Emmrose – 17 Inside

Emmrose might be one of New York’s hardest working musicians. Releasing more than eighteen singles and an album in the space of just two years, this artist is now rapidly gaining traction across the world.

’17 Inside’ fuses Emmrose’s folky vocals over a production that blends elements of indie with pop. Elaborating on the song’s lyrical inspiration, Emmrose explains:

“I feel that I never really finished high school because I was in zoom-school all year. I felt that I grew as a person but didn’t get to show that to anyone. It was very frustrating for no one to see that. I was still upset with how everything happened with a particular friendship, and that I never had a chance to really talk one on one about how I felt. I don’t like holding grudges and I don’t want to have people thinking poorly about me. I was hoping to apologise, but New York shut down.”

The track is taken from Emmrose’s forthcoming ‘Thorns’ album, which is out soon. In the meantime, fans can explore this artist’s other songs over on Spotify.