New Music: ADIV

ADIV is no stranger to music, having already worked with the likes of Bridget Kelly, SZA and BOSCO as a songwriter.

Now with a stunning debut as a performing artist, ADIV has proven to be an all-round talent, crafting some of the finest blends of RnB you can expect to hear today and delivering them with beautifully finessed vocals.

“As an artist I feel that we have lost the art in making music, with this project I wanted to encapsulate that artists, especially black artists can deviate from what’s expected to tell their stories. Both ‘Blue Gene’ and ‘Time’ touch on topics of vulnerability and understanding that it’s simply ok not to be ok and we need to find solace in our emotions and definitely feel them. The world tells us that by 30 we need to have it all figured out, and that as black artist we have to look and sound like one thing which is just simply not true.”