Alfitude is 4 years old today!

email screenshot

The screenshot above was my inbox last night. I check my mail every day after I finish with my office job, going through each one until I hit ‘0 Unread Messages’. I’ve been getting around 142 emails a night for a good while now. Emails from amazing fresh talent, PR reps that put a smile on my face, and record labels who are always interested to hear my thoughts on new signings.

It’s not easy going through 142 emails every night. And I do go through each one I get sent, because missing out on a good track or band would break my heart. And some nights I’m so tired that I’m struggling to stay awake. But I still click my through, hoping to hear the next ‘big thing’. And occasionally, I do. It’s such a buzz sharing music I love with you all, and it’s also neat that so much of it comes to me.

So anyway, four years ago today I started this site from boredom. And it’s practically become an obsession that has made me aware of my purpose in life. A big part of it’s success has come from you connecting with me, which is something pretty awesome.

I’ve made Alfitude my number one priority this year, and I’ve already got some big news which I’ll release once I have everything finalised. In the meantime, thank you, I really do love you all.