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Londoner SPARK has been one of the most exciting acts to emerge from 2013. After ditching a record deal and opting to go down the pop route solo, she’s managed to come up with a flawless pop sound that’s gotten a considerable amount of buzz off the back of just a couple of tracks. Here’s a little Q+A…

How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

I’d say it’s pop music, but with a twist/hint of a few different things. It has an RnB feel, sometimes a hip hop vibe, all very live too. It’s about that real live music for me right now!

How long have you been SPARK?

Since I’ve been walking and talking! My middle name is Sparkle, so I was nicknamed Sparky and Spark a lot by family when I was younger, so it’s very natural to me and feels as real as my first name.

What’s the reaction been to your sound so far? Was it what you expected?

It’s been great! It’s weird for me because I’m re-introducing myself to a lot of people as well as introducing myself to hopefully more. The reaction from both of those groups has really been amazing though.

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Life. All around me. I’ve been writing my whole life and have written songs about all kinds of situations and relationships, whether they’re mine or the ones I see.

Is it easier to write about happy or bad times?

It depends how you feel at the time. If I’m feeling real good, it’s easier to write something that reflects that, and vice versa. Just whatever you feel at the time, writing honestly is easiest always.

What’s the best thing about performing live?

It’s the place where you get an instant reaction to your music from people. Even in rehearsals it’s so incredible to hear your music coming to life. Performing those songs live for people is like no other experience though.

What’s lined up for you for the rest of the year?

Performing! Recording, writing. As always. Just to keep going. It’s been a roller coaster over the past 5 years and now everything feels right, and now I just want to put the pedal to the metal!

SPARK plays a special one-off London show on August 20th at one of my favourite spots, The Social. Click here for more info.

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