Pikes – All My Friends Are On P3

I wanted to be on Swedish national radio (P3 – the equivalent in the UK would be BBC Radio 1) and I sort of felt frustrated that I wasn’t. It also felt like every time I heard a song on the radio it was a friend of mine who either produced, wrote or sang it. So I did what artists do to maintain their sanity. I wrote a song about it as a joke.

“The irony is that I just got on national radio in Sweden.”



Tuval x MOLTENO – Interlines

“Interlines’ is about what’s not said, the lines between, that place where
moving slow can mean fast, where time feels distorted.


“With the production I went for a floaty mythical synth sound inspired by Kedr Livanksiy; and saturated and manipulated sounds to add dissonance.”



J Warner – Stay For a While

“I wrote this song after I got out a very surface level relationship. It was built on attraction and desire. It’s all about the feeling after, the longing and lusting for something sensual but impermanent.”

J Warner

Celeste & Paul Weller – You Do Something To Me

I firmly believe this is one of the best songs ever written. So I can’t hold back from sharing this version with you.

Celeste | Paul Weller