Skylar Lee – Too Good To Be You

Those of you seeking an anthem for the weekend need look no further thanks to American singer, songwriter and producer Skylar Lee.

New single ‘Too Good To Be You’ serves listeners with an energising electro-pop production, while the lyrics tell of the moments when we build an image of a lover in our minds that isn’t quite as it seems in reality.

“I feel as though as a hopeless romantic, it is so easy to fall into fantasy whenever we really like somebody. We build our standards super high of what that person could be, and often, the idea of them is actually better than the real thing. Maybe they’re all talk, but never follow through with the things they say. Maybe the things that they promise never come into full fruition. The things that you wish and dream they’d do, they just don’t! But the truth is, perhaps there IS someone out there who is exactly what we imagine, it’s just not the original person we hoped it would be. It’s not that the standards we set for ourselves are too good to be true… sometimes, it’s simply too good to be — them!”

The track continues to prove that this Nashville-based artist is one of America’s most promising new starlets. To date, Lee has picked up attention from the likes of Rolling Stone India, YoCo Nashville on 96.7FM and ASCAP.

Skylar Lee