August Royals – Blue Football

‘Blue Football’ is a beautifully melodic and deeply moving release from LA-based artist August Royals, who is newly signed to RCA Records.

Trynna fix the mess I made

But my mental’s in a fragile state


Sorry to the ones that love me

Gotta leave a legacy I’ll try not to go too soon

August Royals

Eleanor K – All In

Ahead of the release of her self-produced debut album ‘Everytime’s The Last Time’, Eleanor K unveils visuals for new single ‘All In’.

Having achieved huge success during her time performing with Crystal Fighters, she’s now reborn as a solo artist who’s music effortlessly blends delicate vocals with sublime productions that are rich in emotion.

“The album narrates my journey. From absolute crisis to getting myself completely engulfed in a fairly lengthy eating disorder, nearly giving up totally, to eventually pulling myself back together again. I had spent my formative years on tour with no real ties anywhere and a fairly one-sided perspective of life. It was affecting the music I was making as I lacked confidence in what I was doing. It wasn’t until I actually sat down, stripped everything in my life back and got to some good old-fashioned routine involved – something I had been so resistant to – that I began making material I actually liked and felt represented what I was about.”

Eleanor K

daysormay – Just Existing

Canadian alt trio daysormay have been consistently delivering outstanding bangers lately. ‘Just Existing’ is no exception; this is a loud, bold and upbeat song that commands your attention. On the song, they say:

“It was actually a mashup of 3 older songs we wrote that never went anywhere. We noticed there were parts in all of them that were cool, but the rest was just weighing them down, so we kind of Frankensteined all 3 ideas together into one.” – Aidan Andrews, daysormay

The upcoming album ‘Just Existing’ is out on 6th October 2020.


Alexander Wesley – 19

Ontario’s finest, Alexander Wesley is back today with a gorgeously intimate and nostalgic release. ’19’ focuses on those first love feelings we’ve all experienced, perfectly encapsulating everything that a teenage love story has to offer.

“’19’ was written about that unconditional, euphoric and at times amusing state of being young and in love. It’s the kind of love that makes you forget everything else exists. When I sat down to write it, I remember reflecting on what it was like to be at that stage in my life; how innocent and pure every aspect of it was. It’s something for me, that’s hard to forget, and I hope those who listen will be taken back to those very moments that inspired the song.”

Alexander Wesley

Luke Hemmings – Motion

Luke Hemmings is not only the lead vocalist of Australian pop-rock outfit 5 Seconds of Summer, but he’s also a superb soloist in his own right.

‘Motion’ is a shimmering slice of trippy, psychedelica-inspired pop that is totally enchanting to listen to.

Luke Hemmings

ill peach – UP UP AND AWAY

One of indie-pop’s most exciting outfits to emerge from California of late, ill peach are back today with ‘UP UP AND AWAY’, which serves as a taster to their upcoming debut EP.

The duo have garnered considerable buzz since the release of ‘GUM’, even getting featured on noted playlists like LOREM and Superbloom.

The debut EP ‘EXCUSE US WHILE WE FIND OUR MINDS’ is set for release on 4th August 2021.

ill peach

Tall Heights – Hear It Again

I first featured Tall Heights back in 2016, and I am so stoked to see that this Boston indie duo have amassed over 275 million streams since, thanks to their lush soundscapes and emotive melodies.

They’re back with another sublime release in the form of ‘Hear It Again’, which serves as a joyous anthem of hope. 

“‘Hear It Again’ is a reverberating cry from the days of quarantine, a cry that has joyfully been answered. The writing process started on a pre-pandemic tour with Ben Folds, and was finished and recorded in pandemic isolation. The song is impregnated with this tension between two lost sanctuaries : home at home and home on the road. As the lines blur between the two, ultimately a feeling prevails that there is only one course back to peace for Tall Heights : back on tour.” 

Tall Heights

emie nathan – roses

One of my favourite newcomers to emerge from 2021, emie nathan returns with her uplifting new single ‘roses’.

Launching just three months ago, emie has already amassed over a million streams globally, as well as picking-up tastemaker support from the likes BBC Radio 1, Wonderland and Clash.

“The chorus describes how easy it is to look back on a moment in time with rose-tinted glasses, imagining everything better than it was in reality.  This song narrates how I see it for exactly what it was, the good with the bad and the sweetness that lies in both. The verses unpick my craving for a real and continued experience,  knowing that while it remains completely impossible – re-entering a more ‘normal’ way of life feels threatening without my people nearby to stick with and lean on.” 

emie nathan

Jordan Stephens – Wicked

A master of many talents, the musician, creative, writer and performer that is Jordan Stephens returns with an infectiously memorable anthem in the form of new single ‘Wicked’.

