New Music: Casper

Texas-based newcomer Casper is responsible for unleashing the some of the finest new R&B and rap sounds of the week.

With its stripped-back and minimal sound, ‘Skydive’ is a stunning piece of music that contrasts a finessed and dreamy production with refreshingly candid lyricism.

Picking up support from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, Fashionably Early and A1234, this artist looks set to take on his biggest year yet.

Released alongside ‘Ocean’s 12’, which is out now | Casper

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New Music: SAYAK DAS

Hailing from Los Angeles is hugely promising newcomer SAYAK DAS. Today marks this artist’s launch through the release of debut single ‘DID U RLY?’.

Refreshingly raw, bold and epic in tone, the track serves as an amalgamation of genres that include elements of alternative rock and R&B, soul and hip hop.

“‘DID U RLY?’ Is the break-up song I’ve been trying to write my whole life. I think just about everyone can relate to having an ex reach back out just to ‘check in’. It’s your typical ‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best’ – but angry.”

With such a confident and unique approach to music-making, SAYAK DAS has already proven that he is one artist that should firmly be on your radars.


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New Music: Dean Mitchell

Photo / Alex Free

Hailing from California is LA-native Dean Mitchell. Through her sleek fusions of alternative R&B and dreamy pop, this artist creates sounds that feel both current and timeless in equal measures.

Inspired by genres as varied as old-school funk and R&B through to 90’s grunge and today’s pop, Mitchell’s work draws on a multitude of influences – allowing listeners to experience sounds that are refreshingly original while still relatable.

New single ‘Hold Me Down’ features production from the acclaimed Lost Boy, and serves to showcase Mitchell’s beautiful vocals and exceptional songwriting skills.

Dean Mitchell

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New Music: Filmore!

Irish talent Filmore! really is about as fresh as they come. With a striking mix of punk, rock and alternative pop, this illusive newcomer creates sounds that epitomise the essence of youth in 2022.

Debut single ‘Where’s Your Hall Pass?’ is a confident and bold release that commands your attention almost immediately upon pressing play.

The Filmore! project serves as a character exploration of a student on school patrol, who seems to be taking his role a little too seriously…



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New Music: Mikalyn

Presently commanding more than 140k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Canadian indie-pop starlet Mikalyn is already garnering significant attention from music lovers across the globe. And pressing play on tracks like her new single ‘Phases’ gives you an understanding as to why this singer and songwriter is already so popular.

The song presents a thoughtfully constructed production that feels minimal and stripped-back, while still maintaining a beautifully emotive essence thanks to Mikalyn’s impressive vocals.

“The song is really self-explanatory to an extent; I’m singing about the different phases you go through in life but ultimately, the big takeaway from the song is to not dwell on the past. It’s not worth it because no matter how much energy you devote to it, you can’t change anything. And while I think everyone sometimes wishes they could do things differently, sometimes what you believe to be small moments can end up leading to bigger things.”

‘Phases’ is also released alongside accompanying visuals, of which Mikalyn says:

“Right from the outset, we wanted to invoke a sense of nostalgia with the video, but we also wanted it to feel authentic. And while we had bigger ideas for the video at first, Chris [Grey – ‘Phases’ co-writer & producer] and I were looking to just simply recreate the night we enjoyed when we wrote the song. What you see in the video is just us doing what we’d normally do in the span of an evening. Shooting the video in a candid style helps lend an air of authenticity to it.”


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New Music: byelian

Photo / raw__souls

A master of many talents, German artist byelian is not only a singer and songwriter, but also a producer who creates all his work and shoots his own music videos.

Today marks the release of his new single, entitled ‘whenever it’s too quiet’. With its cinematic soundscape and introspective lyricism, the song creates a strong sense of connection with listeners and showcases this rising musician’s spectacular artistry.

Having accumulated more than 500k catalogue streams to date on Spotify alone, byelian could well be one of Germany’s next big musical exports.


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New Music: Mared

London-based Welsh singer and songwriter Mared is a promising new artist who constructs finessed fusions of pop and alternative R&B.

Lifted from the ‘Something Worth Losing EP’ (out now), melodic new single ‘Undo’ showcases a sound that is sleek and stripped back – captivating listeners with it’s honest lyrics and smooth vocals.

Already garnering support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Radio Wales and Cymru, Mared looks set to be one of the UK’s most interesting emerging R&B talents.


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New Music: Lorelei Marcell

One of the most impressive releases of the week comes courtesy of rising US starlet Lorelei Marcell.

Emotive new single ‘Nothing Hurts Better’ serves a masterclass in dark indie-pop. This is a sound that carries the perfect dose of melancholy to keep listeners engaged and intrigued, without feeling overwhelmingly heavy or intense.

