Amber Ryann – Liquid Courage

Photo / Alex Cobain

In every sense of the word, Amber Ryann’s latest release is epic. ‘Liquid Courage’ showcases a powerfully dark and intense approach to alternative pop, and one which is certain to solidify this rising singer, songwriter and producer as a star of the future. Speaking on the song, Ryann explains:

“‘Liquid Courage’ is all about the false sense of over confidence and temptation that comes along with drunk encounters and late night rendezvous. This track is as cinematic as it is mysterious and alluring.”

With her perfected techniques at music-making, it’s little wonder that Ryann has already picked up placements on key Spotify editorial playlists, as well as garnering praise from from the likes of Ones To Watch, Lyrical Lemonade and Earmilk.

Amber Ryann

Ella Eliza – Imma Do Me

Today sees London-based German talent Ella Eliza unleashing the ultimate self-empowering anthem for Gen Z.

‘Imma Do Me’ showcases this rising singer, songwriter and producer’s skills – with its infectious melody, powerful vocals and punchy lyrics.

“Gen Z is really challenging societal standards which is incredible and I for myself have learned to give less of a f**k about who people think I should be.”

To date, Eliza has garnered recognition from the likes of Earmilk, Dummy, BBC Introducing and Wonderland. Eliza also sold out her debut show at the start of 2022, and looks set to take on her biggest year yet.

Ella Eliza

Daisy Grenade – Are You Scared Of Me Yet?

Brooklyn’s finest bubblegrunge duo Daisy Grenade return with an anthemic bop through the release of their new single ‘Are You Scared Of Me Yet?’.

Perfectly balancing a dark punk sound with pop, the song feels both sinister and playful in equal measures.

The track further goes to show just how talented this outfit are – and with mentorship and support from Pete Wentz himself, Daisy Grenade could well be the next big US punk act to take over the world.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Are You Scared Of Me Yet?’

Daisy Grenade

Michael Mayo – Long Late Nights (feat. Harrison Walker)

American singer, songwriter and producer Michael Mayo joins forces with London-based musician Harrison Walker on the release of new single ‘Long Late Nights’.

A perfect song for the weekend ahead, the track blends dance-pop with essences of soul and R&B, creating an infectiously memorable and melodic slice of musical bliss.

“This song is written based on the feeling when you’re just driving home and you sometimes just wonder if you kept driving what would happen this song is about that feeling you get and actually doing it.” – Michael Mayo

Aside from amassing more than 600k career plays to date, Mayo is also a professional actor – and is currently working on an HBO Max production that is due to air later this year.

Michael Mayo | Harrison Walker

Tafari Anthony – Replay

Photo / millermatthews

Canadian talent Tafari Anthony returns today with a sublime mix of soulful pop, dark synths and alternative R&B.

Released as part of the 604 Sessions series,’Replay’ is taken from the dual single ‘I’m Sure You Meant Well’ (out now). Speaking on the song, the Juno-nominated artist says:

“At the time of being selected for the Inaugural 604 Sessions I had just released a new project a few months earlier and had also been a few months into dating outside of my long-term partner. It was an exciting and busy time during the pandemic when all of a sudden things seemingly came to halt. I was left with many questions, very few answers and a very familiar feeling. “Replay” now feels like this very vivid snapshot in time where I was longing for that communication and no matter how I tried I was not getting it. It forced me to go inward, and I started creating my own narrative as to what was going through his mind.”

Anthony is already a noted creative in his homeland of Canada. The Juno-nominated artist has received extensive airplay on national outlets like CBC and also garnered praise from acclaimed tastemakers like Billboard and PAPER Magazine.

Tafari Anthony

Nick de la Hoyde – Close To U

Captivating listeners all across Australia (and much of the world) from as early as 2014, Nick de la Hoyde’s style of music-making has treated fans to indie-pop sounds that are both expertly produced and packed with emotion.

New single ‘Close To U’ focuses on the feelings that we experience when we commit ourselves into achieving something – and reminds us that the journey is just as important as the achievement itself.

To date, Nick’s award-winning work has been featured on established outlets like BBC Radio 1, KIIS FM, The Hit Network and Sirius XM. Nick has also carved himself as a notable songwriter, collaborating and writing with artists globally.

Nick de la Hoyde

Meyru – Theatre Party

With each of their recent releases, we have come to fall further in love with Meyru’s inimitable style of indie-rock.

Today marks the band’s unveiling of their ‘Slow Up LP’, alongside new single ‘Theatre Party’. Through its raw and melancholy tones, the track showcases modern American rock and roll at its finest.

