New Music: Zupermaria

I genuinely struggled to try and describe this sound. All I can say is that it’s utterly bonkers (yet brilliant) pop, produced with hints of funk and disco.

It’s performed in Norwegian, but I can promise you that you won’t quite hear anything like this for some time.



New Music: Iman

If you’re looking for someone who’s perfected a new approach to RnB, while still maintaining a sense of subtle playfulness that comes from old-school soul, then you’ve found your guy.


New Music: Sofia Hoss

A punchy blend of hip hop, RnB and pop from Sweden. The chorus is sublime!

Sofia Hoss

New Music: The Hara

I’ve always felt that the best rock is the kind which goes above and beyond; the type that throws subtlety out of the window and celebrates itself for the awesome chaos that it is.

This British trio create a blend of hard rock and pop, which is so extra and manic that it’s near impossible not to enjoy.

“We were inspired to write this song whilst comparing the state of the world right now, including the devastating Australian bush fires, and how everything seems to be a circus. I think this song has everything you would ever want and I’m so proud of how powerful it’s come out, including the crazy operatic ending!”


New Music: Daniel Blake

A beautifully composed song dedicated to the icons who have in some shape managed to influence our lives, but who also left the world too soon.

“‘Heartbreaker’ came together because I wanted to write a song honouring Tom Petty. There is no one cooler and more honest than him. His musical talents and his not going to take crap from anyone attitude has inspired myself and so many other musicians/ songwriters.”

Daniel Blake

New Music: Grace Weber

Here’s a sound that is so full of confidence and raw emotion that it defines Grace Weber as part of an exciting new generation of soul talent.

Grace Weber

New Music: MΛD FVN

Dark, almost sinister tones underline the essence of this electro-pop song. Playful yet intense, it is an intriguing sound which deserves a listen.

“Music gives me the power to embrace every part of who I am in my darkest times to my best moments, all while connecting with people from across the globe.”


New Music: Lyle LaRue

Producer Lyle Larue has a style that encapsulates the best of several genres – in this song performed by Ashenelle we experience a fusion of RnB, indie and soul. All of which are blended together in the most effortlessly smooth way possible.

Lyle LaRue

New Music: Crash Adams

With over 300,000 streams from previous singles under their belt, Crash Adams have shown a talent for creating infectiously fun power pop. Not only that; the Toronto duo produce, write, sing, mix and master all of their own music.

Crash Adams

New Music: Olivia Lunny

Olivia Lunny has been on my radar for some time, but this is the first release which has really resonated with me, and frankly I love it. A beautifully crafted pop sound that emanates from the self empowerment of heartbreak.

Olivia Lunny

New Music: Edwin Organ

A mix of indie and electro from this Glasgow native; a sound that is reminiscent of Hot Chip’s earlier years (which is just about one of the best sounds from the genre in my view).

“‘The River’ is a song about love and mistakes. As humans we get caught up in a lot of things. Distractions can really get us in a pickle and it’s worse when hindsight presents us with all the signs we missed clear as day.”

Edwin Organ

New Music: Juni Poet

Swedish talent Juni Poet creates a raw indie pop sound, wrapped with heavy doses of melancholy, intensity and profoundness.

My music is nothing more than a failed attempt to understand my existence.”

Juni Poet

New Music: Frogi

This track from Los Angeles based singer, writer & producer Frogi is pure bubblegum pop that still somehow delivers lyrics with substance.

“It’s about admitting our aloneness and anxiety, and in turn, becoming friends with it and laughing with it. Sometimes you’ve just got to accept that you’re scared and try to make peace with it.”


New Music: Jen Miller

The amount of talent emerging from Nashville right now really is quite phenomenal.

Not only is this talent crafting some fantastic soul-infused music, but she’s also the creator of Girl Gang Music (a very cool community and network of music professionals for women and gender non-conforming folk), but also a music producer, and political-writer-communicator. Her sound is both confidently assured and finessed, but also warm and easy to vibe along to.

In the absence of Pride this year, Miller has released a song that begins with summery funk tones, then follows through with her uniquely rich vocals performing some delightfully playful lyrics.

“’Juicy Fruit’ is a funky pop bop from the gays for the gays.”

Jen Miller

New Music: Harve

A stunning take on soul from a this emerging London talent. The sound feels fragile and minimal while still exuding with emotion.


New Music: PHNTMS

A heart-warming indie rock sound that carries a strong sense of emotion, and a powerful message through the lyrics. Having already secured opening spots supporting the likes of Kings of Leon, The 1975, Bastille, Fitz & The Tantrums and more to mention but a few, you can feel that big things are on the horizon for PHNTMS.

“When things get hard, if you aren’t happy with yourself and the situation you’re in, no one can change that but you. At the end of the day, as humans, our expectations are the reason why we feel disappointment. Having your own personal goals is the reason you keep on pushing. ‘Towers’ is a reflection of that.” 

Adam Jessamine, PHNTMS

New Music: baard

Playful Norwegian electro pop with an infectious beat structure. If you’re a sucker for Sweden’s Felix Sandman then you will love this kid.


New Music: Keir Gibson

I am so pleased to be sharing emerging Scottish singer songwriter Keir Gibson with you. There’s a sense of energy that grips you from the start with his music – a fusion of power pop and indie, which tells me the future is bright for this kid.

“‘Circles’ is about two people who are in a constant cycle of falling in and out with each other. They both know it’s unhealthy but at the same time they’re too afraid to lose the other person by turning their backs on the relationship and admitting that it’s over.”

Keir Gibson