New Music: Jordana

Rock and indie-pop in a perfect marriage.



New Music: Wuh Oh

“‘Softstyle’ is the track blasting from the speakers of an underground club in a not-too-distant cyberpunk future. The brooding synth breakdown sucks everything into slow motion as strobe lights scan the dance floor before the beat drops and the rave kicks into overdrive.’

Wuh Oh

New Music: Tayler Buono

A finessed electropop track by Orlando-raised singer songwriter Tayler Buono, with a refreshingly honest take on social media.

“I wrote ‘Screen’ because I was lying in bed, scrolling through Instagram for hours, and eventually I realised I was becoming so insecure and depressed from comparing myself to everyone. I’ve had to learn to place a filter in my mind so I don’t jump straight into the comparison game, and start to believe that someone else’s life is better than mine because of what they show on social media.”

Tayler Buono

New Music: Color Fields

Conneticut natives John Torres and Scott Packham have blended together elements of indie, rock, RnB, and soul to create this uniquely raw and captivating sound.

“‘Animal’ is a song about our tendency to hide our true selves from one another, and what happens when we stop.”

Taken from the forthcoming EP ‘Pendulum’.

Color Fields

New Music: JW Francis

Oklahoma born, Paris raised, New York City residing, assistant to a Nobel Prize Winner, licensed New York City tour guide and a Murder Mystery business owner.

Oh, and the creator of fine indie-pop songs as well, so much so that he’s just been signed up by the iconic British label Sunday Best.

“I’m a licensed tour guide of NYC. This place has taught me so much. I wanted to write an homage, but also express how I feel, which is mostly contained in the first line of the song ‘I’ll sleep when dead’.”

JW Francis

New Music: Eli Gosling

Surrey-based Eli Gosling creates a refreshing, mellow pop & RnB sound that is inspired by his surroundings, relationships, skate parks, movies and urban art.

Eli Gosling

New Music: Tom Visser

Tom Visser creates a delicate and melodic indie sound that feels beautifully emotive and mindful.

“I think I was cycling with my Dad, and in that moment I felt like I was stronger than him, like a generational baton was being passed. I felt, for a brief, fleeting moment, free from the weight of any expectation or past experience, and that I had the opportunity to reassemble those pieces into a different shape.”

Tom Visser

New Music: ruus

Some songs you press play to, and immediately know that you’ll love. This is one of those moments. Swedish talent ruus is a singer songwriter who works closely with producer DIMD to create an eclectic and alternative edge to pop.

“Sometimes you hang out with people you don’t necessarily like, but because you don’t want to create a bad mood in the group, you smile and are polite. But sometimes you have to wake up and change the situation to feel good about yourself. Stop pretending some days.”


New Music: Louis Jarto

Raised in the world-famous hippie, self-declared autonomous region of Christiania in Copenhagen, Louis Jarto creates a larger-than-life Danish synth pop sound with a sense of playfulness.

There’s hints of early Daft Punk on this track, and generally just a perfect vibe for the summer.

“‘Good to You’ is an emotional riot with festival attitude.”

Louis Jarto

New Music: Kaky

A genre-defying French talent who creates a unique and intriguing sound. The lines are blurred between this song being indie, electro and hip hop. Give the track a couple of spins, it get’s so much better with each listen.


New Music: Elia F. Compton

Written during the lockdown that the UK was facing, this release is an effortlessly cool take on disco-funk, with elements of soul and RnB.

“Like many people, I have used this time to try and act consciously and reflect on what gives me meaning and purpose. The message of ‘This Moment’ became more hopeful – a reminder to acknowledge and celebrate the moments in our days worth savouring, no matter how small.”

Elia F. Compton

New Music: Alfie Crews

In addition to being the lead singer and songwriter for London-based group The Riversiders, Alfie Crews also created some fine bedroom pop with subtle, mellow vibes of hip hop and soul.

Alfie Crews

New Music: Baby Queen

An interesting mix of bubblegum pop with a raw, grungy feel.

“This song epitomises everything that is the first era of Baby Queen. There is something about the stream of consciousness and the inner turmoil the lyrics are expressing that feels like home. When people ask me what Baby Queen is, I almost always just play them ‘Buzzkill’ and they almost always just understand”.

Baby Queen