New Music: LORYN

Canadian talent by way of London, LORYN brings a refreshingly honest take on pop music, blending captivating lyricism with catchy hooks that make this kid one to watch.

“‘Less Is More’ is about the backwards way our emotions go about wanting someone more if we think they want us less. I’ll take someone giving me stuff all day long… it’s nice to get stuff but also, if he’s buying and taking me places, he must be into me right?  For me though, when someone is all busy giving material shit and calling all the time, telling me nice stuff, I see myself start to kick back and let em do all the work. I get a bit complacent and bored I think. But if they do nothing, and the phone is dead, that little fucking question starts eating away at me if they are still into me and I just want it more and work harder.” 

Taken from the debut EP ‘Less Is More’ which is out now via Sony’s Black Butter.