New Music: Loi

A truly extraordinary piece of ballad-pop from emerging German talent, singer-songwriter Loi.

Still only 18-years old, this artist had already broken into the mainstream when she competed as a finalist on the The Voice Kids.

Her rich and deeply emotive vocals are immediately arresting and tremendously captivating, as you’ll experience when you press play on new single ‘Melody’.


New Music: Bellatrix

A master of many talents, Bellatrix is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, performer and former world beatbox champion.

Her approach to alt-pop is refreshingly original, as is the case with new single ‘iPhone’, with it’s catchy melody, fizzy textures and dynamic vocal arrangements.

Already garnering support from the likes of Wonderland, Notion, Clash and Dummy amongst many others, it’s only a matter of time before this talent hits the mainstream.

 Taken from her forthcoming EP ‘I Was An Aphid’.


New Music: Aya Mai

I’m pleased to start the day by sharing Danish electro-pop at it’s absolute finest, courtesy of new talent Aya Mai.

‘Time’ is a polished track that sets your pulse racing, all the while still feeling subdued and stripped-back.

Aya Mai

New Music: Jeremy Voltz

Hailing from Toronto, Jeremy Voltz is an artist who crafts perfect fusions of soul and indie that feel nostalgic yet current at the same time.

Written as a bittersweet love song to a memory that once was, ‘Like The Very First Time’ has a magnificent sense of timelessness in it’s style that is impossible not to enjoy.

Jeremy Voltz

New Music: georgee

Charming, eccentric and nostalgic in equal measures, ‘baby4u’ by georgee is the sort of track that you’ll find impossible not to love.


New Music: Hana Lili

Hana Lili is a Welsh-born and London-based artist who’s debut ‘Stay’ is genuinely one of the most emotional songs that I have come across so far this week.

Entirely self-written and produced, the track is a gentle and dreamy introduction to the 21-year old’s sonic world, fusing intimate and confessional lyrics over a beautiful bedroom-pop production.

“I tend to gravitate towards writing songs about personal situations that are happening in my life. ‘Stay’ comes from a place of vulnerability and the need to be completely honest, something I find difficult to do in conversations in real life. As an artist, lockdown allowed me to go back to basics, just writing songs and submerging myself in the purity of the process. Not having to focus on anything else associated with music helped me to discover the songs I wanted to create and produce.”

Hana Lili

New Music: Miso Extra

Hailing from London, Miso Extra is a dual heritage producer who also sings and raps in Japanese and English.

Self-branded as ‘umami for the ears’, this artist’s music explores themes surrounding femininity, female empowerment and being of mixed heritage.

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Great Taste’ which is out later this year.

Miso Extra

New Music: I Feel Fine

I Feel Fine are a Brighton-based quartet who’s bold approach of blending indie with emo, punk and math makes an instant impact the moment you press play.

Raw and rousing vocals take centre stage on new single ‘Elemenohpea’, while also showcasing this band’s ability to mix nostalgic alt-rock tones with new and fresh textures, creating a uniquely distinctive sound.

“The song deals with complacency and how, with trying to settle every time we feel the smallest bit comfortable, we only set ourselves up to fall behind a little further on. It’s about understanding the traps we can set just by laying idle.” – Nathan Tompkins, I Feel Fine

Taken from the debut album ‘The Cold In Every Shelter’ which is out on 10th September 2021.

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New Music: Angel + Dren

Track of the week. Bronx-raised and Harlem-based twins Angel + Dren create a type of RnB that is truly timeless in it’s concept. The ethereal ‘Nirvana’ showcases a melting pot of sounds that the sisters have amassed through their life journeys and artistic explorations.

“’Nirvana’ is about feeling misunderstood. It’s about love and nostalgia.” 

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Dark Summer’ which is out on 13th September 2021.

Angel + Dren

New Music: Leith

Canadian singer and songwriter Leith crafts a sound that transcends any one genre, instead creating tracks that tell a story through an emotive journey.

Love Vibes’ is a song that embodies the serenity of fresh love, and the nail-biting anxieties that come with embarking on starting something new.


New Music: Jeymon

A captivating blend of lo-fi pop, RnB and hip hop from emerging talent Jeymon. With rousing lyrics and an anthemic melody, ‘It Won’t Be Like This Forever’ is one of the most impressive releases to emerge from Canada this week in my view.

“The track is based on the fact that nothing will stay the same; the good, the bad, every moment will pass by so take it all in while you can.”

Taken from the forthcoming debut EP, which is due in September.


New Music: Finnegan Tui

Hailing from New Zealand, Finnegan Tui is a London-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer.

By fusing dark blends of indie and folk, this artist creates some of the most stunning soundscapes that I have yet to come across so far this year.

