New Music: Wolf and Love

Anyone who’s been in love will understand the complexities of being in a relationship; more so when it’s an open one.

Wolf and Love’s new single, called ‘Send You Home’, is inspired by the emotions that a person might experience when they find themselves falling for someone who is already committed.

“This song is very important to us. ‘Send You Home’ delves into the complexities of being gay and dating someone in an open relationship. The lyrics express my yearning to create unforgettable memories with this partner, hoping they linger in his mind when he returns to his boyfriend.”

The lyrics are playful yet honest, while the production lovingly treats listeners to a dreamy blend of synth and pop.

This emerging LA-based duo have just signed a publishing deal with iconic label Warner Chappell, so you’ll be hearing a lot more from them very soon!

Wolf and Love (Danny Wolf & Denny Love )

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