New Music: Timi O

Boston-based artist Timi O’s ‘Threat’ only runs for 83 seconds, but it’s one of the most innovative and immersive pieces of music we’ve heard all week.

Distinctly unique in its concept, the song’s production pushes the boundaries of the rap genre – and in doing so, creates an exceptional sonic experience. Elaborating on the inspiration behind the track, Timi O explains:

“This song is reflective of my experience as a Black man in the US. The instrumental sets me up to portray a supervillain-like persona, but my lyrics show that I am just a man trying to beat the odds.”

While still a rising talent, Timi O has already amassed more than 850k career streams on Spotify alone. We envision big things for this musician… so be sure to keep an eye out!

Timi O

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New Music: JEWLS

Photo / c.kassette

Emerging from Germany is alt-pop talent JEWLS, who is rapidly marking a name for herself as an artist with an incredible skill for crafting immersive soundscapes that are both timeless and ethereal in tone.

Expressive new single ‘Realism’ addresses the superficial characteristics that society has adopted due to social media, and presents thoughtful lyricism over a stunning dark-pop production.

“‘Realism’ tells the story of misfitting the world of Vanilla Girls and Boys. Rather be alone, than in the wrong vibe.”

In our view, this is one of the finest electronic pop releases that we have come across this week. The song is taken from the artist’s forthcoming debut album, entitled ‘There Is No Sunset’, which is scheduled for release later this year.


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New Music: Elizabeth Hume

Fans of 90’s indie will absolutely fall in love with American newcomer Elizabeth Hume.

‘Breathing’ is the first single off Hume’s upcoming EP, which was completed in collaboration with producer Nolan Garrett.

Inspired by the euphoric emotions that we experience while we are in love, the song treats listeners to an airy and lofty fusion of indie, folk and pop.

“‘Breathing’ is an expression of feeling content in love. Wanting to know everything about the person that brings you this sense of joy. There is nothing like listening to the breathing of a loved one and witnessing them live with beauty and adoration.”

Hume’s EP will consist of five songs, and was written and recorded while she was on her gap year after finishing high school. Elaborating on the forthcoming project, Hume explains:

“The content of this EP centres around inspecting and reflecting on aspects of mental health, relationships, and figuring out where personal identity fits into it all.”

Elizabeth Hume

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New Music: Temm

One of the most impressive discoveries of the week has been Temm. Hailing from London, this singer and songwriter has just unveiled the first single from her forthcoming debut EP, and it’s a stunner.

‘Right Words’ is a powerfully emotive song that was written as a dedication to anyone who is facing a hard time in their lives, and reminds us that better days lie ahead.

Covering themes of adversity, self-reflection and healing, the song’s introspective lyricism feels refreshingly relatable, and is sure to be a source of comfort and encouragement for any listeners who are struggling with life right now.

More information about Temm’s debut EP, along with its London launch show, will be announced soon.


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New Music: Andie Mechanic

American artist Andie Mechanic is an indie singer and songwriter who is inspired by the complexities of human emotion.

Haunting new single ‘Clinton’ is a sonic experience like none other. Gritty, intense, and unnerving in its style, the song relays a difficult period in Andie’s life.

“I wrote this song about when my life felt like a horror movie. This track is for those of us that need to experience the catharsis of our mistakes one more time.”

Andie’s work has already been featured on respected tastemaker sites such as Atwood Magazine, while also landing placements on flagship Spotify playlists like New Pop Picks and Fresh Finds.

Andie Mechanic

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New Music: Ashaine White

Ashaine White might not yet be a name known to many, but this talented musician is already making waves.

Already tipped by the Ivor Novello Academy and Apple Music as one of the country’s most promising new songwriters, it’s clear to see that White is an artist to watch for this year.

Soulful, dark and melancholic in tone, new single ‘Right Here’ serves as a taster to the future starlet’s work, and showcases her self-described style of ‘grunge soul’ beautifully.

“‘Right Here’, is a moody and romantic take on the outcomes of a toxic relationship, where the sweet and loving memories of the honeymoon phase are the only thing to cling onto.”

Ashaine White

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New Music: Perry Foster

Photo / chrisrubeo

Hailing from New York is promising newcomer Perry Foster, who has just unveiled a beautiful piece of acoustic indie with his single, ‘The Lucky One’.

Recorded in the Hudson Valley, the song was written, arranged and sung by Perry himself. It presents listeners with a gorgeously warm and mellow style of sound, while also infusing elements of alternative R&B and soul into its production.

