Interview: Quickfire with Lucius


This seems to be Lucius’ big year. Their new record, ‘Good Grief’ has already made a huge impact and is showing that pop can still be a creative, random and beautiful thing.

As it’s one of my favourite records this spring, I jumped at the chance to send over a few questions to Jess Wolfe, one half of those stunning voices…

You’ve been around for quite a while, how did you meet up and what’s kept you together all these years?

To be honest, it was never really a question. Holly and I started working together nearly twelve years ago. From the moment we started singing, we sort of never looked back. It was an instant musical kinship – we had different individual strengths to contribute to an even stronger unit, together. I think whats kept us together is a balanced partnership, a ton of mutual respect, and a shared musical vision.


How would you describe the evolution of your sound over the years?

I think our sound has taken on different forms based on where we were and what musical sphere we were most attracted to at the time. In the beginning, we were both highly influenced by jazz and soul music, when we moved to New York, and were welcomed into a songwriting community, we saw our songs shifting shape. After having been on the road for a couple of years, and having incredible audiences share such vibrancy and energy, we saw the effects that a crowd can have on your show – the desire to lift spirits and make people dance… That’s certainly left it’s mark on the way we think about writing.


What inspires you to write?

Everything around us. Everything we’re a part of or that becomes a part of us. We are fortunate to not only have our personal experience, but to be witness to each others, and therefore provide perspective, and, in a sense, be able to write on behalf of/ beside the other with a real sense of understanding of one another.


Is it easier to write about falling in love, or heartbreak?

Ha! Well, both, I suppose, whatever brings on the most intense emotion, whatever creates the need to get something out. In the beginning, there’s extreme passion, in heartbreak, well, a low, a sadness, that oftentimes only be understood through our art.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Living or dead? Dream collaborator non living: David Bowie or Freddie Mercury

Dream collaborator living: Hmm… Well, I suppose we could say Paul McCartney or Nigel Godrich, though it seems that would perhaps be expected of a pop band.

Another dream would be a collaboration with an incredible visual artist… Someone like Tayoi Kusama who built the mirrored infinity room which is currently on display at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.


What lies ahead over the coming year for Lucius?

We are going on the road! And very very much looking forward to touring again. I presume there will be a whole lot of it. We feel best when we are with an audience who becomes a part of our magical musical journey.

Lucius tour dates:

5/4 The Academy, Dublin

6/4 Gorilla, Manchester

8/4 Arts School, Glasgow

9/4 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

10/4 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

11/4 Thekla, Bristol

13/4 KOKO, London 

14/4 La Maroquinerie, Paris

16/4 Botanique, Brussels

19/4 Melkweg, Amsterdam

20/4 Prinzenbar, Hamburg 

21/4 Privateclub, Berlin

22/4 Strom, Munich