Necklace – Wake Up



Taylor Grey – COMPLIC8ED

COMPLIC8ED is the response for that all too common of a statement, ‘I don’t want to make things complicated’ but sometimes, you DO want to make things complicated, you want to give a forbidden/unknown love a chance. You want to go for it!” 

Taylor Grey

Shylde – Takes Two

“The song is one of my oldest works and has been with me since the beginning. It’s a cinematic and anxious tune with a great kick of confidence in the chorus.”


joey maxwell – natureland (EP)

“natureland is a collection of five songs I wrote last year that allow me to be different parts of myself. No one ever just feels one emotion or repeats the same experience over and over again and I find it hard to regulate all my experiences into one smooth flowing record. Maybe it’s a little bit confused and a little tender but I’m okay with that, nothing’s perfect and I’m not trying to be…

joey maxwell

NoKillShelter x Clear Mortifee – Sweetheart

“A song about a 5D-facilitated connection with a stranger, chronicling the lack of attachment that enabled them to grow with the experience instead of shrink away in fear.”

Clear Mortifee | Nokillshelter

Johnny Stimson – Hallelujah

“I am grateful for all the ups and downs, love and heartbreak, life and loss, and everything in between. Every breath is a beautiful gift and I hope this song reminds whoever is out there listening to hold on because you are worth it and you are loved”. 

Johnny Stimson

LOVA – Jealous Of My Friends

“’Jealous Of My Friends’ is the first song that will touch on the subject of love. For five years now, I’ve been avoiding everything that has to do with love. I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I’m better off without it—mostly because of fear. I think it’s fear of depending on someone and them depending on me, knowing that I can lose it at any second.  I wrote the song at a time where pretty much all my friends were in relationships. I watched my friends be in love and be the happiest they’ve ever been. Obviously, I was super happy for them, but I also found myself being jealous. I was jealous that they dared to get out there and give love a chance, when I couldn’t. I still don’t know if I’m there yet, but writing about it is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that this year can be the year when I give a part of me to someone else.”