New Music: Drew Schueler

“Can’t Say (Word Like That) is a song describing the fear of telling someone you love them for the first time. It focuses on unrequited or one-sided love, a universal and frequent subject in pop culture. The song considers the anxiety of potential rejection from expressing these true feelings.”

Drew Schueler


New Music: SARA

The song is the story of how I found someone that loves me despite my flaws, all the while examining how I don’t feel worthy of that love. The song is pretty much one big warning label where I’m double checking if this person really wants to be with me.”


New Music: Adam Hender

“‘I Don’t Mind’ is a song about loving someone so much, even though they don’t love you back. Being there for them even though they’re not there for you. It’s about wanting that person to be happy even if it’s not with you. Unconditional.”

Adam Hender

New Music: Amir Miles

“The colour Indigo is most like my relationships. It is beautiful and captivating, yet dark and sinister the closer you look. My interactions always begin in a state of euphoria, only to fall too deep into the abyss and see the reality in its true form.”

Amir Miles

New Music: Younger Hunger

“YUNG is me trying to capture my omnipresent paranoia in a song. It started with the title. Something about the aesthetic of the word YUNG — the boldness of it. But as the lyrics started coming, it became clear it stood for a much larger idea. YUNG asks the question: What does it feel like to be young in 2020? This track is our answer.”

Tony Davia

Younger Hunger

New Music: Max Leone

Everything that I look for in figuring out what the future of pop will sound like, can be found in Max Leone’s sound.

“Cautious is about isolating yourself from the world in an attempt to protect yourself from it, but ultimately discovering that the beauty and meaning in life are often derived through its discomfort.”


New Music: Oliver Malcolm

Track of the week. An immediately captivating and refreshingly unique sound from this Swedish-born, London-raised producer, songwriter and vocalist.

Oliver Malcolm