The track’s message is a simple yet powerful one: it’s a sign to feel good within yourself, own yourself, and value yourself from the inside out.

Jordan Stephens

Vantage – I Found You (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso)

Swedish superstar Benjamin Ingrosso seems to have a good instinct in what songs he decides to lend his distinctive vocals to.

His collaboration with French-born, Japan-based future funk pioneer Vantage is perfect proof; this is probably going to be one of the best summer bops of the year.

Vantage | Benjamin Ingrosso

Miles Wesley – Medicine (feat. Jutes)

Consistently proving himself as one-to-watch, Miles Wesley is back with a new summery bop that is not only captivating but wildly infectious.

Featuring the talents of Jutes, ‘Medicine’ outlines the notion of being hypnotised by an intoxicating relationship.

Miles Wesley | Jutes

Malaki – Head Highs

Undoubtedly one of Ireland’s most promising rappers of late, Dubliner Malaki’s superb ‘Head Highs’ serves as the lead single from the forthcoming EP ‘DFTTYM’ (Don’t Forget To Take Your Medicine), which due later this month.

“I wrote this song when I was living in London the summer of 2020. I wasn’t in the greatest of head spaces and I was confined to my flat due to the pandemic. I promised myself I would come back a stronger person and enjoy the life London had to offer. This music video definitely proves that.”


Indigo De Souza – Hold U

A stunning mix of indie and pop come together on Indigo De Souza’s latest release, ‘Hold U’.

This is a gorgeously melodic and uplifting track, filled with refreshing lyricism and beautiful vocals.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Any Shape You Take’ which is out later in the summer.

Indigo De Souza

Faye Meana – Was It Really Love?

A beautifully textured blend of RnB, soul and electronica from one of London’s most exciting rising talents, Faye Meana.

Taken from the new EP ‘Sweeter Than Heaven’ which is out now.

Faye Meana

Similar Kind + DEEGAN – M.I.A.

Norwalk artists DEEGAN and Similar Kind team together on the hugely infectious ‘M.I.A.’

The epitome of a summer love song, this is an explosive pop bop that’s all about the butterflies and egos that come with a new relationship.

Similar Kind | DEEGAN

Russ Reiss – too old for my age

One of my favourite soloists to emerge from the US so far this year, Russ Reiss is back today with a summery pop banger in the form of new single ‘too old for my age’.

If you’re a fan like me then the good news is we have more songs written in this style to look forward to in the future!

Russ Reiss

warner case + Jean Tonique + Max Kaluza – summer on the inside

Just in time for the weekend comes one of the most uplifting slices of disco to set you in a good mood.

Courtesy of NYC producer warner case and French producer Jean Tonique, ‘summer on the inside’ is part of the duo’s collaborative EP of the same name which is out now.

“Parents claim they love all their children equally, which is a lie. But I love all the songs on our ‘summer on the inside’ EP equally, and I wouldn’t lie to you.” – warner case

warner case | Jean Tonique | Max Kaluza

EREZ – Dance It Away

EREZ is back with the breathtakingly original ‘Dance It Away’. A seductive slow-burner, the song evolves from a dark and sinister composition into something that feels ethereal and surreal.

“I’m so deep into dance and the journey it takes you on. I love the sexiness of it, I love the passion behind it, I love the energy it creates between people, I love the speed, I love the intention in every movement I make when I dance, I love the improvised choreography and the freedom of the moment. The only way to truly enjoy the dance floor is by letting it be your boss. Once you do that, you’re rewarded with a clear mind and open heart and connection to yourself, the music, the people around you, the world. People are happy when they dance. They’re not judgmental. They’re in tune with their bodies and chemicals. They want to fuck. They want to scream. They want to reach out and in. Dancing is therapy. Mind-body connection. Somatic healing.”



Inspired by his struggle with identifying as LGBTQ+, talented Londoner SXMSON is back today with new anthem ‘L2LY’.

Produced and co-written by EMRE, the song sees SXMSON reassure his younger self that life gets better when you learn to love who you are.

“I spent a lot of my childhood learning to hate myself. I think many of us are inherently taught to not like who we are. Years of verbal abuse, social pressures and feeling lonely had a long lasting impact on my self-esteem, which, now as an adult, I am trying to slowly unlearn. Even though I am proud of the person I have become today, I wonder how different things could have been if younger me had the chance to spend [even just] 10 minutes with present me. ‘L2LY’ was written as a daily reminder that however hard life gets, you gotta keep pushing through because life is too short to not know how badass you really are.”