Jamila Woods – Boundaries

Photo / Tim Adorf

One of Chicago’s most acclaimed creatives in recent years, poet, activist, educator and singer-songwriter Jamila Woods returns with new single ‘Boundaries’.

Produced by BLVK, the song is lyrically inspired by the complexities of personal boundaries when venturing in to a new romance.

“‘Boundaries’ is a song about the negotiation between private and shared space in a new relationship, the risk involved in letting someone get close enough to see your rough edges. I think a lot about the Prentice Hemphill quote, ‘Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.’ The song is about learning the difference between erecting boundaries out of fear versus out of love.”

Woods currently commands more than 850k monthly listeners on Spotify, while her collective catalogue of music releases have so far accumulated well over 60 million streams globally.

Jamila Woods