Although this is still only Foster’s fourth release to date, we see a ton of potential for this talented musician – so be sure to keep this artist in your radars!

Perry Foster

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Swedish newcomer HENRIKES (aka Josefin Henrique) is a vocalist and songwriter who has recently appeared on our radars.

Inspired by old-school icons like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, as well as modern-day names like Lykke Li, Anna of the North and Susanne Sundfør, HENRIKES aims to create cinematic pieces of pop that are both nostalgic and current at the same time.

Melodic new single ‘Out Of The Blue’ seamlessly fuses power-pop with electronica and synth. The result is a sound that is punchy, bold and confident in character. Elaborating on the inspiration behind the song, Josefin explains:

“‘Out Of The Blue’ is an expression of that turning point when you least expect it and light reappears out of the blue. It touches on the energetic feeling of attraction when it strikes without warning.”


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New Music: Ben Lamb

Hailing from South East London is Welsh alt-pop artist Ben Lamb, who has just unveiled a captivating new single that deserves your attention.

‘Something in the Water’ presents listeners with a production that is not only refreshingly experimental in character, but is also rich in sonic texture.

Inspired by the overwhelming effects of being in love, the song’s lyrics feel raw and candid, yet still relatable.

“Now that you’ve saved me, take me back you yours, I’ll make myself at home”.

‘Something in the Water’ is Lamb’s second single to date, and will be featured on the artist’s forthcoming debut EP of the same name (scheduled for release this May).

Aside from his own work as a solo artist, Lamb is also an accomplished drummer who has worked alongside the likes of Bat and Ball, Easypeel and Gabrielle Sey.

Ben Lamb

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New Music: Beth Morgan

One of the most exciting debuts to emerge from the UK this month has been Beth Morgan.

‘Kissing Strangers’ is a gorgeously intimate slice of pop that feels classic and timeless in its production. Written for those who have had their hearts broken, the song’s emotionally-charged lyrics feel refreshingly raw and honest.

Prior to the release of the song, Beth’s vocals were featured on a cover version of iconic UK hit ‘Flowers’, consequently landing a placement on the hugely popular TV show Love Island.

Beth Morgan

New Music: splendi

Hailing from Philadelphia is 23-year old singer, songwriter and drummer splendi.

With only three singles under her belt, this rising starlet has already amassed more than 135k streams on Spotify alone.

Pressing play on ‘lazy bones’ gives you an idea as to why splendi’s name has become one to watch. The song showcases a refreshingly original style of indie-pop that is heartfelt, honest, raw, and emotive in character.

splendi plays Philadelphia’s Silk City on the 28th April – tickets can be found here.


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New Music: kohzee

There’s something very special about London/Brighton rap outfit kohzee.

As a musical collective, these three artists write, produce and perform all of their work in their own home attic studio.

Together, this trio craft a style of sound that fuses hip hop with alternative jazz, and in doing so, create songs that feel distinctly unique in character.

As winners of DHL’s Fast-Track Sessions, kohzee were able to create ‘sand’ over a two day period at London’s iconic Abbey Road Studios with the help of executive producer Hannah V.


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New Music: Milktuth

One of the most impressive indie outfits to emerge this week has been Kyiv-based quartet Milktuth.

A musical collaboration between members of Ai Laika and lisova groups, this new project presents listeners with an atmospheric fusion of alternative rock, bedroom pop, shoegaze and indie, resulting in an immersive soundscape that is rich in character and emotion.

Powerful new single ‘Take Ten’ looks at the shock and grief that one experiences when they lose someone, and was inspired by the current climate in their home nation.

“‘Take Ten’ is a song about the loss of a loved one and the emptiness that follows. How when the grief knocks on your door, your first reactions is to close your eyes in disbelief. And, just like in a childish game, count to ten and open them, hopefully to find out it all was only a frightful dream.”


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New Music: Lilly Hart

Hailing from the American state of Georgia, 19-year old indie talent Lilly Hart has been steadily building momentum over the last few months from the release of just two songs.

Hart’s third single, ‘Drive Slow’, has really propelled this musician to the limelight. Amassing more than 60k streams on Spotify to date, this spellbinding fusion of indie and pop is one of the strongest tracks of the week.

“I write all my instrumentals and lyrics. Music is my passion and I hope my music can make anyone who listens, feel something. My songs can be about personal experiences or made up stories. If you listen, interpret the lyrics in anyway you want to. Connect to it and make it about you.”

