Nikki White – Fairweather Friends

Canadian indie starlet Nikki White is back today with a captivating new single, entitled ‘Fairweather Friends’.

Fusing powerful and thoughtful lyricism with an energetic 00’s-inspired pop-rock production, the song looks at the unfortunate times when your friends let you down. Elaborating further, White explains:

“I wrote ‘FWF’ in LA with my two friends Jordyn Kane and Aaron Blackmar. When I went into the session I had an idea about writing a song with the words Fairweather friends. I got the idea from my boyfriend the night before actually. I was complaining about some old friends and how they ditched me when things got bad and he told me to ‘let go of those Fairweather friends.’ I think he got the phrase from the Kadhja Bonet song haha.”

White has also unveiled visuals to compliment the release of the single, of which she says:

“The video was a collaboration between myself and the director, Alexander Sworik. Our main goal was to capture the feeling you got watching Much Music videos on a Sunday morning. We went into the shoot with a loose plan and lots of energy. We spent the day running around our hometown, stealing shots and filming everything and anything we thought looked cool. My friend in the video is actually my best friend in real life. We’ve been best friends for over 22 years.”

The track serves as a perfect example to White’s style of songwriting, which aims to pair raw and hard-hitting lyricism with beautifully written melodies.

While working on her forthcoming debut project, White will address serious topics like eating disorders, as well as the human range of emotions, including depression, anxiety and insecurity.

Nikki White