“‘More’ is about the yearning we all have to feel more alive. We are breathing humans with the miracle of consciousness, connected to something greater than ourselves. Life should not be limited by fear: we can love, live and experience more if we are not playing it too safe.”

Finnegan Tui

New Music: Toby Hobart

A distinctly unique and refreshingly exciting blend of pop, hip hop and RnB from Brisbane talent Tony Hobart.

Featuring a nostalgic (almost Disney-like) essence, ‘i think i’m in love with u’ is the kind of track which feels like none other that you may have heard, yet incredibly easy to fall in love with.

“Joy, happiness, not being taken too serious all the time. That being said, there’s definitely a time and place for more serious/sad/personally significant tracks and I will always continue to write and release those as well, however, I just really want to show people more of who I am most of the time.”

Toby Hobart

New Music: Mood Monroe

Hailing from Melbourne, Mood Monroe are probably the most exciting alt-pop outfit that I have encountered all month.

A dark, hard-hitting and impactful sound is matched with distinctive vocals and captivating lyrics on their third single, ‘Oh Lord’. Watch out for this trio – they could well be one of Australia’s next big exports.

“‘Oh Lord’ is a deeply personal song as it speaks on love and feeling alone.’ – Bailey, Mood Monroe

Mood Monroe

New Music: Alana Rich

While Alana Rich is a genre-fluid artist, ‘Euphoria’ is a pulsating dance-pop bop with one of the catchiest melodies you’ll likely listen to all week.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rich began her career at the age of just 14, performing acoustic music and releasing cover songs on YouTube that have amassed over a million views to date.

“I wrote this track about how I’ve coped with feeling misunderstood as a young artist. I remember telling myself that I’d finally be content with my artistic journey if I could just achieve specific milestones I set out for myself. Now that I’ve met those goals, I’ve learned that that’s not the case. You never really stop chasing that feeling of euphoria that comes with creating and releasing art – once you get a taste, you keep searching for more of it, whether it be through your passion, new adventures, whatever it may be. This song is the sonic representation of that rollercoaster.”

Alana Rich


A magnificently rousing piece of pop sound from LA-based artist MUSZETTE. ‘Keep On’ is an empowering, bold and confident release that demands your attention.

It’s little wonder that this talent’s debut EP ‘Big Mood’ was used on networks like HBO, Disney and Netflix as well as being played during the 2021 Olympic Trials.

MUSZETTE is here to stay, and she’s making sure that you know her name!


New Music: Royal Castles

One of the most feel-good summer anthems so far this year has arrived, courtesy of Ontario garage-rock trio Royal Castles. ‘Money Song’ is about living in the moment, being happy with where you are and not wanting to leave.

With a style of music-making that feels fun and nostalgic but also current, this outfit have carved a sound that is universally likeable.

Royal Castles

New Music: The Vindys

Emerging from Ohio, The Vindys are an alt-rock outfit who are rapidly building a significant fan base within their home state and beyond.

Approaching the genre in their own imitable style, this group create a kind of energising sound that makes a bold and impactful statement that is sure to grab your attention.

“The title track ‘Bugs’ has both literal and symbolic meanings for me personally. Songwriting for me is therapeutic in the sense that I tend to memorialise the things that ‘Bug’ me through song, and I let it go once it’s written. In a literal sense, there was the one time that I had discovered thousands of yellow jackets living in my ceiling right above my bed. If I hadn’t called The Bee Man (a Youngstown beekeeper) to come the next day, the weight of the hives they made in the ceiling would have fallen and it could’ve been very dangerous.” – Jackie, The Vindys

The Vindys

New Music: Sleepy Gary

A hazy fusion of bedroom pop and psychedelic synth-rock from Bushwick artist Sleepy Gary.

‘Bodega’ is the kind of song that immediately draws you in to this artist’s world, making you feel some kind of connection without ever having actually met.

“‘Bodega’ is a song about letting go, about feeling uncool and invisible and like a permanent interloper. It’s also about the salvation of a late-night snack in the city that never sleeps. My primary source of comfort during that time were the hallowed bodegas of New York, the sacred 2 a.m. ritual of a chopped cheese and a ginger ale.”

Taken from the forthcoming debut album ’21 Love Songs’, which consists of a trilogy of seven song vignettes.

Sleepy Gary

New Music: Amy Zou

Brooklyn-based singer songwriter, and producer Amy Zou’s take on alt-RnB is refreshingly interesting. ‘Temple’ is the first single taken from Zou’s upcoming EP “Losing Face’.

On the project, she says that the body of work came ‘from the realisation that I was constantly performing to keep others happy both in romantic and platonic relationships and deriving a lot of self worth or value from others and their opinions.”

Amy Zou