New Music: Noah Henderson

Californian bedroom-pop artist and producer Noah Henderson unveils his brand new single today, ‘i think you loved me’.

With its beautifully vulnerable and fragile lyricism, the song showcases a style of melancholic pop that is not only relatable, but also immensely moving.

“This song is about having a deep emotional connection to someone but they aren’t in it anymore, they want to give up. Relationships often have their give and take moments, that’s what makes a relationship special, finding a middle ground or compromise. In some cases, the only option your partner feels is to leave, without thinking about how it might impact the other person.”

A talent already receiving considerable attention (in part due to his songs picking up momentum through TikTok), Henderson’s style of music-making has seen him receive praise from tastemakers as noted as Fashionably Early, among others.

Noah Henderson

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