New Music: Alana Rich

While Alana Rich is a genre-fluid artist, ‘Euphoria’ is a pulsating dance-pop bop with one of the catchiest melodies you’ll likely listen to all week.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Rich began her career at the age of just 14, performing acoustic music and releasing cover songs on YouTube that have amassed over a million views to date.

“I wrote this track about how I’ve coped with feeling misunderstood as a young artist. I remember telling myself that I’d finally be content with my artistic journey if I could just achieve specific milestones I set out for myself. Now that I’ve met those goals, I’ve learned that that’s not the case. You never really stop chasing that feeling of euphoria that comes with creating and releasing art – once you get a taste, you keep searching for more of it, whether it be through your passion, new adventures, whatever it may be. This song is the sonic representation of that rollercoaster.”

Alana Rich