Interview: Quickfire with The Tapestry

the tapestry

The Tapestry’s new single, ‘Right As Rain’ was released yesterday, and to commemorate this great little occasion, I had the opportunity to throw a few questions out to the band…

How would you describe your sound to people who haven’t heard it before?

Dirty disco- a top soundtrack to a great night out!

How did you get together to form The Tapestry?

We got together because we were all mates and decided to start a band together. We saw Zara drumming with another band and loved her playing style. So we kinda pinched her!

What’s been the best gig you’ve played so far?

There has been loads of good gigs. My favourite though was probably when we headlined band in the wall in Manchester. Venue is pretty special, sound was great and the audience went completely nuts. I know there’s even better to come though.

Do you think that coming from Manchester have an effect on the music you make?

We love a lot of Manchester music, however we’re not content, like a lot of people are in Manchester, of living in the past. We wanna move forward, carve out our own sound that’s new. The city has got a great musical heritage but we’re probably more influenced by New York bands, Talking Heads, Television, Blondie, Chic etc.

Clint Boon from the Inspirals came up with a great theory that because it’s always raining we spend more time indoors discovering all sorts of music, hence the different styles of sounds between Manc bands such as The Smiths, Inspirals Happy Mondays, Joy Division, Stone Roses etc.

If you could choose, who do you want to tour with?

If we could tour with anyone it would probably be Bowie, so once he gets his arse back in gear and starts playing live again, we’ll wait for the call.

You’ve got a few famous fans (like Liam Gallagher). How does that make you feel?

Feels good getting praise from anybody. Whether it be Liam Gallagher, my mam, my mates, strangers at gigs. It’s all nice when people actually enjoy something you’ve written And worked hard to create.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

For the rest of the year we have some big things coming up. Couple of festivals to be announced shortly. But they’re both massive for us to play and were over the moon about that. We’re also playing more shows in support of our Right As Rain single. Plus finishing off our next single in the charlatans studio next month with the amazing jim spencer. The future is looking more and more exciting.

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New Music: King

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Free Download: Wild Combination ‘We Are The Creatures (Pan Left Remix)’

Taking inspiration from bands such as Talking Heads, Wild Combination have created their debut single ‘We Are The Creatures’, which will be released on 31 October – just in time for Halloween! This track echoes the sounds of Postal Service, Phoenix and Foals with its jumpy electronic accompaniment and pop sensibility.

To support the release of this single, the band have decided to treat their fans to a free download of the single remixed by Pan Left. It’s a got a two-step early morning dance floor vibe to it.

MP3: Wild Combination – We are the Creatures (Pan Left Remix)