Ryan Ritual – Rip Me Apart

LA-based artist Ryan Ritual is no stranger to the limelight. Already known for fronting acclaimed groups Mating Ritual and Pacific Air, this talented singer, songwriter and producer is now releasing music under his own name.

Recorded during a short stay to London, Ryan’s new single ‘Rip Me Apart’ showcases an energetic style of New Wave-inspired indie rock, and was created alongside famed producer Chris Zane (who has worked with the likes of Passion Pit and The Walkmen).

“‘Rip Me Apart’ was written at a point when I was moving a mile a minute, but feeling more lost and lonely than I ever had. After spending over a year living in isolation, my re-entry into the social world was difficult and I took everything too fast, sending me into a spiral that I didn’t know if I could come out of. ‘Rip Me Apart’ is about watching your desire to be normal crush you.”

The track serves as a taster to Ryan’s forthcoming debut solo album, which features songs that address the emotional strains and traumas that resulted from being isolated during the pandemic.

Ryan Ritual

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