Interview: Quickfire with LeeLee

The promising pop princess from Vegas, LeeLee’s been making some impact online with her new track, ‘Ugly’, so I figured I would try and get a quickie interview before she (potentially) takes over the pop world.
So Ms LeeLee… What made you want to go down the pop route with your sound?
I love pop. I can add my rock edge to it or anything else I feel like adding it’s very versatile
Who are your influences and musical heroes?
Are you involved with writing your tracks? 
I’m absolutely involved, what inspires me is my life; what I go through and what I do.  With anything at all. and I think that’s what should inspire all songs because that’s what makes it real and that’s what makes people relate to them
You’re latest single ‘Ugly’ has been getting some pretty decent exposure on the blogs, how does that make you feel?
Fucking awesome.
What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Keep touring, keep sexing up the London stages, and keep showing people who LeeLee is. Also I’ve been working on a tan…
So there you have it. Look forward to hearing more from LeeLee soon!

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