Did you ever like Diana Vickers?

I won’t lie- I liked her album which she released from the back of the X Factor. She ditched that really annoying cat-noise she did on the shows and worked with Ellie Goulding to make a pretty cool record.

Then she got dropped, and not one to give up, has a new team behind her and has just released this track. Credit given where it’s due- this is a cute track.


Sugarcubes vs Diana Vickers

Sugarcubes (i.e. Baby Bjork) had a little hit called ‘Hit’ back in 1991. That same year, a girl called Diana Vickers was born who ended up being on the UK’s X Factor a couple of years ago. If Norah Jones was a cat, she would sound like Diana Vickers. Diana didn’t win the X Factor, but she ended up making an album anyway that was released earlier this month (which got to number 1, and I must admit, I did buy it… sorry… it was made by Guy Sigsworth and Ellie Goulding and I couldn’t resist). Diana has a cover of ‘Hit’ on her album, which I actually really like. See which one you prefer…