Margolnick – Kill My Panic

Photo / Max Montgomery

Charlotte native Margolnick unveils his debut self-titled album today, and in my view it has to be one of the most exciting indie-pop releases of the week.

Recorded between sessions in London and Los Angeles, the deeply personal tracks reveal the age-old story of failure and redemption. Talking about the album, Margolnick says:

“It’s about starting at a really low point and finding hope. It may sound cliché, but I’ve lived a pretty turbulent life and messed up a lot, and I ended up finding the right path and getting my shit together. It’s very personal, but it’s also very relatable. A lot of people have messed up –at some point we all do –and you can make huge life changes. This album captured a moment in my life when I wanted to be better. It’s ultimately quite hopeful. There are a lot of beautiful, uplifting moments alongside the dark ones.”