Annika Wells – Modern Art

Photo / Ariana Dixon

Rising pop singer/songwriter Annika Wells offers listeners a glimpse into her upcoming debut project, through the release of her emotional and poignant new single ‘Modern Art’.

The track serves as a piece of commentary on heartbreak in the digital age, as Wells explains:

“[The song] explores the aftermath in the modern age where our relationships are no longer just interpersonal experiences, but digital galleries in which we can curate, arrange, and erase carefully constructed identities. It walks you through the world that’s left after the real break up – the physical evidence, but also the online remnants that are increasingly inescapable in this day and age.”

No stranger to the industry, Wells has already penned tracks for the likes of Jonas Brothers, BTS, PRETTYMUCH, and Steve Aoki. Her impressive vocals and songwriting have also been featured on collaborations with Illenium’s ‘Nightlight’ and Midnight Kids’ ‘Run It.’

Annika Wells