MNDR – Hell To Be You Baby

Co-produced by the legendary Mark Ronson, MNDR releases the fantastically danceable ‘Hell To Be You Baby’ in anticipation of her upcoming album (with the same name).

The Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and producer’s new album marks her long-awaited return (after almost a decade!) with a grandiose take on the obsession with click-bait culture.


Ashe – Me Without You

“’Me Without You’ is my follow up to ‘Moral Of The Story.’ It’s saying you thought that I needed you to be who I am. There is my past relationship… I had multiple people… You know, assumed that I needed them in my life to feel confident or to be me and ‘Me Without You’ is just this record that’s like, ‘Ooh, I am so good on my own.’”

Taken from the forthcoming debut album ‘Ashlyn’ which is out on 7th May 2021 out on Mom + Pop Music.



One of the most exciting pop outfits of late, 19&YOU return with fantastic new single ‘ADRENALINE’. The group have already garnered support from industry heavyweights including Zane Lowe at Beats 1, MTV, CLASH, AltPress, Ones to Watch, Lyrical Lemonade and The Line of Best Fit.

Taken from their self-titled debut EP, which is out now.


quickly, quickly – Feel

quickly, quickly’s new release is a perfect blend of disco and indie. ‘Feel’ is the kind of song that makes you want to get up and dance your worries away – which is pretty ideal in these strange times we live in.

quickly, quickly

Yoke Lore – Seeds

One of the most moving songs of the week comes from the hugely talented Brooklyn-based artist Yoke Lore. ‘Seeds’ will be heard on the critically acclaimed film ‘Pink Skies Ahead’ (premiering 8th May 2021 via MTV at 9pm ET).

‘Pink Skies Ahead’ sheds a light on the challenges of living with anxiety, and so this song evokes an exploratory voyage inward; reflecting the themes presented throughout the film.

“It’s about the struggle of trying to be there for someone who can’t be there for themselves and how that makes love complicated.”

Yoke Lore

Kyoto Black – Last Time (feat. Soshake)

Blurring the lines between hyperpop and emo-rap, this collaboration between Kyoto Black and Soshake brings two exciting emerging genres together in a perfectly balanced way.

Kyoto Black | Soshake

Dylan Dunlap – Serotonin

LA-based singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap is back today with the beautiful ‘Serotonin’.

This is talent who I have featured in the past and still never tire of. Dunlap bravely wears his heart on his sleeve to create lyricism that is refreshingly honest, making his songs relatable and a source of comfort to absolutely everyone.

“‘Serotonin’ is a conversation about the realities of living with depression. It feels like a turning point for me as a writer because I’ve finally found the words to express it with confidence. The worst thing you can tell somebody is ‘you’re fine’. This song is a reminder to listen more to those in our life that could be hurting and hiding it. It’s liberating to talk this openly about learning to love my brain despite the insecurities.

Dylan Dunlap

Gun Boi Kaz + XINCLAIR – JAWS!

A short, sweet, and totally infectious collaboration between artists Gun Boi Kaz and XINCLAIR.

This is one of those tracks that has a ton of potential to go viral; it’s a fun and fresh approach to hip hop that is so easy to vibe along with.

Gun Boi Kaz | XINCLAIR

Rightfield – Birthday Party

Rightfield describe their songs as ‘intimate bangers’, and I for one think that’s a perfect definition of what you can expect to hear from this Arkansas pop-rock duo.

These two friends create a style music that is born from a wide range of tastes. Reed (Hoelscher) is a fan of late 80’s hair metal bands like Poison and Whitesnake, while Jack (Blocker) names The Avett Brothers and Mumford & Sons as his first loves, with Earl Sweatshirt, Frank Ocean, and Tyler the Creator not far behind.

“The idea for the song took shape after sitting in my living room messing around with an ENGL e765 retro tube, and recording my old, beat up Seagull acoustic through my iPhone. The two paired really well together to give this familiar, clean vintage sound, with a modern retro touch. The track is insanely cool and I’m really proud of how it turned out. It was definitely outside my comfort zone in the best way.” Reed Hoelscher, Rightfield

Taken from ‘Rightfield, One (Deluxe)’ which is out now.


CHEL – View From Down There

CHEL, the powerhouse vocalist and body positivity model returns today with new single ‘View From Down There’. This artist has had a truly meteoric rise to fame, garnering over a million followers on Facebook and a tribe of over 100,000 on Instagram to date.

Initially dismissed and told she didn’t have the looks or the body type to succeed in music, CHEL never gave up. Fast forward to 2021 and the results speak for themselves; her music videos alone have amassed around 30 million views. So watch out for this kid – she’s set on global world domination!

“This song is about someone who has fought really hard to achieve their goals and has now achieved a lot of them. Through this process, they had support from close family and friends, but not from everyone. Fast forward to now, when this person is doing well, all the people who neglected to support them in the past, are now trying to be a part of the momentum.”


