Aiden Grimshaw’s ‘Misty Eye’ came in the post…

On the surface of it, this album should have followed the usual ex X-Factor, big label, big budget record formula; two or three standout singles (written by a hit-making factory somewhere Scandinavian), spaced out by a dozen or so album fillers.

But it doesn’t.

I can count on my hand the number of times I’ve listened to a pop record without wanting to skip through any tracks.

There’s something so special about Aiden Grimshaw’s ‘Misty Eye’, and even if upon release on August 20th it fails to fly (which is highly unlikely), it will always be one of those records that bucked trend and showed that good music comes from the heart.

Don’t get me wrong- it’s still a pop record and it touches on all the current trends, and is no doubt designed to be universally easy on the ears. But where ‘Misty Eye’ takes daring risks is through experimentation between the tracks and some fearless dedication for influences ranging from Massive Attack to Radiohead to Chase and Status.

There’s a mix of trip hop and drum and bass, alongside that distinctive 90s Hacienda rave vibe. All the tracks are equally brilliant, and the production is so well done, but my standout song is ‘Misty Eye’ itself. This really is one record worth listening to in August…


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