Interview: Quickfire with Lex Low

lex low

Lex Low‘s unique, chilled RnB sound has been carving it’s way around the blogs over the last few weeks. Here’s a few quickfires from this London based 21-year old talent.

How do you describe your sound?
My sound is R&B production with pop vocals. At least, that’s how I feel the last two EP’s have come out. It veers more towards outright pop with every release – probably because I’m listening to a lot more pop music than I ever have before. There’s so much great, varied pop music out at the moment.
Do you find that living in London affects the way you write?
Definitely. There’s something magical about London. It’s always moving but somehow it still seems so serene. You can walk by the river at 5/6am and not see a soul or be in central during work hours during the bustle.
There are so many different pockets of London too. It’s not really one big city – it sort of feels like loads of small towns, each with their own unique character. London is so culturally vibrant and multi-faceted. There’s endless inspiration, I’m always stumbling across a little side street I’ve never been down or a beautiful building I’ve never seen.
Who are you influenced by musically?
Each release is influenced by what I’m listening to at the time. The Mystery EP has some 80’s electro-pop influences. I remember hearing Heart – Alone on the radio and thinking I had to use it as a reference. I had the same thing with Hall & Oates – Maneater.
HONNE was a big influence on that release too, in terms of production. Then there are some influences that carry through all my releases. 90’s R&B is a big one for me – I’m not sure it gets much better than that in terms of melody writing. 60’s/70’s pop-rock as well – guys like Badfinger, The Yardbirds, Free and Humble Pie have really impacted my guitar style.
Who would be your dream collaboration be with?
I really enjoy working with female vocalists / producers. I like the tonal juxtaposition of it. So it would probably be someone like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande. I mean Beyonce is the dream really – she’s so talented and can pull pretty much any melody off whilst making it seem effortless. I love what Alessia Cara is doing right now too, she’d definitely bring something fresh to the table.
What do you have planned for 2016?
I’m going to start working on some tracks for another EP around March time. I have a few already, ones that didn’t make the cut for the last EP. I want to do a lot more collaborative work. I really enjoy writing with other people, it brings out things that you might never come up with on your own.
Check out some Lex Low tracks here.
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