New Music: J.E.S.S.

J.E.S.S. is a promising new singer, songwriter and producer hailing from North America.

As an independent artist, this talent crafts work on her own terms – resulting in sounds that are refreshingly original to experience.

Debut single ‘Phoenix’ features the work of Berlin-based electronica project Unkenny Valleys, and presents listeners with an energising production that seamlessly fuses elements of alternative pop with indie-rock.

“It’s a song about rebirth, resilience, and strength. Bursting with power and energy, meant to inspire and ignite the fire within. My favourite part of the track is the explosive feel at the outro, as if to resemble the break through and liberation after the transformation of a Phoenix.”

While still at the beginning of her musical journey, J.E.S.S. looks set to become one of the most interesting newcomers in the year ahead.

J.E.S.S. | Unkenny Valleys

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