A special record store may die tomorrow…

hmv store old

… and that obviously makes me very sad. For those not based in the UK, HMV is the last remaning chain of record stores in the country, and has been struggling for some years since the rise of downloads.

Personally, there’s few pleasures that compare to going to an HMV store and buying a CD, reading the booklet on the way home and playing the disc on my system. Call me old school, but I always saw it as one of the many charms of music.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve randomly grabbed a record just from it staring at me on one of it’s shelves, not really knowing who the artist was and consequently opening my mind to new sounds. Or rushing on the first day of a release I’ve been eagerly anticipating for, only so I can hold it in my hands.

No doubt, records are far cheaper online than in-store these days. And downloads have pretty much revolutionised the industry (blogs like these wouldn’t be anywhere without music being made available online). But I will be so, so upset if this institution dies tomorrow.


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