be Happy’. This is anthemic indie-pop at it’s finest, leaving you rooting for this kid to become the next big thing.

“We’re all dweebs in our own way – just trying to fit in and find ourselves. Some people just hide it better than others. I don’t know how the hell I’ve made it this far but we all love to root for an underdog and I’m rooting for me. Hopefully you are too :)”

OCTAVIO the Dweeb