New Music: Grandma

A weird mix of soul, blues, and indie. The chorus is so sublime though, I really can’t stop listening to this song…



New Music: Blue

“The song itself is about realising that I really can’t be anyone while being in a really dark time of my life. I can only be myself, and if that isn’t good enough for someone, then i need to move on, but in the song i’m still holding on to the idea of what she could be, because it’s hard and I don’t really want to leave, even when I have to.”


New Music: PV Knude

“The Anti-Terror Album’ is an alternative pop music record that I have written as a response to a clandestine governmental terror exercise that I got hold of and leaking through art and music. I am interested in contemporary music that have empowering, political ambitions and effects. The Anti-Terror Album is presented through the Museum of Contemporary Art [DK] and Creative Europe [EU] and is recorded with an amazing team of diverse musicians in Copenhagen, Belgrade and London.”

PV Knude

New Music: Rallie & Coal

This Swedish singer-songwriter duo have managed to create one of the catchiest, simplest pop songs you’ll listen to all week.

Rallie & Coal

New Music: Jen Berkova

The resurgence of alternative soul seems to be every growing right now, with varying degrees of being decent. This Oxford talent is bliss though – just the right amount of raw emotion blended with some smooth soulful tones.

Jen Berkova

New Music: Harry Nathan

“I loved house music growing up and have always been a fan of soul and disco. When I was 14, I wanted to mix like Roger Sanchez but couldn’t afford DJ gear, so I cross-wired three stereos to practise mixing. If I needed to slow one down, I would press pause twice really quickly.”

Harry Nathan