Boy Willows – Fila (with Dylan Minnette)

An eclectic mix of alt-pop and jazz, fused with a quirky take on folk. The sound feels soft and warming, and totally charming.

“Dylan and I were talking to each other about what feelings bubbled up when we were forced to slow down for the first time in a long time. I wanted the song to be dream-like. The first lyrics are ‘follow me down’ because it’s meant to take the listener down a rabbit hole of what’s going on in my head. When I was making the instrumental, I was picturing everything in slow motion, super delicate and airy, giving space for Dylan and I to share some intimate stuff. We got to collaborate on this song and heal by singing about it together. Looking at the song now, it’s cool to hear our verses almost converse with each other. It’s comforting.” – Boy Willows

Boy Willows | Dylan Minnette

Joe Avio — Waste

I can’t figure out if this is a minimal-dance track or something more along the pop spectrum, but whatever it is, it’s totally mesmerising.

Joe Avio

Maja Kristina – Slow Hand

Maja Kristina reshapes a cheesy (but timeless) 80’s classic into something sharp, fun and damn infectious.

“I love this song and I’m super excited to bring it back from the 80’s with a modern twist. Great songs never go out of style and this is no exception.”

Maja Kristina


Australia’s BENTLE is crafting some of the finest downtempo RnB you could ask for in 2020. Emotive melodies and silky smooth vocals gliding through dreamy and soulful tones. Pure bliss…

“’ABOUT YOU (ABOUT ME)’ is like a voice memo to myself reminding me how we’re often quick to notice the most insecure parts of ourselves in others, when instead we should be much more gentle and aware. Gently embracing those parts of ourselves and letting others love us in our entirety.”


Luz – the author

Proof that you can create impactful and emotive music with a minimal approach, this new release from 19-year old Irish talent Luz is just stunning.

“It’s a song about patience and love, regardless of circumstance and hope that fate will one day bring them together.”


Simi – No Longer Beneficial

One of the most exciting Nigerian pop starlets of late, Simi has perfected a sound that feels dreamy, understated and sensual while still being distinctively Afrobeat in it’s essence.


Asha Gold – Debut

Subtle fusions of RnB and pop flirt harmoniously on Asha Gold’s new single, ‘Debut’.

“It’s about falling in love for the first time, so it has this sense of innocence and sweetness throughout – navigating unfamiliar feelings, fighting those feelings off, and then eventually giving into them knowing they are genuine and not something to be scared of.”

Asha Gold

KOOLKID – Only You Now

Aside from coming up with massive pop belters like ‘Only You Know’, KOOLKID has also been keeping himself busy by writing music for K-Pop royalty BTS (give ‘Inner Child’ and ‘Mikrokosmos’ a spin).


WizTheMc – Who Who

Ever the charming talent, WizTheMc is back today with a song that’s all about unrequited love, delivered with a perfect balance of singing and rapping.

“I want people to think and live free, and music helps us do that.”


Paria – C’mon

Norwegian artist Paria has managed to create one of the catchiest slices of pop this year! A hypnotic, charming and beautifully simple track that will stay with you all weekend.

“‘C ́mon’ is really the most spontaneous song I have ever made. I wrote it while I stayed in a farm in Norway last summer, I remember walking around humming the melody that now has become the hook for this song ‘c’mon, c’mon, c’mon’ for some reason. ‘C’mon’ puts you in the situation of someone who tries to convey their basic needs to another person, but they’re too scared to say the words out loud.” 


Rett Madison – Kerosene

Press play and you’ll experience one of those rare moments in music when a chorus begins and the vocal just completely floors you with a rush of emotion. This release from Rett Madison is nothing short of being an outstanding blend of indie, country and folk.

Rett Madison

JIM OUMA – Kids (feat. Dear Sara + Alicaì Harley)

There’s a lot of interesting back story with this track. JIM OUMA is an outfit who have already crafted songs for likes of Tove Lo, Madonna and Maroon 5, while also behind the band NONONO (who I have featured countless times on here since they are so damn awesome).

They have now collaborated with British dance hall queen Alicaì Harley and newcomer Dear Sara to create a song which immediately grabs your attention; a blend of indie and soft dance-pop that is an instantly loveable sound.

This song is our reflection of the crazy times that we are living in right now. The sample kick-started the beat and from there everything just fell into place. We feel blessed to have the amazing Dear Sara and Alicaì Harley put their vibe on the track. – JIM OUMA

JIM OUMA | Dear Sara | Alicaì Harley

Zac Pajak – Southern Comfort

It’s been just under a year since I first experienced Zac Pajak’s sound, and the evolution of his sound has truly been phenomenal. This kid is undoubtedly one of London’s brightest indie-folk prospects.

“‘Southern Comfort’ is about the importance of having family and friends around you to keep you grounded and get you through the tough times. I wrote the song some time ago, but it resurfaced recently, and I decided to re-record it in my home studio during lockdown.”

Zac Pajak

Navvy – Pieces

New Zealand talent Navvy returns with an infectious slice of pop that plays a perfect balance between being dark and playful at the same time.


The Hara – Until It Happens

If you had a rough day, week, or year (as we all have, let’s face it), then this song is the perfect outlet to vent those feelings out on. Just an absolutely massive, loud, crazy, insane, awesome release from The Hara.

Taken from the EP ‘Play Dead’ which is out now.

The Hara