Dark-pop chanteuse LEXXE returns with a poignant new single dedicated to her late father Xavier, entitled ‘X’.

Released today to coincide with what would have been his birthday, the song serves as an ode to Xavier, and presents listeners with a sound that feels raw and emotive – yet also euphoric in tone.

“A few years ago I was performing and could absolutely swear I saw my father sitting front row. I love to write about the supernatural and the things we don’t understand, so while I acknowledge that seeing him could’ve been something my mind made up, it doesn’t make it any less poignant. The song is composed of different lines about me questioning life and death, talking about real life events (the show where I thought I saw him, his friends seeing me in random bars and crying because I look like him, the last time I saw him) and it’s really a question of do we ever really die?”

As an accomplished artist, LEXXE is not only a singer and songwriter but also producer, professionally-trained dancer and performer. Alongside her work as a solo musician, LEXXE performs with Brooklyn’s famed Company XIV troupe.