“Nothing feels the same way anymore, Is this it, have we learned? Never gonna stop this back and forth, Nothing hurts better – Loving you like that”

Nothing Hurts Better

To date, Marcell has achieved over a million catalogue streams as an independent artist, and managed to work alongside songwriters as prolific as Valerie Broussard, Stefan Lit and Shannon McArthur.

Lorelei Marcell

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New Music: MKSTN

Today marks the release of ‘Desires’, by emerging Canadian electronic artist MKSTN.

Through its dreamy and hazy soundscape, the song represents the emotions that we go through when begin to fall in love.

This is a sound that is timelessly classic and ethereal in tone, reminding listeners of the beauty that lies within our own emotions.

“It’s about a love promise between two. Taking that leap of faith of following each others desires to be with one another even though it maybe just temporary. I wanted to capture the excitement, nervousness and butterflies that come with going for ‘it’ even if it has never worked in the past… the anticipation of making the right or wrong decision.”

With an upcoming debut album on the horizon, this Toronto-based talent has already garnered support from the likes of Majestic Casual, Indie Shuffle and CBC Music.


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New Music: JDM Global

However your day is going, pressing play on ‘Dizzy’ is guaranteed to elevate your mood and get you into the summer spirit.

The track find JDM Global presenting a playful style of indie that incorporates elements of psychedelica and pop.

It’s a sound that is instantly likeable and utterly charming to experience, and sets the tone for the upcoming EP, entitled ‘Go Easy‘, which is out later this month.

“This project has been about a year in the making, with all new music and visuals, and I’m so happy to finally show everyone.”

JDM Global

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New Music: Rebounder

Some of New York’s finest emerging indie-rock comes courtesy of Rebounder. As the musical project of Dylan and Noah Chenfeld, these brothers create a style of sound that feels understated and cool, while maintaining a strong sense of charm and character.

New single ‘Boy Friday’ was self-written and produced, and perfectly fuses essences of summery nostalgia with playful tones of indie and pop.

“On this one we were really interested in the idea of feeling excited and optimistic about the future, while simultaneously noticing, recognising the passage of time more and the natural pressure it puts on you to try harder to get where you wanna go.” – Noah Chenfeld, Rebounder

To date, Rebounder’s work has garnered acclaim from notable tastemakers like NME, FADER, Pigeons & Planes and DIY Magazine. The band are currently on tour across the US, with stops in Washington, California and Ohio.


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Rebounder Summer Tour 2022:

  • June 22 Seattle, WA Neumos
  • June 24 San Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom 
  • June 25 San Diego, CA The Observatory North Park
  • June 26 Los Angeles, CA Fonda Theatre
  • July 9 Kirtland, OH Wonderstruck Festival 
  • August 26 Columbus, OH CAS

New Music: joshua epithet

Photo / Eric Aydin-Barberini

While still only 19-years of age, newcomer joshua epithet is creating some of the most interesting sounds to emerge from Manchester.

Inspired by a vast array of artists ranging from Blur and The Streets through to Tyler, The Creator and Childish Gambino, this talent crafts songs that feel alternative and experimental, while still maintaining some pop sensibilities. On new single ‘Casey Got The Call’, joshua explains:

“In a world where most people text, you know you’re more likely to get bad news in a phone call. The call represents the inevitable: the inevitability of failing, and ultimately being past your peak and knowing that there’s nothing you can do about it.”

With early support from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and 6 Music, Clash, Ones To Watch and Dummy, this UK artist looks set to hit the mainstream very soon.

joshua epithet

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New Music: Axis Neptune

Hailing from the English town of Scarborough is new project Axis Neptune, created by artist and multi-instrumentalist Josh Cotterill.

Over a relatively short space of time, Cotterill has been involved with several bands that have spanned the genres of indie, soul, R&B and experimental music.

The result of all this experience has led to the uniqueness of Axis Neptune’s sound, which feels eccentric, dreamy and soulful yet still relatable and easy to connect with.

Already selected as a ‘Pick of the Week’ by BBC Introducing, debut single ‘Cherry Red’ showcases some of the most interesting new music to emerge from Northern England this year.

“This song is about love and loss and all the things in-between that make the world turn.”

Axis Neptune

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New Music: India Shan

London-based singer-songwriter India Shan showcases some of her home town’s finest new music through the release of melodic new single ‘Don’t Wanna’.

Dreamy and delicate in tone, the song delivers a style of production that infuses R&B with hints of electronica, creating a sound that feels fresh and distinctive yet soulful and moving.