RoseeLu – F*** With My Feelings

There’s no doubt that Danish talent RoseeLu is shaping up to become one of the biggest pop exports to emerge from the Scandinavian nation. Previous release ‘Playing Alone’ ended up getting featured on more than 20 big tastemaker sites worldwide, including Billboard themselves.

Now she’s back with an equally fantastic follow-up, showcasing a style of music that blends alt-pop with hip hop, while adding a little 90’s nostalgia in there too for some extra goodness.

“‘F*** with my Feelings’ is about the insane state of mind you are in when you are in love – but also the addiction which I know way too well from past relationships


Chrissie Huntley – Supposed to Be

From her first live show in 2018, through to headlining the O2 Academy in her hometown of Bristol and being handpicked by Michael Eavis to play Glastonbury Festival, Chrissie Huntley has been making significant impact in a very quick space of time.

Even during lockdown, she transformed her closet into a home studio and began collaborating with musicians from across the globe. The result is a new collection of songs, one of which is the sensational ‘Supposed to Be’.

“‘Supposed to Be’ is one of the first songs I ever wrote when I was a teenager and I just got dumped by the guy who I thought was supposed to be ‘the one’. I think we’ve all been in that position where you know that it’s over, but you just want to hold on and pretend just a little while longer…”

Chrissie Huntley

Whales & This Lake – You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore

The world may not yet be familiar with Norwegian outfit Whales & This Lake, but this group are one of the most popular electronic indie bands in their native homeland.

And after listening to ‘You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore’ you too could very well become a fan; this is an emotional ballad which feels almost cosmic and transcendental in it’s style.

“‘You Don’t Calm Me Down Anymore’ is a song about being paranoid in a relationship. Being at a good place in life, but constantly fearing for it to end, for things to change. The mellow sonic mood, mixed with chaotic and desperate musical elements is trying to illustrate this emotional turbulence.”

Taken from their upcoming EP which is set for release on 28th May 2021.

Whales & This Lake

KINDER – Gently

As the title suggests, ‘Gently’ is a delicately balanced piece of music that incorporates orchestral elements into a pop setting; forming a song that is exquisitely produced and ever so moving.


Wesley Joseph – Ultramarine

British rapper, singer and producer Wesley Joseph’s ‘Ultramarine’ brings a sound like no other that I have heard all week.

A perfected blend of genres, this song delivers emotive and melancholic tones over a richly eclectic and dreamy soundscape that is mesmerisingly beautiful.

Wesley Joseph

Laufey – James

“I’m definitely very influenced by composers like Ravel and Chopin, but when I discovered the Great American Songbook and the music of George Gershwin and Richard Rodgers, it felt like this middle ground between jazz and classical that suited me perfectly.”

Taken from the new record ‘Typical of Me’ which is out now.


I M U R – Sad Girls Club

Weaving alt-RnB with avant-pop, Canadian trio I M U R are creating some of the most refreshingly genre-bending sounds to emerge from the nation right now.

Taken from their upcoming album ‘My Molecules’, new single ‘Sad Girls Club’ is all about the trickery that our subconscious mind plays on us when we’re feeling low; the self-deprecation, unworthiness, and being burdensome.


Julius – take me to the moon

Julius is one of those rare artists who I just never seem to ever tire from. Each release has been a pleasant and unexpected surprise stylistically – and ‘take me to the moon’ is no exception. A wonderfully melodic and charming indie-pop bop from one of LA’s finest.


Remi Wolf knows remixes well…

I don’t usually feature EP’s in their entirety on Alfitude, but then again Remi Wolf was never the ‘usual’ kind of pop starlet.

Today sees the release of a remix package called ‘We Love Dogs!’ that includes some all-time pop royalty including Beck, Hot Chip, Little Dragon, Free Nationals, Sylvan Esso and Nile Rodgers as well as the likes of Kimbra, Panda Bear, Dominic Fike, Phony Ppl, and Porches. I keep saying it: watch out for Remi Wolf… this kid is the next generation of pop.

Every remix on the EP is a unique in its own special way – from start to finish. If there’s one record that will raise your spirts, pulse and ass off the chair – it’s this one!

“This is very sick. Half of these artists are ones I studied in school and have admired since I was a teenager. Needless to say I’m shook! I hope you dance, vibe, shower, and chill to these remixes! I hope you make a lasagna or an eggplant parmesan while you listen to them, too!!!”

Remi Wolf

Moodbay – My Thing

British electro-pop duo Moodbay’s new release, ‘My Thing’ carries one simple message: to be your authentic self without caring what others think.

The sentiment aptly suits the duo’s new chapter, as they take creative control over their identity and begin releasing independently for the first time in their career.

Taken from upcoming EP ‘Somewhere Under The Moon’ which is out later in the year.