New Music: Keira Gray

Hailing from Alberta in Canada is 19-year old singer and songwriter Keira Gray, who has just released one of the season’s catchiest bops, suitably titled ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’.

Through its thoughtfully constructed production, the song treats listeners to a refreshing blend of electronica and pop, while the lyrics tell of those bittersweet moments that only seem to happen with summertime romances.

“The inspiration of the song ‘Summer Lovin’ With You’ is from a personal life experience of mine. The love and connection shown in the song is based on the summer I spent with someone who I felt very connected with. We were very close and felt as though we had been together for awhile however this was all cut short when we let the little things diminish our bond.”

Aside from her work as a budding artist, Gray is also an upcoming university student who will commence her BA in Education later this year.

Keira Gray

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