“‘Theatre Party’ is a step into a heavier and more stripped down sound for the band. It’s the first song we wrote for the album and it sets the tone for the whole record as the opener. There’s a sense of unnerving and paranoia throughout the track. With the help of Sam Skinner (Pinegrove) we finally got the live and roomy drum sound we’ve been chasing for a long time.”

Garnering praise from the likes of Clash and Earmilk, as well as notable inclusions on flagship Spotify & Apple indie playlists, Meyru are set to take on their biggest year yet.

‘Slow Up’ is out now.


roman around – Rhythm

Photo / Ker

Critically acclaimed rising artist roman around returns with a raw yet beautifully constructed blend of indie, rock and punk through new single ‘Rhythm‘.

The track was written as a way for the California-based artist to cope with their grief following the sudden loss of their beloved dog.

“‘Rhythm’ is a story of the tragic loss of my animal friend, Rhythm. Rhythm was my pup who I had for a couple of months. He had a disability that made him walk funny and emotionally extreme. He passed away in my arms suddenly and tragically. Rhythm was not the first animal I watched pass, so this song is a memorial to all my animal friends. Our pets feel like family. Our pet relationships and the way we cherish them should be celebrated.”

This powerfully moving song serves as the fourth single to be released by roman around, who has already garnered praise from the likes of KCRW and Ones To Watch, while also being included on Spotify’s flagship Fresh Finds playlist.

roman around

Zach Zoya – Upper Hand (feat. Soran)

Two of Canada’s most promising soloists join forces on the release of ‘Upper Hand’.

A sleek production that fuses dark pop with R&B sets the scene for Zach Zoya and Soran to present their distinctive vocals, further proving that both of these artists have the potential to hit the global musical mainstream.

With its anthemic melody, the track is immediately captivating and showcases the best in emerging Canadian music. ‘Upper Hand’ is lifted from Zoya’s ‘No Love Is Ever Wasted‘ EP, of which he says:

These songs are contemplations on the decisions I’ve made and the consequences that have come with them. For this project, I challenged myself to express my vulnerability in the most accessible way I could, so I took the layers off my lyrics and explored more pop and R&B melodies and man, writing catchy pop songs with direct, relatable lyrics is a real skill.”

‘No Love Is Ever Wasted’ EP is out now | Zach Zoya | Soran

via umusic

New Music: flowerovlove

While still only 16-years of age, London-based talent flowerovlove already commands more than 370k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

It’s an impressive feat – but one that makes perfect sense when you listen to this emerging artist’s work.

Inspired by the way that her life is split between being a regular teenage student and also a rising pop starlet, ‘Hannah Montana’ presents UK Gen Z music in it’s best form – with it’s playful yet dreamy take on pop.


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keni can fly – 99′ pollen

Photo / KATIN

This is the second time that keni can fly has been our track of the week, with previous single ‘idk sh*t but colors’ getting our attention early last year.

’99’ pollen’ find this promising US talent continuing to showcase his extraordinary skills at music-making, by presenting sharp lyricism over a production that fuses indie and hip hop with essences of soul and jazz.

Garnering praise from notable tastemakers like Elevator, Before The Data, Loner and A1234, it seems only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up to keni can fly.

keni can fly

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Gavin Haley – Mine

Following a successful tour run with Tate McRae, Gavin Haley returns with one of the catchiest releases of the week. ‘Mine’ is a classic summer-pop bop that has one of the most infectious choruses you’ll likely hear for some time.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by the process of moving on from a relationship – reminiscing of the good times while overlooking the bad ones.

“’Mine’ is about missing something more once it’s gone. Once you’re removed from a situation it’s easy to remember just the good moments. I find this to be true especially with people and places. We let ourselves back into relationships or situations because we romanticise what it was.”

To date, Haley has garnered over 100 million catalogue streams, and currently commands over 600k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Debut album ‘i hate you, Don’t Leave Me’ is out 15th July 2022 via Red Bull Records, pre-order here.

Gavin Haley

Areej – Hostage

One of the most stunning releases of the week comes from emerging Moroccan-Sudanese starlet Areej. New single ‘Hostage’ is nothing short of sounding sublime, and continues to prove this rising starlet’s immense talent.

Showcasing some of London’s finest soul and R&B, the song was inspired by the emotions that one can experience when feeling emotionally and physically imprisoned.

 “You won’t know what freedom is until you experience what feeling imprisoned is.”

With high praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1, The Observer, Wonderland, Hypebeast and DORK, this artist’s work is not going by unnoticed, and it is in our view that Areej will hit the musical mainstream in a very big way, very soon.


