Man Alive – What Are The Chances

Photo / Wolff Web

Man Alive is the musical project of Irish musician Mark Prendergast. If you know your indie bands then you’ll recognise Mark as a member of acclaimed supergroup Kodaline, who have amassed more than a billion streams to date.

‘What Are The Chances’ is the singer-songwriter and guitarist’s latest release, and serves as a taster to his debut ‘Colours’ EP (out now).

“I’ve always written songs and demoed them for myself, but I’ve never released them because I wasn’t the singer in the band. Then, and I hate to bring it up, but it was a f**king lockdown thing – I broke up with a girl I was dating for a couple of years and then went into lockdown, and ended up writing a tonne of songs that were just so personal.   “I never had aspirations to be a singer, ever, but the songs were just too personal to hand over to someone else to sing.”

The track itself treats listeners to a beautifully melodic blend of indie and pop, and marks Prendergast as one of the most gifted indie songwriters to come out of Ireland in quite some time.

Man Alive