Ian Abel – Drowning

American artist and performer Ian Abel is no stranger to the spotlight. Aside from his solo work projects, this accomplished musician has toured the world, and performed alongside icons as noted as Nile Rodgers.

Abel’s latest single, ‘Drowning’, presents us with a refreshingly unique and brave mix of genres.

This is a sound that is eccentric, bold, and utterly captivating to experience. Listeners will be taken on a journey that features elements of nostalgia-tinged 00’s pop, alternative R&B and hyperpop, while the lyrics tell of the impending doom that comes with falling for the wrong person.

“You know when you want someone so bad… they’re so hot that you just can’t get enough, but you also know it‘s a bad idea? It’s like you’re watching a shipwreck about to happen… and in the end you can’t stop the inevitable.”

If you’re still new to this artist then be sure to check out his critically-acclaimed 2016 debut EP, ‘Icarus’ here.

Ian Abel

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