Already a tastemaker’s favourite, Hart is currently featured on notable playlists like Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds Pop’, as well as Summa’ Night Vibes and Fashionably Early.

Lilly Hart

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New Music: Brandon Lott

Hailing from the musical mecca of Indianapolis is soul singer, songwriter and producer Brandon Lott, who has just unveiled a charming new single that deserves your attention.

‘Aries’ serves as a taster to Lott’s upcoming ‘Aqua Dream’ project, and treats listeners to a sound that seamlessly fuses modern alt-R&B with retro-inspired hints of soul and funk. Elaborating on the song’s lyricism, Lott explains:

“It’s an 80s funk inspired groove illuminating the intense love embodied by the leader of the zodiac, Aries. Captivated by her energy, ‘Aries’ is a celebration of unfiltered passion and fearless adventure.”

The track follows on from Lott’s ‘Reflections’ record (available here), and marks a new creative chapter in this ever-evolving artist’s career. If you’ve fallen in love with Lott’s sound then be sure to check out his other releases here.

Brandon Lott

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New Music: Gabriella Rose

Singer and songwriter Gabriella Rose might just be your new favourite Americana artist. There’s a special charm that comes with this talent that is simply captivating to experience.

Lyrically inspired by the sinister thoughts that creep up on people who are in relationships, ‘In The Dark’ showcases a style of production that incorporates hazy indie and alt-pop with hints of dark, nostalgic country music.

The result is a sound that feels both timelessly classic and also refreshingly raw and future-forward in character. Keep this musician on your radars – she is most certainly one to watch!

Gabriella Rose

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New Music: Aidan

Track of the week. London-based singer, songwriter and producer Aidan boldly pushes the boundaries of R&B to the very limit, and does so with spectacular results.

Hypnotic new single ‘We Hug, We Sway’ is sonically future-forward and experimental, while maintaining a beautifully emotive essence that is utterly mesmerising to experience.

 “’We Hug, We Sway’ as a title refers to the back and forth of a fortified love between two people. The fact that the woman is pregnant, but is seen to be, undeniably, the more powerful one in the video shows the true essence of what it means to be a powerful, human being, a powerful woman. The whole song is written from the point of view of a man who is deeply in love, but feels like he has to protect his loved one, when in reality, she can protect herself and, in many ways, can protect the relationship more than he can. Both the song and the video are an alternative way of showing the power of femininity, whilst also showing the vulnerability of man.”

With tastemaker support from heavyweights as noted as Mystic Sons, Fashionably Early and Clash Magazine, Aidan is one artist to watch for this year.


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New Music: teo glacier

teo glacier is your reminder that New Zealand continues to be the home of exceptional new musical talent.

While still only 17-years of age, this independent artist has already garnered more than 300k streams, mostly in thanks to his viral hit ‘too much’.

Featuring teo’s emotive and sincere vocals, the song presents listeners with a tastefully stripped-back fusion of acoustic pop and R&B.

“Hoping to make a name for myself and positively affect other people through my music.”

teo glacier

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New Music: SALPA

SALPA might just be the most exciting new British talent that we have come across this week.

Melancholic debut single ‘England’ presents listeners with a stripped-back yet emotive sound that is lyrically inspired by the current state of the artist’s home nation.

“My Mother’s disillusionment, her rage. My Dad’s stoicism, his steadfastness. My Grandad’s anxiety for the world, his inability to switch off the news. When I return to England I stay with them, the pain comes from seeing something we all love in disrepair. I don’t remember much of the process, this song came from somewhere outside of myself. It doesn’t sonically align with where I’m going but it needed to come through and that is why I’m putting it out.”

While not much is yet known about SALPA, we are certain that this talent will pick up a ton of momentum in the coming months.


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New Music: JACKPAL

Hailing from the American state of South Carolina is JACKPAL, who has just unveiled his spectacular debut single, entitled ‘I WANNA MAKE YOU MINE’.

Written with the intention of giving listeners feelings of happiness and joy, the song’s thrilling mix of alt-pop, indie and rock is not only superbly constructed, but also reminds us of the power that music has in elevating our moods.

“In a world where everyone is so serious and self consumed, the goal of this song was to create something fun to shift everyone’s attention for a moment. I think life is all about perspective and when you’re surrounded by negativity you’re bound to have it superglue to your mentality. I had to shift my perspective to make this song and figure out how I could create something that just makes people want to dance.”

JACKPAL seems to be the kind of artist who is totally unafraid of pushing boundaries, and for that we can safely say that this is one talent to watch in 2023.


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