New Music: Alessia Labate

A multi-talented creative, Alessia Labate is a 23-year old Milan-based singer, songwriter, vocal producer and pop artist.

While already a prolific performer (having been a contestant on Italian talent shows Io Canto and The Voice of Italy), the release of ‘Conversations With Myself’ is likely to be the first time many of us have heard from this exceptional talent.

And it’s an almighty stomper of a pop track; one that’s full of big beats and relatable lyricism. On the track, Alessia says:

“I was unconsciously starting a spiritual awakening and the day I wrote ‘Conversations with Myself’ I was really immersed in it. I’m concerned about my behaviours and how they can hurt both me and other people, as I’m not really good at choosing the right words when in an argument. That’s the premise of the song… I’m a really straightforward person and I might come across as indelicate and bitchy when I speak my mind, and I used to be like that even more before Covid.”

Alessia Labate