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Rapidly marking her name as one of Manchester’s most exciting R&B artists in recent years, RAHH unveils stunning new single ‘OKAY’. With it’s captivating and beautifully written lyrics, the song showcases emerging British talent at its finest.

“‘I wrote it at a time when Brexit was all we had heard for so long that it was becoming white noise, like COVID. Fading into the background like some kind of melancholic soundtrack to our bad life decisions and contradictory behaviours.”

The song is taken from RAHH’s latest EP (out now), entitled ‘I Told You We’d Be Famous’, of which she says:

“I Told You We’d Be Famous’ came from a lot of unrest and realisation as a twentysomething rocking up in an adult world that looked a lot different to the one I’d been sold. In a culture of ever growing social networks, mindless distractions and love that doesn’t text back, finding ways to numb the feeling of anxiety and heartache sometimes is the thing that brings us together. The EP is the soundtrack to those reckless nights and the longing for connection.”

To date, RAHH has garnered praise from noted outlets such as BBC 6 Music, Complex and Atwood, and worked with the likes of Liam Gallagher, Nile Rodgers, JP Cooper and Joel Corry.

RAHH is also launching a new sustainable clothing line called ‘Overkill Apparel’ on the 20th June.


bby ivy – Losing Sleep

Norwegian social media sensation bby ivy returns with another finessed pop release through new single ‘Losing Sleep’.

Alongside the track comes its superb video, which has already picked up considerable critical acclaim – including nominations for several music video festivals and awards across the world.

Commanding over 350k followers on Instagram alone and close to 50k monthly listeners on Spotify, this rising Scandinavian talent looks set to take on her biggest year yet.

bby ivy

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Goldpark – Covered In Sunshine

Rising Nashville trio Goldpark return with a summer-tinged piece of musical bliss today.

Seamlessly fusing elements of indie, rock and pop with orchestral strings makes ‘Covered In Sunshine’ one of the stand-out releases of the week. Speaking on the song’s lyrics, the group say:

“’Covered In Sunshine’ is about the power of stepping outside. All of these problems, anxieties, and fears that have come from a reliance on technology feel a little less heavy when we step into the sunlight. That’s where we realise where ‘real life’ actually lives. Being a ‘part of life’ isn’t being fully connected at all times with the world around us through a viewfinder. It’s being a part of the outside world we forget about so often.”

The track follows on from ‘Lady Lightyear’ as the group’s next single to be lifted from their upcoming ‘Goldpark Two’ EP.


TENNIN + maticulous – Trapped Again (feat. Justo The MC)

For fans of old-school R&B and hip hop, today’s release of ‘TRAPPED AGAIN’ should give you some significant musical bliss.

Created as a homage to the classic 90’s sound, the track features a sleek collaboration between French talent TENNIN, acclaimed New York producer maticulous and rapper Justo The MC.

Understated yet exceptionally cool, the song looks at all the times that we fall in love with the wrong person – and could well be one of our summer anthems of the year.

TENNIN | maticulous | Justo The MC

LOUUD – Find An Island

Swedish songwriter and artist LOUUD unveils her latest single today, and it’s just as engaging as one would expect from Scandinavian pop.

‘Find An Island’ addresses those highly relatable feelings we all get – when we wish we could just run away and leave all our worries behind.

”I wrote ‘’Find An Island’ last year together with Jonas Peker and Robin Gustafsson. It’s a song about self-sabotaging and wanting to escape reality instead of facing my problems and hanging out with seahorses instead of people… ‘cause people can really suck sometimes.”

To date, this Stockholm-based talent has garnered praise from the likes of The Line of Best Fit, Ja Ja Ja and Radio P3, while her songs have been featured on flagship Spotify and Apple Music playlists.


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Lyle Kam – somebody to you

Rising Asian-Canadian singer and songwriter Lyle Kam returns today with his charming new single ‘somebody to you’.

The track presents a sleek and well-constructed approach to electro-pop, and was written, produced and mixed by Kam himself.

After going viral with his single ‘Unlove’, this Toronto-based artist has garnered over four million Spotify streams to date, and looks set to continue his run of successes with this next batch of releases.

Lyle Kam


Just in time for the weekend, American-Norwegian duo NIGHTMÅNE release a bold slice of dark synth and disco-pop through new single ‘REVIVE’.

Confidently risqué, raw and powerful in tone, the song perfectly balances feelings of intensity with a beat that is irresistibly memorable.

NIGHTMÅNE create their work through a mix of inspirations – ranging from 80’s synth-pop to 90’s Scandinavian pop, as well as mainstream hits from the US Top 40.

As industry professionals, both members of the group have each achieved songwriting and production credits for artists as notable as Cher to Ace of Base and TVXQ!


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