The most underrated album of 2012 so far

You were probably expecting something a bit more ‘out-there’ than this, I bet. I don’t know why I love this album so much, and more puzzlingly I don’t know why no one’s brought it. Because as far as pop album goes, ‘Contact’ has it all in my eyes. An epic start and finish, and a ridiculous array of sounds packed into a disc.

The Noisettes have had an interesting history, and one which I won’t really write about because it’s been well documented all over the web. And to be honest, I had my fair fill of their music (their last album’s tracks were used on every possible TV, commercial and radio slot available).

But it took me a few seconds of listening to then unknown lead track, ‘Contact’, on a random visit to HMV not so long ago to instantly Shazam the song, grab the album and listen to it later that evening. I mean, how epic and gorgeous is this?

It’s such a great album, give it a try. It deserves better.


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