Interview: Quickfire with Raphaella


Raphaella has been one of the more interesting newcomers this year, carving a name for herself not only as a solo artist but also through working with other big British prospects behind the scenes. Here’s a few quickfires to get to know this up and coming talent a little more…

Your style seems to blend a few genres together- tell me more about that…

I think music should always been an expression of you and your experiences, and for me my mixed heritage of Persian and English/Scottish has always played a huge role in my life and growing up- so I wanted to create a new genre incorporating both sides of my background. As a producer, I take traditional Persian instruments- create samples & effect them into my Alternative UK electro setting of synths and beats. Lyrically I also love to draw upon the Persian sufi poets Rumi and Hafez in the same way traditional Persian musicians do.


Who would be in your dream collaboration?

I absolutely adore James Blake’s production and writing. The way he approaches experimenting with sound, structure and melodies really excite me, so I’d love to collaborate with him.


What new music are you into right now?

I’m really enjoying Disclosure’s new album and also James Bay. I love the way Disclosure build their beats with such interesting textures and sounds & James Bay’s tone and melodies get me every time. 


What inspires you to write music?

Anything that affects me within my life- people, experiences and emotions – good and bad. I find writing music such a cathartic process and the idea that you can then in turn help someone else going through the same thing as you is so amazing to me. Recently someone sent me a message thanking me for one of my songs as the lyrics had helped her get through a really tough time in her life when she felt there was no-one to turn to. That’s the kind of thing that inspires me the most.


What do you have lined up for the year ahead?

I’ll be playing Community Festival on 4th November on the BBC Introducing London Presents stage at Concrete- Shoreditch. I’ve been working a lot on producing and writing my next solo singles as well as working with some great DJs and producers like Gorgon City & MNEK, Tough Love & Midnight City, Kove, Ossie, Tazer & Kayper. I’m also writing a lot for pitch projects for other artists which is always so much fun as I get to explore different genres and challenges. So next year will be filled with new music, features and releases.