Dre’es – Pure Sugar

Photo / Alondra Buccio

Producer, singer-songwriter and artist Dre’es has been a prominent name amongst the Californian rap scene for almost a decade, consistently releasing some of the most innovative and future-forward hip hop sounds even up to this day.

His first single of 2022 comes in the form of ‘Pure Sugar’. With its dreamy and melodic production, this song is one of the most beautiful releases of the week. Speaking on the song, Dre’es says:

“‘Pure Sugar,’ lyrically and thematically, is rooted from insecurity but delivered with the greatest intention in an almost like musical peace treaty with a former lover. Naturally providing reassurance and desperately seeking reassurance despite the current state of a relationship on top of a static, blade-like, heavy-winded reverse synth cutting through an even heavier 808 drum. A rap verse delivered like a sermon digging into personal nostalgia in storytelling that an audience can’t help to feel, but only two people could really know.”

The accompanying visuals for the track (directed by Luis Vidal) show Dre’es working on his music alongside his friends and frequent collaborators.