A Beacon School – Alone

New York-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist A Beacon School (aka Patrick J. Smith) unveils a beautifully melodic new single today, called ‘Alone’.

The song presents listeners with a dreamy and mesmerising fusion of shoegaze, pop and alternative rock, and is lyrically inspired by the moments when we feel hopeful and optimistic about life… regardless of the situations that we find ourselves in.

“‘Alone’ is about the moment when you feel like your luck is finally turning. Even though nothing’s been working out, you get the faintest glimmer of hope and grab on to it as tight as you can.”

‘Alone’ was mixed by acclaimed engineer Sonny DiPerri, who is also known for his work with outfits as noted as Trent Reznor, My Bloody Valentine and M83.

Smith’s music currently commands more than 295k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, while his catalogue of releases has so far amassed more than 18 million streams. An upcoming LP, titled ‘yoyo’ it out soon.

A Beacon School