“The song kinda wrote itself, and quickly too. It’s about the patterns in a relationship that aren’t necessarily healthy – wanting to try and make things work but the realisation that it’s not a functional place to be. I think that’s what defines a toxic relationship, when you’re fully aware it’s not right but you struggle to leave because the ups and downs are essentially addictive.” 

With mentorship by London’s iconic Roundhouse, the Amy Winehouse Foundation and acclaimed producer Raf Riley, 2022 may well be Shan’s biggest year yet.

India Shan

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New Music: Bessie Turner

Photo / Laura Allard-Fleischl

Hailing from Suffolk in England is songwriter and artist Bessie Turner. This rising young starlet creates a style of sound that fuses the rawness and grit of indie-rock with the pensiveness of dreamy pop, as is the case with her new single ‘It Was Nothing’.

“I wrote the seed of ‘It Was Nothing’ years ago now. It’s about the loss of friendships and me trying to find peace and reason in a situation. I’m always the most sorry person in the room and take responsibility for things even if they’re not mine to carry, like if someone ran me over I would apologise for touching their car. I still haven’t found complete peace but at least I’ve made a little ditty. De nada, de rien, don’t worry about it, it’s kind of ironic and sarcastic I guess because I really, really care. The song is full of high and low energy and I wanted it to feel like a burst of emotion. The ending is a kind of sarky feel good end of play – it’s my favourite part of the song.” 

With a refreshingly honest and authentic approach towards music-making, Turner has already picked up early praise from the likes of Clash Magazine and The Line of Best Fit, as well as airplay on several BBC radio stations.

Turner will perform some live shows this summer – including the Latitude, Standon Calling and Victorious festivals.

Bessie Turner

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New Music: Goldie Vargas

We are starting the week off with a captivating piece of dreamy indie-pop from LA-based newcomer Goldie Vargas.

‘Moving in Reverse’ exists within a stunning sonic universe that is really quite sublime to experience. Intensely personal and introspective in its concept, listeners are presented with lyricism that tells of Vargas’ feelings of melancholy and isolation.

The song was written during the first week of the pandemic, and was left alone up until recently – as Vargas explains:

“It took a really mentally challenging period of my life to take me back to the final recording of the song where I discovered an entire new meaning in it. Everything I was going through with brain fog, anxiety and depression was being said through the song and communicated in such a clear way.” 

Goldie Vargas

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New Music: Alice Aera

It’s rare to find emerging artists who are creating classic soul within today’s musical landscape… Up until today, when our speakers were graced with the sonic artistry of Dutch singer songwriter Alice Aera.

This is soul and R&B in its purest form – designed to heighten listener’s emotions with its simple yet finessed production, sleek vocals and smooth melodies.

Inspired by icons like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill, it’s clear to see that Aera models herself on only the best – and it’s yielding some very impressive results so far.

Alice Aera

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New Music: Adam Ricci

Hailing from Perth is rising multi-disciplinarian Adam Ricci. Impressively, Ricci is not only a musical artist but also produces, mixes and masters his own work.

Glossy new single ‘My Type’ showcases a perfected blend of dance, pop and R&B. Matched with smooth vocals and a catchy melody, the track is sure to garner a lot of traction over the summer season ahead.

With praise from influential tastemakers like Wonderland already under his belt, this is one Australian artist worth keeping an eye out for.

Adam Ricci

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New Music: High Nelson

Bronx-raised artist High Nelson delivers one of the most interesting pieces of hip hop to have surfaced so far this month.

Conceptually unique in tone, ‘Sunday’ showcases an immersive production that feels understated yet utterly entrancing to experience.

Inspired by genres as diverse as British grime and rap through to old-school R&B and Calypso, High Nelson is pushing the boundaries of hip hop in a way that hasn’t been done in quite some time – making this talent one of the most exciting finds of the week.

High Nelson

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New Music: NOAH

Emerging UK-based artist NOAH is a 20-year old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who crafts an exceptional style of alternative pop; one that has already caught the attention of notable tastemakers like Notion, The Line of Best Fit, Popjustice and BBC Introducing.

New single ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ is only NOAH’s second release, yet showcases this artist’s remarkable skills at not only creating unique sounds, but also delivering honest and open lyricism.

“‘Who’s Laughing Now’ is a song about coming out on top, despite the people who did their best to bring you down. It specifically relates to the transphobia I’ve faced, but can be interpreted any way. I wanted to speak about how childish their hate is, and highlight the fact that it’s based on nothing but stupidity.”

The track is taken from NOAH’s forthcoming debut EP, which features production from acclaimed industry heavyweights like Jon McClure and Dimitri Tikovoï.


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