Bre Kennedy – Meantime

Nashville-based Californian talent Bre Kennedy has been building significant momentum over the last few years, and continues to impress with her captivating style of pop.

Kennedy’s new single ‘Meantime’ is lifted from the artist’s forthcoming ‘Scream Over Everything (Side A)’ project (out 28th July). The track reminds listeners that in order for us to be able to love others, we must first learn to love ourselves.

“This is a song to someone you love in a time of change and growth to say ‘I know things are hard right now but in the meantime I still love you. It’s about learning to fully show up for yourself in order to be able to show up for someone else. ‘Me loving me is loving you’.”

Speaking on her new collection of songs, Bre explains:

“Last year I took a break on and off of being on the road and started writing again. I started meeting myself where I’m at right now and that meant acknowledging that a lot has changed and inevitably so have I. Growing out of places and into others, bouncing back from feeling the need to catch up after lost time, asking myself what core values actually matter me now. And in a world where we constantly feel like we have to be pushing out content and updates and NOISE, I felt myself freeze and go ‘who am I in all of this’ and … after all of this. I want that part of me to scream over everything.”

Kennedy currently commands more than 288k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has also received acclaim from established outlets as noted as Ones To Watch, Wonderland and Atwood magazines.

Fans in Tennessee can catch Bre performing live on the 15th and 30th July, before she then embarks on her own US headline tour from September – tickets can be found here.

Bre Kennedy