JLS ‘Evolution’

So I was sent a copy of the new JLS album , ‘Evolution’ (out November 5th), and was unashamedly excited to give it a spin. I can be a sucker for mainstream pop like anyone; after all, life’s too short, you know? And let’s not forget, a ton of artists that have been featured on this blog as ‘up and coming’ over the years are now huge all over world.

On their fourth album already, JLS have been one of the most successful X Factor acts, and their transformation into a fully fledged leading pop/RnB band has been pretty special. I’m not one to write massive reviews, so here’s a short sneak through the tracks as I heard them…

This record feels a whole lot more grown up from their previous three offerings, and has a sexy vibe around it, mixing in with those harmonies that only JLS can pull off. Opening track ‘Dessert’ eases you into the Timberlake-esque lead single ‘Hottest Girl In The World’, followed by the slick ‘Have Your Way’.

You’ve then got the airy sounding ‘Hold Me Down’, 90’s RnB throwback ‘I Like It’, and the subdued but clubby ‘All The Way’.

‘You Give Me Love’ is an epic pop song, ‘Don’t Know That’ has some pretty amazing riffs, and ‘Troublemaker’ has one of the catchiest choruses in Popville.

The album ends with your classic, over-the-top ballad ‘Gotta Try It’ (you can’t have a proper boyband album without one, right?)

So yeah, there you go. This is as solid as it gets from a pop boyband, and considering a lot of acts start to wain on their fourth albums, this is a really good mix of tracks. It’s out November 5th- check it JLS here.


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