New Music: Rotana

An exceptionally exciting pop talent, Rotana is a performance artist and songwriter who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and left it all behind to move to Los Angeles to pursue her creative dreams.

Rotana bravely weaves her culture into her sounds, addressing tradition, god, sexuality, family and immigration. It comes as no surprise that her unique approach to music has earned her a spot on BBC’s 100 most powerful women list.

“On the surface, ‘Sin Again’ is a song about touching yourself, which was punishable and forbidden growing up in Saudi Arabia. But much more than that, this song is about self intimacy. My body has been policed and regulated my whole life. As I get older, I understand why. When women are in tune with their bodies, we overcome the narratives that vilify pleasure and keep us alien to our own bodies. We become unstoppable forces of power and agents of change.”